Tuesday, July 23

Ready for chapter 6

Book due back tomorrow
Will drop it at the library tonite
Re-check it & rest of series on Mon

Not familiar yet

Published in 2002 - before I retired, so there is a possibilitie I have read it before

Monday, July 22

Finished "P"

Yup, I had read it

Fixin ta start "Q"

I MITE have read "P" before

Part of this book sounds familiar

Stsrted "P"

Yesterday ..
Also took S - V back to the library since I am working next 6 days
Tue, will return P- R, even if I'm not done
Mon 29th, I will go get whatever I haven't read.
Turns out, my sister is working her way thru the books. She is ready for "P"

Saturday, July 20

Finished "O"

Too bad "P" is in the car, it's 10:45 pm, I could read for another hour or so

Friday, July 19

Started "O"

Also, finished knitting the bumper for 2nd bag
Felted both AND 3 dryer balls

Wednesday, July 17

Tuesday, July 16


Started when I got home about 1 am
Wish I could sut & read all day

Monday, July 15

"L" is for Lawless

First "NEW" to me Kinsey book
Finished 7-15
Silly me, forgot to bring "M"

Friday, July 12

Thursday, July 11

ANOTHER Series of Books i am in the middle of

The Prey Series
reading on the e-reader

Phantom Prey - finished in May 2013

Wicked Prey - next up to read

Books I am reading

"G" is for Grafton -> finished around 7/1
A is for Alibi -> read 7/1
B is for Burglar
C is for Corpse
D is for Deadbeat
E is for Evidence -> finished  7/8
F is for Fugitive -> 7/8 & 7/9
G is for Gumshoe -> 7/9
H is for Homicied ->.7/9 & 7/10
I is for Innocent -> read 7/10
J is for Judgement -> 7/10 & 7/11
K is for Killer -> 7/11 
Lis for Lawless -> 7/11 -> 7/15
M is for Malice -> 7/16 ->
Kinsey & me => OWN read in May
"W" is for Wasted due out SEPT 8

Saturday, July 6


Starting w/ ColorWul  #13 needles,
Work as
Inc to 64 st ~ knit 4 rows
Ran out of ColorWul, switch to Pacific Teal Patons Classic Roving & finish the coaster
8 1/2"across

Wednesday, July 3

Ready for the trim

11:50 pm


Got a good 12 hours of sleep

Gonna sit on the deck & finish A is for Alibi

20 / 35 rows done

Almost done w/ bag

Tuesday, July 2

2 balls ~ in progress

Another Dryer Ball

Gonna make a DRYER BALL

Using scraps of ColorWul, will TRY to make s Dryer Ball


Gonna need ONE MORE SKEIN!!

Can only get it online


The sun is playing Peek-a-boo

Sun is GONE again


THINK it's right this time

What's that I see outside?

Hey, after several days of rain, the SUN finally came out

Try again

Pick up on back of bag



Casting on using top purl stitches

Another grey & gloomy day

I WANTED to enjoy a cup of tea & read on the deck

Hunger returned ... with a VENGEANCE!!

Guess it means the Prednisone is helping
Coughing less too


I'm a "belly" sleeper. This bronchitis prevents me from sleeping on my belly.
FIRST I weeze & SECOND I cough

Got another body pillow - guess I prop up in the corner

Monday, July 1