Wednesday, October 31

Fall Felted Bag

things got hectic
bag didn't get mailed on time
it's been felted for about a week
had to felt it twice
which MITE not have been the best thing
GA is headin' toward a drought
will mail it on Mon
sorry it's late
wonder IF the partner has a
book she wants to read
i could include one
as a LATE Mailing consolation
found something that will
go in the package
on my LAST (for 2007)
Dallas overnite

Scarf Update

Nancy is sending the scarf yarn
kinda got a clue what pattern
the yarn will utilize to become a scarf

Harvest Sox Update

Nancy is sending the yarn
will pick it up on Mon
kinda got an idea for a pattern in mind

Reverse Fraternal FALL SOX

Knit out of Austerman Step
used 2 - # 2 circs
it's MY pattern
wanted a ribbed sock
it's a fancy rib
GREAT Fall colors
if i go for food
i will get the chance to wear them today
started another pair of sox
out of the Austermann in another color way
AND a different rib pattern
LOVE them
i like the stripy yarn


i sit in the hotel
in DC
had to be to work at 5 am
set the alarm for 2 am
woke up at 1:30
got up & was at the airport at 3:30
didn't have to be there till 5:50
so i knit
working on Sox out of Austermann Step
LOVE the other pair
so, i was tired when we got here
took a 3 hour nap
guess i needed the sleep
do i hit the treadmill
or do i knit

Tuesday, October 23

started NEW sox

3.00 mm circs
color 01
Austermann Step
my pattern
LOVE the fall colors


yarn = Pink Panther

Louet Fingering

3.00 mm circs

pattern = MINE

they are on the wrong foot

the panel goes down the outside of the leg

need a better pic

Monday, October 22



now to figure out the colors i want
and the number of skeins i will need
then i can knit the purse i see in my head

gotta felt the bag for FFBE

on the gusset decreases of the sox

yarn will arrive soon for the
scarf & harvest sox

Wednesday, October 17


Well. Almost
All I gotta do is felt
Probably on mon


finished the shawl
if i can get a decent pic
i will post it
it's hard to photo a black shawl

Tuesday, October 16

restful day

so today
i did laundry
i managaed to finish reading "Twanged"
by Carol Higgins Clark
then i read the next in the series
"Deck the Halls" by Carol & (mother)Mary Higgins Clark
i have read that one after all
but forgot parts of it

forget what the next one is called
will take it with me when i fly thur
am i packed
yeah right

getting off to work on the shawl ..
or sox
and maybe watch some tv

Brain Dead

some of my posts don't go thru
when i create them
wonder what i do wrong
i think i save them as drafts

i should be working on the embellishements
but i gotta do laundry

gotta go get food to cook

Nancy has been busy
so she hasn't sent the yarn for the sox or scarf
she is hopin' to get it in the mail
in the next few days
NOT that i want to have another UFO
have the yarn for the Shawl
want to work on that so it is DONE!!!
not that i will need it with the temps
in the high 60'a - low 70's

off to play domestic goddess

mite finish the embellishments tonite
while i watch NCIS
then i could felt tomoro

Saturday, October 13


today we fly Dallas to New York

had breakfast
kiled some time
went to work
then it was off to the gym
to get on a treadmill
stopped to get a panini & salad for dinner
too tired to eat the salad

gonna crash
gotta get up at 6 am tomoro
home tomoro nite

Friday, October 12


so, today while i was waiting
for the van to take us to the airport
i worked on weaving the ends in
flew to JFK
sat for a few hours
Steve showed me a few things on the computer
to help with work
then we flew to Dallas
there were 2 groups of Boston Red Sox Fans
1 group of 6 in the back
another group of 4 a few rows up
they are going to Dallas for the Patriots / Cowboy game
the 4 furhter toward the front
are going to a Hockey Game when we land

they were a BLAST!!!!

there were some Cowboy fans on the plane
they were quieter

Thursday, October 11

Havin' FUN!!

so, today, i met Steve
we flew from Atlanta -> JFK
then we continued on to Austin
it's been a long day
tomoro we go back to JFK
sit for a while
then to Dallas

callin' it a nite

Wednesday, October 10


Nancy called me to tell me
the yarn for the sox that she dyed
is drying
it should be here on Mon
which means the scarf yarn should be here Mon

bought a skein of Black Bulky Brown Sheep
say that 3 times
so now i can finish the shawl
i think i have 3 more rows to the pattern
then, i will add a few rows of garter
then it will be DONE!!!!
gotta look for a larger needle to do the bind off

while i was at the yarn shop to teach Carol 2 sox - 2 circs
i saw the NEW Bulky Brown Sheep
it's multi colored
don't know if it stripes
the new colors are NOT on the website
Pat told me Deb had been in an hour before
& she bought the PINK one

i told her i wasn't buying ANY new yarn till
i finished a few projects
namely -
1) Fall Felted Bag
2) Harvest Sox
3) Scarf

so, will be taking the embellishments with me
to work on this weekend
AND the pink sox for MOI!!

Growin' OLD

as IF allergies & sinus issues aren't enuff

i have been having HOT FLASHES for
about a year & half (almost 2 years) now

they are extremly annoying
i thought as we headed into fall
they would subside - they didn't last year
they aren't goin' away now

i don't sleep as well as i should
which makes me Cranky & Irritable sometimes

so, it's off to the doc i go

i am at the "AGE of Testing"

have to have a
1) colorectal - need someone to drive me
can't drive for 24 hours after

2) bone density scan

3) mammogram

4) bladder evaluation

now i know why i don't visit doctors

was also told
1) 2 cups of yogurt/milk daily OR take calcium
2) WALK (preferably outside) daily
3) cut out the Fried foods / bread
4) take some "ME" time
imagine being TOLD to knit

yeah .. EAT BETTER & exercise

i already know my cholesterol is TOO HIGH!!!
the doc put me on meds
AND i was told
yeah i know
cut out fried foods
cut out red meat
eat oatmeal daily

oh well ....
did it last year
lost 20 pounds in 2 months
FELT better - still had the "PERSONAL SUMMERS"

bought vitamins
will try to remember to take them too

gotta pack
leave for work in 14 hours

headache is mostly gone
pressure in the ears has subsided

and people KEEP telling me i look tired
maybe 'cause i am NOT sleeping lately
almost fell asleep while getting the nails done

meant to take a pic
they are FINALLY all mine
with an acrylic overlay


2 sox - 2 circs

so, sat Deb helped me teach some knitters
how to knit 2 sox on 2 circs

we learned
Addi Lace (red cable - gold points)
and Addi Turbo (silver cable & point)
make it easier to tell which needle to work with
you CAN see the difference

also was told 32" is BETTER for adult sox
than 24" is

like Deb, a few of the knitters said
that 2 different colored yarns make it
easier to tell which sock you are working on

since Deb had recently learned it for herself
it was easier for her to understand some of
the issues the knitters were facing

i taught Carol (LYS store owner) & Jenny ( i think)
the 2 sox - 2 circs methods
they have both knit sox before
they both got the hang of it

the tutorial is at

thanx Deb

Tuesday, October 9

Fall Felted Bag Exchange

working on the embellishments
SHOULD have the knitting done wed nite
will felt mon when i get home
assemble & mail in a week


will pursue the hunt for GOODIES
have a few things to mail


Nancy will send the yarn for the scarf
when she sends the yarn for the Harvest Swap Sox
with any luck
the yarn will be waiting for me on Mon
then i can design the sock
knit it
then start the scarf


waiting on the yarn
Nancy has been busy
she is hopin' to dye tonite
or tomoro
could have the yarn when i get home
well ...
back to the bag so i will be
ready for the sox
OR ... scarf

should be working on the bag embellishments ... but

sox for me
yarn is fingering weight Louet
color is Pink Panther
3.00 mm HiyaHiya circs
it's MY pattern
back to the bag embellishments
hopin' i can finish them tomoro
felt next week when i get home

1 set received

the 2nd of 3 sets of stitch markers
were received
1 set to hear about


i sent out my
3 sets of stitch markers for a swap
on Sept 17
i forgot to enclose a card
with my contact info
One set was acknowledged as received
so, 3 weeks later
2 sets haven't been acknowleged
it's hard to believe that they
were NEVER received
i DID work the Postal Service for 25 years
i suppose i CAN start a trace
before i go buy more supplies
and make & send more

RAVELY ... gettin' there

JUST checked my progress
You signed up on August 16, 2007
You are #26095 on the list.
212 people are ahead of you in line.
15302 people are behind you in line.
61% of the list has been invited so far
so, my invite will PROBABLY arrive on
thur while i am in the air
SUCH is life

Saturday, October 6

ya want pix

so the side of the shawl is as wide as a full bed here is the pattern

Done knitting the bag

it's a Noni
which means embellishment
procurred the yarn i need to embellish it today DUH!!!
forgot to buy needles for the embellishment
will go to michaels & joanns on sun
i resumed the shawl i started in Jan
it's big enuff
now to finish the pattern stitch
and bind off
hope i have enuff yarn

2 sox 2 circs class

so today
Deb & i taught
a 2 sox - 2 circs class
most of the knitters got the hang of it
here is the tutorial i developed & used
to teach the class
the sock patterns i used are here

Thursday, October 4

FFB - started

FFB - FINALLY started

is this tooo big of a sneak peek ?
started the bag tonite
got a ways on it
need some sleep
it's stormin' out
heard we NEED the rain
the lake is down

more sox

i finished Brayden's sox mine is the bigger one
his is the same pattern & yarn
Regia Bamboo
has a white thread runnin' thru it
it's black, grey, navy & blue varigated
# 2 circs
pattern is MINE!!

SP 11 - received from SAM

today in the mail i receied a package
it said it is from SAM in NYC
when i opened the box i found so, the card said to open things in numerical order
it was handwritten
i can't read MY handwriting,
so i don't write notes
1) haven't done any cloth knitting
so i received 4 oz Yellow
Sugar'n Cream & a link for a pattern
i already have one knit - but ould always use another
# 2)
something to move along a slower project

# 3)
mini duks for the collection
# 4)
what is a duck without water
water = 1 skein Whales Road Malabrigo
216 yards .. HHHMMMM
what to knit out of it ??

thank you SAM
i love it

the ducks are sitting on the bedside table as i type

Wednesday, October 3

Brayden's sox

well ..
today on the way to the Aquarium
i cast on a pair of sox
for Brayden
out of leftover Regia Bamboo
same pattern - different numbers
i have just finished the gusset decreases
i have 25 rows to the toes
so, i am gonna crash

had FUN @ the Aquarium
wish i felt better
left ear hurts
getting a HEADACHE
took a nap when we got from the Aquarium
before dinner
been up about 5 hours
need another nap
i LIKE the feel of the Regia
but it's a PAIN to work with
in low light since i am half blind
wonder if ALL the colors have the white fiber
running thru the skein
it would be easier to knit with IF it were
a solid color
will post a pic tomoro
after i finish the sox

Tuesday, October 2

what else ... SOX!!

Regia bamboo
# 2 circs
pattern = MINE
started ??
finished Tue Oct 2nd