Tuesday, January 31

fish tank outside the Japanese restaurant in Raligh mall

Friday, January 27

another one joins the "CULT"

i have had several flight attendants say they want to learn to knit ..

this weekend, i am flying with Karen, we were in Raleigh/ Durham on Thur
she said she wanted to learn, so we went to Walmart to buy cotton yarn, needles & a pattern book for dishcloths ..

i got her thru the basics ..
tonite, in Montreal, we are tooooo tired ..
but i think she will get it ..
i may have to drive north, or SHE mite have to come down ..

anyways ... i am having TTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun working with her ..
i started a pair of gloves out of Baby Monkey & Opal ..

will let you know the progression ..
they are black ... hard to see to work on when i am tired ..

goin' to bed ... gotta get up @ 3AM tomoro ..

stay in Des Moines on Sat nite ...

Monday, January 23

sunrise over Kokomo In, Sun Feb 22 ...

New York City .. Sun Feb 22 ..

winter steps minus toes .. finished them Sun Nite around 10 PM .. gotta weave in the ends ..

Thursday, January 19

and HERE is a progress photo : )

WHO-HOOOO!!!!! the gusset decreases are done ...
now for the REALLY boring knitting

: (

gonna go to bed, i can knit more tomoro ...
will hafta look for another project to take with me this weekend ....

Wednesday, January 18

SNOW ... :(

it's snowed last nite in Indy ..
i don't wanna go anywhere .. well, maybe back to bed for another nap
can't get the crud out of my left lung ..

laundry in, so i can repack & be ready to go with a moments notice

not inclined to work on the black sox, but i gotta finish them ..
wondering how the Silky Wool will react .. it's kinda stiff now ..
i like working on it, just don't want stiff sox .
anyways .. the pattern is Winter Steps ..
pattern is avaiable thru http://groups.yahoo.com/group/whenever/
it's the Jan Pattern
i MITE actually finish it in time ...
of course, i did have to make a few personal adjustments ..
i converted it to sport weight & did it top down ..

the sign says Welcome to New Orleans .. we are leaving Tues Morning ,, it's raining ...

Sunday, January 15

sunrise over Chicago

5:45 AM


Sunrise in Indy around 6 AM


first off, i leave the hotel in Albany NY & the hat is NOT warm enuff ....
go to get food .. watch the Colts play ...
NEED a warmer hat .. and proabbly mittens for the ARCTIC weather i will be expericencing when i go to NY & Canada ...

THEN ... we watch the COLTS loose ... :(

we were even told we made too much noise .. Sara the other Flight attendant went to apologize to ALL the other patrons in the restaurant ... NONE were upset ..

SO, i am going back to my room & knit the black sox ...

Saturday, January 14

we have 2 codeshares, this is the Delta side ..
taken in Salt Lake City when i was there in SEPT ..
did i tell ya ...

i LOVE my planes


WHO-HOO ... i can use different fonts, size AND colors ... gonna edit before my nap .. :)


well, after the wind storm last nite, i am surprised stuff is still standin' .. the raiin has stopped for now .. it's still TTTTTTTTTOOOOO cold .. i am gonna go back to bed to see IF i can get rid of this blasted cough .. gotta fly tomoro .. WHO - HOOOOOO, i get to go to TWO new places ..
NEVER been to Albany NY & i get to get off the plane in New Orleans ... gotta find a knitting project to take with, pack & find the camera .. i'll try to post pix of where i have been ..

pair # 3 Navy Silja with HAPPY TOES

can ya tell i LIKE Meandering Rib Stitch

Friday, January 13

wore the NEW sox today - in the WORK shoes & they fit JUST fine ...
good thing, i would HATE to have to buy new work shoes ..


pair # 2

Mistake Rib with HAPPY TOES
Carol Breitner was right .. this is GREAT YARN .... ( SILJA )
now i have sox on the feet, guess i should go do something

Thursday, January 12


K3 P3,
next row is K3 P1K1P1 ..

silja sox for work ..
2 MORE pair of toes before i go to work on SUN .. NO Problem

4 skeins navy Silja = 3 pair of sox with NO toes .. so, add 1 skein varigated Silja .. my toenails NEED to be polished .. :(

baa baa backpack from Vogue Knitting Bags& Backpacks .. been working on it for a while .. used Brown Sheep Fantasy Lace & Lamb's Pride .. NOW to see if i can get it lined & a zip in ... :{

a scarf ( VOGUE ) made to match a Purse that's almost done

see above

da Planes .. :)

my planes - GOTTA get better pix ..

hat, scarf, gloves & headband .. took a few months to get them ALL knit .. now to dye them so
they are uniform compliant

the pattern was BASICALLY

i wanted MINE to be less drunken, since they will be for the uniform

third times a charm ??

well, so far THIS time it works .. been sick, so no knitting for 4 days ..
suffering MAJOR withdrawl


gonna try to upload pix of what i have recently & not so recently finished ..

tryin ta get the stregnth up to dye