Friday, October 7

I HATE stupid / lazy people

So, the stupid woman upstairs, filled out her COA wrong and her mail comes to MY house. She won't fix it, she says put it in her mailbox since the stupid mail person won't deliver it properly.  It's addressed to MY address & the  mail person is REQUIRED by law to deliver it to my mailbox.
AGAIN, she says, put her mail in her mailbox.  I get almost no mail at the house, maybe 1 piece a week plus current resident. I check it maybe once a week. She got pissed because something should have been delivered on thur, but i didn't check my mail until tue = junk mail day. She is pissed at me because she didn't get her mail on time. NOW, she says she will go through my mailbox. FUCK THAT! i put a coa to the po box   & duct taped it shut. She took the duct tape off.
Well then, retaped it. If she takes the tape off again, ill take the box down.
PO will kill her mail if she doesn't fix it.

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