Saturday, March 29

Earth Hour

March 29 from 8 - 9 p.m. local time
turn out the lights to save resources globally

Thursday, March 27

some knittin'

slept most of the day
bronchitis is MOSTLY whipped
ears are better today
got a little ove an hour i can knit
before i get ready for work
this is 7 pattern repeats
DRACO is telling me to knit
don't wanna look out the window to see what
the weather is doing
heard the DREADED "S" word
is predicted
68 at home
34 & "S" here

Tuesday, March 25

summer sox for work

Regia plus Cotton
Navy & Black Tweed
2.25 mm needles
pattern is on of the corn yarns
for April

busy latley

finished the headband at the PJ party
got a major sinus infection
& bronchitis
went to dr
on anti-biotics, sleep & liquids
worked with Patricia & Deon
had a BLAST
went to Monterey with LaTesha
had fun
slep most of today
ears still bother me
gonna fly next 4 days with Peggy
gonna have fun
need sox for summer for work
wool will be too warm

Sunday, March 16


headband was finished on Fri
at the pajama party
then it was blocked
when it was dry
it was worn for about 8 hours

what a cutie

miss seeing the munchkins
i will have to head north
when it warms up

Friday, March 14

Irritating passengers

So I have time to kill waiting for sue
I sit in an empty gate with 3 dozen empty seats
I put on the iPod
A woman sits down DIRECTLY behind me
She is on her cell
Yak yak yak
LOUDER than my iPod
Her perfume is annoying me
Then she starts laughing and hitting the back of my seat
I get up & move the row of seats so theyare not back to back
She STILL hits my seatback
I start sneezing
She tells the person she is talking to that people should NOT be allowed to travel when they are sick
I am sure she thinks I can't hear her
So, very LOUDLY I say "people should be considerate of others. I am NOT sick, your perfume,of which you are wearing too much, is setting off my allergies"
Since I am dressed as a passenger, she can't say much
3 other passengers thanked me
She left
I can hear my iPod again
The sneezing stops

Stupid needles

The balen needles will be replaced
They are TOO pointy
And hurts
AND drew blood
White yarn & blood don't mix
Blood doesn't go with ANY yarn


Sue's plane is off the gate bu NOT in the air
Due in @11:38 am
I am sitting across from her gate

Part 1 of the "pajama party"

Made it to Cleveland
Changed into jeans & t-shirt
Have store bought sox on
They are KUTE but I don't like them
They don't fit rite
AND they are nylon

2 hours till Sue gets here
Then we find Kathy & ride to Mi
Think I will knit

Thursday, March 13

progress on the headband

about 1/2 done
it's BRITE!!!
& i LOVE it
can't wait till it's cold enuff
to wear it
maybe in Mi this weekend


so i am feeling dehydrated
i am TRYING to push
water & juice
i grabbed a wine glass
filled it with pomegrante juice
almost killed the bottle
well ...
Pam comes in & sees me drinking the juice
from the wine glass & asks if i was drinking WINE
nope ..
i just like drinking from stemware
i can tell the liquid push is helping
my head doesn't feel like it's
got concrete in it again
gotta get some sleep
have to be up in 6 hours

Wednesday, March 12


i couldn't find the sox
so, i picked up the headband to work on
on the 2nd row of the graph
realized a minute ago
the sox are packed to go to the pajama party
i HATE it when my brain doesn't work
allergies are kicking up
things are blooming & budding in GA
it looks pretty
it will take a day or so to adjust
EXCITED about the pajama party
Cathy Rod is coming too
it will be GREAT to hang with knitters
i'll KNIT while i'm alive
i'll sleep when i'm dead

need a swift

buy some Tinkertoys

Tuesday, March 11

sock lesson

So, Sue came over to learn about sock knitting
we got to Gusset Decreases
then i figured out that she didn't
have enuff rows for the heel flap
she understands what to do
i wrote her a pattern to follow
she decided not to frog
someone will be able to wear the sox
it was FUN
got 4 repeats done on the pajama party sox
she said she could HEAR the yarn
the corn yarn does kinda squeek
off to wally-world for essentials
work on the sox
will take them with me tonite @


when i get home from a trip
i want/NEED sleep
Monday i woke up with
a sinus eadache
my eyeballs hurt
slept MOST of the day
so, now it's tuesday
i am awake
i COULD knit
i gotta pack for the pajama pary
missed mon nite knit
gotta find the sinus headache med
so i can get rid of the residual headache
my left eye hurts
forgot the contact check
not making any progress on the sox
since i slept all day
can't find the pattern for the coffee cup sleeve
so i will have to play with that again
forget what needles i used
trying to decide IF i should stay up & knit
or try to sleep some more
SHOULD call the Dr in the morning
get meds to kick this crap so i don't get
too sick to party like it's 1999
yeah ...
i doubdt any of the knitters will be partying
like that
if I drink i can't knit

Saturday, March 8

Pajama Party Sox - 1st pair

3 PM - Chicago time

2 pattern repeats

Corn yarn is interesting

2.75 mm circs

already have idea for 2nd & 3rd pair

12:55 PM Chicago time

Thursday, March 6

started sox

tok the orange yarn,
2.75 mm circs & a pattern i knit
a while ago
on 2nd round
to tired to find the sox & cell
to take a pic
think i will take a nap
it's NOT like i worked hard today
DRACO came along
but since it was 45 degrees in El Paso
he stayed in the bag
EVERYone knows
dragons don't like cold weather
since i am going to Chicago
and Minneapolis this weekend
DRACO may stay home to guard
the "CASTLE"

Wednesday, March 5

back to work

so, i have had enjoyable days off
i watched the squirrels play
i watched birds
i walked thru the woods
i watched the rain
i took naps

i got MOST of my knitting needles back to where
they belong
then, i found more
i did some housework
i washed all the bedding & towels
almost got all the laundry done
met a bunch of local knitters
found out there will be a brick & mortar LYS
nearby ... soon
finished the 3rd Plate Warmer
think i know what 1 pair of Pajama Party Sox
will look like
now to start knitting
will have to wait till i fri when i get to Chicago
when i get home tomoro
i want to finish putting my room to right
gotta pack to go out on fri
right now
i need to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
gotta fly @ 8 am
home tomoro about 6PM
DRACO is gonna stay home tomoro
since we are only going to
El Paso & back
he will resume flying on FRI

something else to make

of course,
i want the bag felted for durabiliy
now to figure out a pattern
AFTER the Pajama Party Sox

authors to read

a pax on a plane gave me some authors to read
Joanne Fluke
Rita Mae Brown
Lillian Jackson Braun
Loren Barenson
Carol Nelosn Douglas
they are mostly mysteries
think solved by
or central charaters are animals
in REAL life
her sister is Pat(Pixie) Maze
a designer mentioned in one of the Crewel World books
by Monica Ferris

another PLATE WARMER done

i will be knitting for a while
need to knit some sox these 2 pix don't show the color changes
when the warmer dries - blocking now
you will be able to see the color changes

you CAN see the striping here

1 PM Wed Mar 5

this is my FAV of the 3 color combos

Tuesday, March 4

yet another

oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh another one

Sunflower Tam
by Norah Gaughan
published in Knitting Nature

progress on Tam "B"

knit today during the rain
took a few naps
it's good to nap during rain storms
gonna go to Books-a-Million
and meet MORE local knitters
met Janet & other local knitters
at B&N in fayetteville on Mon nite
this is how far i got

Debbie is up to her OLD ways

so, once again
Debbie the "TEMPTRESS"
has found something for me to make

contact check

today i got the contacts checked
dr tweaked them
the first set
had some distance issues
i can read the stuff on the shelves
i can see to drive
i can read without glasses
i can knit
i can read instructions so i can
safely cook once again
i think the NEW contacts
will be GREAT!!!!!!


we can take showers next month
and do laundry
AND run the dishwasher

been raining about 12 hours
had so much rain
it's accumulating & pooling
means i gotta use the treadmill today
squirrels won't come out to play in the rain

Monday, March 3


so, i was at wally-world tonite
for $1.72, i can buy a 11" plastic plate
bought 3
1 for each tam
will hang them on the wall as "ART"

it was tuff to get the tam over the edge
and when it was on, the fit is PERFECTO!!!!

just gotta figure out how to hang it
couldn't find the fabric thingy that sticks to the back

i can look tomoro @ home depot after i get the contacts checked

the walk

so i walked thru the woods for over an hour
went a different direction today
saw LOTS of squirrels
they didn't show up in the photos
saw a bunch of different colored /sizes of birds
didn't show up in the photos
people playing golf didn't show up either
i had an enjoyable afternoon
gotta do domestic goddess stuff now
so i can go knit later

gonna meet knitters

tonite, i am goin' to
Barnes & Nobles in Fayettville
to meet sonm local knitters
WILL be fun
now ..
what to take

my walk today

time to do something ...

even if it's wrong

so far today
had 2 slices of toasted Pulbix breakfast bread with
peanut butter on them
3 cups of Sunset Cinnamon Latte
used skim milk
fewer calories - tastes as good
gonna put on shorts
and sunglasses
and iPod
gonna go outside
taking the cell so i can take pix

hair drier

i bought a NEW hair dryer
it's one of the new "sraightening" kind
so far
i LIKE it
the hair even looks good the next day

a thought

yeah, i KNOW
bad idea to think
i have 2 tams
i won't wear them
don't want to give them away
they took too long to make
they are an accomplishment in knitting
so, i will felt them slightly
to shrink them about 1 1/2"
put them on Frisbees
hang them on the wall as ART
since i don't really need plate warmers

view from the Treadmill in the sun room at home

This is what I see while I am on the treadmill
when i am at home
There were squirells playing
But they disappeared before I got the camera

see ...
DAFFODILS in the side yard
putting on clothes & sox & shoes
gonna go walk thru the woods
it's 66 degrees out
and only 11 AM


my toenail that got infected
when i got a pedicure last summer
and fell off this past winter
has almost completly grown back
in time to get polished so i can
wear sandals

Sunday, March 2


DRACO has decided he has stayed home
guarding the "Castle" long enuff
he wanted to go to Jamacia with me
i didn't take him
he WANTS to go to the Pajama Party
and to Mexico this month
so, once again
DRACO will fly

Tam Progress

as i work a round

i highlight it on the graph

when i start a new time of knitting

i change colors of the highlighter

getting ready to start round 10 of the graph

the striping SWS is the MC

the SNOW is the CC

i really like the way it's coming out

doubdt i do the shadow of this one

i think i am about done with tams for now

it's 55 degrees out

s'posed to get to mid - high 70's

yarn for Pajama Party Sox

yarn arrived 2-29 now that it's here
i have decide which color to play with first
it's YUMMY yarn

WHITE Corn yarn arrived

using Jewel Jitterbug & White Corn yarn
for the mitts & headband
think the WHITE will pop
gotta make the 2 pair of Pajama Party Sox first
cast on 2 - 29
can't wait to knit them

Saturday, March 1


bought the Pajamas
and sock type slippers
for the party
on Fri March 15th
in Adrian Mi
counting the days till i get
to see all my knitter friends
not wearing the jammies
till i get to Cleveland

Girlie Stuff

i don't wear a lt of make-up
i don't do the cleaning, toning & moisturizing
BEFORE i put on foundation
in fact, i don't wear that either
and now i hear i have to get one with
a sunscreen in it
so, i have been told i SHOULD wear make-up
i wear mascara & shadow
so the quandry
what COLOR
what stuff to wear
eyebrow pencil or gel
eye liner - liquid or pencil
lip liner - WHY??
lipstick - the tube or the 12 - 18 hour kind
blush then where does it go
not to mention the correct color of shadow
so, i go to buy stuff
i am confused about ALL the options
now i know why i don't do the girlie stuff

pb & j

so, lately
in a discussion of food
pb & j came up

so, for the record
  1. Health Nut
  2. Multi Grain
  3. Whole Grain

currently the jar in the pantry is Creamy Peter Pan
not gonna go buy a jar till it's done
it's good enuff for now

not Jelly
if it's Grape it HAS to be Welches
otherwise it's Smuckers
PERSONAL favorite is Blackberry / Black Raspberry JAM
close 2nd is Red Raspberry
that being said
if i am at someone's house
OR a FA has the suppiles
i will eat whatever i am given
to be polite