Friday, March 30


i am mostly done shopping for the Secret Pal
just need to get a small knitting project for her
i spent too much already
as a former postal employee
i know that a package under a pound
can have stamps on it and NO return address
as a flight attendant
this means
i can take packages with me & mail them from my overnites
pack up a bunch of small packages
mail one EACH time i go out
from a different location
this would confuse the recipient
i LOVE the mystery of it all


did i tell you i LOVE
Daffodils & Forsythias
maybe it's 'cause they are YELLOW
a brite happy color
maybe it's 'cause it means

Thursday, March 29


i am pretty happy with it
for being something i played with
the yarn is Caron Felt-It
color is
used # 9 circs
wish i wrote down what i did
gotta put something heavy on the coaster to flatten it
glad i bought the to-go cups from Target
it SHOULD fit the Starbucks & other cups
that flight crew use during our trips
mite gift it to Amie
had a BLAST flying with her


forgot to write down what i did
you know
how many did i cast on
how many row did i knit
oh well
what IS it you ask

*** PERFECT ***

now to dry

will leave it in the car

while i go to Cedar Rapids

ready to felt

ok so it's 4 1/2 inches across the bottom
6 1/2 inche high
forgot to purl last 2 rounds
have 2 yds 29" left of yarn
ready to felt
think i forgot to decrease my stitches
it' almost 8" flat
oh well

# 9 needles
gauge is 4 st & 6 row / inch

off to felt


so i had to thro the vase & flower away
'cause the yarn didn't felt
the yarn SHOULD have felted
it didn't
but i have reliable yarn to use NEXT time
giving the yarn away
i will NOT want to use the yarn
everytime i see it
i will be reminded of the failure

MORE books to get

done for the nite

added a welt
s'posed to give it some
i thought there were MORE colors
it' a decent yarn to work with

i am enjoying the color changes
i don't think you will see the marl effect
once the thing gets felted
it's tomoro
off to bed

Wednesday, March 28

Time & Money wasted .. Lesson learned

the Jo-Ann
Bellezza Collection
didn't felt
i bought 12 skeins @ $5.99 ea
next time i make flowers
i will use yarn i KNOW will felt
not sure what i will do with
the leftover yarn
it MITE felt if it were knit in a bag/vase

commenced the felting

so i started to felt the flowers & vase
so far
it look like they GREW
and the i-cord stems
wrapped around each other

this may be a bust
18 minutes the first time
add HOT water
more time in the washer
after 30+ minutes in the washer
they are showing some signs of felting
put MORE water on to heat
started cycle # 3
so it's lookin' like this yarn is a waste
of time & the $$ i spent for it
$5.99 a skein
i bought 12
it does NOT felt
took the flowers out
left the vase in
we'll see if it felts alone
i rung it out
spun the washer empty
puttin' it thru the rinse cycle
we will see it this stuff felts
i DID do a test swatch that felted
i used the white
so i will give it ONE more try
spun the washer empty
added a stock pot of boiling water
this makes 5 times thru
this stuff makes more fuzz than Brown Sheep
funny thing
i was jut telling Nancy today
how GREAT the washer felts

possible pencil holder

pattern is wine bottle jacket
using 2 #9 circs
RATZ!!! my "s" key i messed up
other than the 2 circs is a challenge
so far, so good
gauge is pretty close
using one strand
this yarn would be GREAT
for entrelac
long color stretches
note to self
next time
use dps for the first 2 increases
bought the yarn in KC Mo when
i visited with Abby in Jan

almost ready to felt

finishing the prep to felt

another one i wanna get

Knit a Dozen Dishcloths - Designs for Cotton Yarn

currently reading

it's slow going
for one thing
i'd rather knit

it will be a put it down
and read other books

hopin' it picks up

i LOVE this stuff

what can i say
i LOVE rice
this is my FAV
it goes with pork chops
it goes with chicken
it's great alone
yeah i know
NOT nutritous alone
but it tastes GREAT ...
guess what i am having for lunch

on my wish list

a NEW Nicky comin' soon

Tuesday, March 27

i'm THIS far

found my # 5 dps
can finish the fingers


2 pm - midnite
Minus the hour or so I took a nap
10 rounds to the fingers
Gotta catch a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, March 25


So, my numbers are WRONG
Using #6
Should have cast-on 42 st
Will have to create a pattern
All the ones I found are based on 48 stitches
So done with the gloves for now

12:1 am sun

Started hand
Eadin' to bed

Saturday, March 24

7:40 PM

Watched the island w/
ewen mcgregor
GREAT movie
Gotta pee
Ready 4 row 26

Friday, March 23


Well first,
I started with #5 Chrystal Palace circs
They were too small
Need a 6
I have ONE #6 Addi
I need 2
I have 1 #6 aluminum circ
Bad join, stitches didn't slide
didn't FEEL rite
I remember gouging rivets in the tips of my old aluminum needles in the late 60's early 70's
So I NEED 2 - #6 circs from same brand
Went to Jo-ann
Bought 2 - #6 clover bamboo circs
WAY BETTER!!!! to knit with
Gettin' a good gauge
Good join, stitches glide
Only thing is
Cable is thicker & stiffer than the CP bamboo
Almost bought the Jo-ann needles
They remind me of the old teflon needles .... HHHHHHMMMMMMM
Maybe I will buy 1 of several kinds
Try them with different yarns
Give a report

Yeah rite

NOW I gotta crash
Hafta get up in 4 hours
Almost tomoro

Something wrong here :(

I FINALLY get the right size circs for
the hobo gloves for Penny
I cast-on
I knit
They are working GREAT!!!!!
Then, all of a sudden,
I am doing Magic Loop
I hadn't planned on doin' Magic Loop
Guess it's time for bed
This PROVES I am finally working on the things to keep Penny's hands warm ..
NEXT winter

for another swap

someone suggested that as i traverse
the country
i get a postcard from everywhere i knit
the item to be gifted
i REALLY LIKE that idea
i will TRY it with the gloves
do i send the postcards
letting the recipient know the progress
do i do as the other person suggested
write the day & a progress report on the postcard
then give to the recipient as a little photo
album/progress report
starting tomoro
Sat 24 - LGA @ 2:30 PM
Sun 25 - LGA @ 4:29 PM
Mon 26 - 2 hours in LGA
Mon 26 - DCA @ 3:54 PM
Tues 27 - 1 hour in LGA
Wed 28 & Thur 29 - INDY
Fri 30 1 hour in ORD = Chicago
Fri 30 - Cedar Rapids
Sat 31 - 1 1/2 hours ORD
Sat 31 INDY
so, i will get postcards IF i get to knit
will probably be in the room knitting
so will start a collectin of PostCards

EASTER CANDY !!! oh yeah

i don't like MOST of the Easter candy you find
M&M's are fine
this year you can find the egg shaped ones
i LOVE WHITE Chocolate
other than that
this is the only Easter Candy i buy
the Mini Robin eggs by Whopper
don't like the bigger eggs
this year
Hershey's has a bunch of Kisses out
but as i walked by the massive aisles of Easter Candy
this was the only one that made it's way into the cart

Thursday, March 22

ANOTHER sock pattern i want to make

designed by Katherine Misegades
i want to make a gansey / gurnsey

GOODIES in the Mail

went to the Post Office today
there was a puffy in the box
i don't remember that i was
supposed to receive anything
a short while back
i ordered Red Dress Stitch Markers
for myself & my BOTTLE SWAP partner
the marker with the Red Dress charm
reminded me of an earring
so i asked Amy if she could make me
she ALSO included a set of GREEN
shamrock stitch markers
oh yeah about the stitch markers
from AMY
The American Heart Association (AHA) has
designated February as Heart Disease awareness
month for women. The AHA's signature for this
event is the red dress.
To help spread the word and further awareness
that heart disease is as big a killer of women as
it is of men I have designed stitch
markers with a red dress theme
if you want some stitch makers OR earrings
contact Amy
you know the drill
hoovfam at hotmail dot com

GOODIES at the Post Office

went to the PO Box today
the dishcloths from the exchange were waiting to be retreived
got an ANGEL one and a few more
i'll take pix later
gotta tell Pat thanks for being the swap coordinator


Yvonne bought me some
reading glasses for my bottle
she said she got them at Target
so today
i had to go get new circs for the gloves
jo-ann is next to Target
need eggs & mayo
so popped into Target
saw some reading glasses
found LOTS of 125

bought a few pair
1 will stay by the 'puter
some 150
a few pair of 175
ALSO found 125 & 150 in sun-reading glasses
that will be GREAT!!!!

now i will be able to knit sox by the pool this spring

since people KEEP asking

on Easter Sunday
i will awaken in Dallas Tx
i will be there till 9 am
fly to LaGuardia = New York
sit for FOUR hours
it's NOT a big airport - i WILL be knitting
end up in Chicago @ 8:50

the Cpt is KEWL!!!!
i think i flew with the FO
have never met the other FA
hope we get along



so i started the TOFUsies
using 2 #2 circs
the pattern i picked isn't working
like i had hoped
Gonna rip & redo
forgot to take a pic to show
what the NEW ones look like

i was surfing the net
yeah .. BIG surprise
found a pattern
similar to what i wanted THIS
pair of sox to look like
maybe i will use the other
pattern some day ..
it would have saved the brain
ALOT of thinkin'
i know what i wanted them to look
like .. but the math was wrong

the things for the hand

heard them called hobo gloves
& glittens
they are for an exchange
they will match the scarf
& hat i knit
for this individual

yesterday in denver
i cast on
First I cast on 42 instead of 48
Then I only did 2 rows insead
of 4 rows in the pattern
Need to reevaluate needle
size & guage


Had A BLAST working with Todd
didn't get much knitting done
TODD kept asking me WHEN i was gonna knit
that's all he has heard about me
i take knitting EVERYWHERE!!!!!

anyways .. FUN pilots
all 4 of them

and i get home to find
PARTNER for Secret Swaps

life doesn't get MUCH better
gotta e-mail Ang again
find out IF she is comin' in to meet
me on sat in Cedar Rapids

found out we now overnite in Winnepeg
i could face -to -face meet Penny & Cathy

gonna try to thur overnite in KC Mo
so i can meet some of the GLOVE KAL LADIES

anyways ...
it was 65 when i got home

headin' to bed

Monday, March 19


Here are is the questionnaire for SP10.

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? natural fibers, sock yarns, feltable fibers What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? 50% or more acrylics
2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? dps are in a holder i bought, not sure what it is called - looks like a binder with plastic sleeves .. circs are in other knitting or in a drawer .. unless they escaped
3. How long have you been knitting 40+ years & how did you learn? not sure .. i think from a book Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? somewhere between intermediate & advanced .. there is still stuff i wanna learn
4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? yup, do now
5. What's your favorite scent? candles - pumpkin or autumny .. chai .. don't wear perfume / colone
6. Do you have a sweet tooth? somedays Favorite candy? nothing particular other than chocolate covered macadamia OR cranberries
7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? NEEDLEPOINT, sew Do you spin? not yet .. wanna buy a wheel someday
8. What kind of music do you like? varies .. country - rock - pop Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? yup (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
9. What's your favorite color(s)? blue / green Any colors you just can't stand? NAH
10. What is your family situation? live alone Do you have any pets? just dust bunnies
11. Do you wear scarves yup hats yup mittens yup & gloves or ponchos yup .. looking for a hooded poncho pattern to use yarn i have
12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? sox & anything that gets felted, love making dishcloths as gifts, bags & totes, any SMALL portable project
13. What are you knitting right now? bag for ITE3, 3 or 4 pair of sox, mitts for an exchange
14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts? OF COURSE!!
15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?circ Bamboo yup aluminum yup plastic not really .. like wood
16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift? BOTH
17. How old is your oldest UFO? old enuff to be my child probably
18. What is your favorite holiday? ST PAT'S DAY
19. Is there anything that you collect? rubber ducks - knitting paraphanelia - St Pat's stuff .. leave it up all year, knit Christmas Stockings & stocking patterns
20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? ENTRELAC MITTENS pattern .. yarn = Nashua wooly stripes tweed, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton & Panda Wool What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? none, buy them when something strikes me
21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn? ganseys / gurnseys & better fitting garments .. need to work on stranding - getting the floats to be the correct tension
22. Are you a sock knitter? YUP!! What are your foot measurements?

A Ball of Foot 8 1/2"
B Toe to Heel 9 1/2"
C Instep 8 3/4"
D Ankle 9 1/2"
E Calf 13"
F Top of Sock to Ankle 6"
G Heel to Floor 2 1/4"
23. When is your birthday? July 23, 1957 .. this will be the BIG "5-0"

Sunday, March 18

Knitting Library

Joanne & Michael's honor each others coupons
they also honor Hobby Lobby & Hancock Fabric coupons
for $1 a week
i can have the newspaper delivered to the end of the driveway
for some reason, it never makes it to the porch
this week
Joann's AND Michaels' have 40% off coupon in their ads
they both carry a wide variety of knitting books
and they both let you use both coupons at the same time
to save 40% off 2 purchases
as opposed to
buy one, go outside, come inside, use the other coupon
for $1.75
i can buy a Sunday paper @ wally*world or grocery
altho, somethimes
Joann's don't have an ad in them
but it's a GREAT way to build your knitting library
got 2 books today @ joann's
this one i bought for the pattern on the front
i NEED that pattern for my Glittens on KnitExchange
i also bought this book
because on page 104 is ELLA
an Entrelac Beret
the plan is to make a hat, scarf & mitten set
the idea came from Deb Brown
who provided me with the pattern for the scarf
there are NEAT patterns in this book
it will come in handy for

and this book was bought because
i am in several swaps of ONE SKEIN of yarn
we send ONE SKEIN of yarn to someone
we knit something out of the skein
& send the knitted item BACK to the
sender of the yarn
one of the swaps is a MAGIC BALL SWAP
the other is on WhoDuKnit
i JUST realilized that the pork chops
and rice are NOT cooking
you HAVE to turn the gas on under the pan for the fire to ignite
no flame means no heat source to cook
have to finish packing

Saturday, March 17

so, i am looking for felted Bowl OR Vase patterns


joined another swap
i kinda did that with the BOTTLE
wanna check it out
go to

Wish List

My favorite colors - Blues, Greens .. HOT PINK, Magenta, Teal, Purple (together)
My hobbies - KNITTING, reading, swaps, annoying friends
My kitchen theme and colors - nothing special theme, colors are gold & blue
My bathroom theme and colors - RUBBER DUCKS!!! Yellow
My dislikes - working, but it supports my additions .. errr hobbies
My crafts..what I like - natural fibers, felting, sox .. unusual fibers
My allergies - HOUSEWORK ..
My favorite pets - none, the sea monkeys died while i was gone
My favorite scents - pumpkin & spice .. fall .. Chanel 22
Other stuff about me - i am trying to be more laid back & not take life so seriously .. want to enjoy life .. don't want to grow up .. eventually, find someone that likes to travel with me .. i am TIRED of WINTER!!!


i was Blessed with a GREAT BOTTLE

from Yvonne

she hand wrote a letter
i don't do that 'cause I can't read my handwriting
some days

but what ELSE did i get??

WEEELLLLLLL ... where do i start

Sock Yarn from Knitpicks - color is Geranium
will have to find out IF it stripes so i can decide what pattern to create for it
a Knitpicks circ ( 30 " # 0) & DPS (#1)
a bookmark that she made on a loom
in current book i am reading
Nora Roberts Morrigan's Cross
some stitch markers from Fimo ??
Lime Sticky Notes
a laundry bag
TWO pair of KEWL!!! Reading glasses in +125
hard for me to find that stregnth
which pair goes in the purse
and which goes in the knitting
a LIGHT-UP duck (w/ jelly beans)
a cherry bag that will hold a small knitting project
Sally Melvilles KNIT

did i tell you she HAND wrote a note
her blog is bookmarked on mine so i can keep up with her
new craft of KNITTING



Friday, March 16

didn't make it to the POST OFFICE

for the BOTTLE,
i bought some DPS for a specific project for the partner
i KNOW something she WANTS to make
anyways .. i also created a sock pattern for her
but ...
when i was assembling the BOTTLE
i couldn't find the DPS i bought last week
it's 2 hour round trip to the LYS
so i figured i would run to JoAnne's
they had them
saw TWO books i want
wonder if there was a 50% off coupon in Sunday's paper

the ITE3
ready to go
still can't find anything the right size box
to BLOCK the bag
so i will send directions for the receiver to do it
found a little something @ Joanne's
oh yeah
i revamped a prior sock pattern for the
hope she likes knitting sox

i didn't make it to the Post Office
because i locked myself OUT of the house
shut the door before i realized the keys & cell
were in the other purse
got to meet my neighbor Anita
i did make it to run some errands

oh yeah
on a list
FRAN keeps talking about spaghetti
i think i was thinkin' of food when i left
HUNGER pangs ..
i went to get groceries
bought pork chops & yellow rice & corn
spaghetti squash & sauce & zucchini & MORE corn
and cheesy bread .. not as good as the stuff we
used to get in Brown County or K'ville
but it will work since i couldn't find garlic bread
WHEN did there get to be SSSSSOOOOO many
varieties of sauce & where did Paul Newman's go
and finally
the April Fool's Swap is going tomoro as well
just need to write up a sock pattern
since she didn't tell me WHAT kind of a pattern
she prefers
i guess the Joke will be on her
i am creating a
you don't think i would TELL you
no way
not till SHE gets the pattern in her hot little hands

i FEEL like this some days

Thursday, March 15


so i have this gunk in my lung
it's the LEFT lung
i take 2 mucinex twice a day
it's 'sposed to get rid of it
it hasn't
taken 2 antibiotics & 2 cough medicines

on the good side, i have gotten some knitting done
THANK YOU TERRY ROSS for a well written pattern
i have the yarn
now all i have to do is sit down & put the i-cord on the bag
then decide HOW to emblellish it
thinkin' oak leaves & acorns
it's a fall bag

think i will give BOTH bags to the partner
SHE can do what she wants with them
i really like the BOKU one
but since i bought the yarn & designed the bag FOR her ..

so, i have been at home & eating
been running the dishwasher every other day or so
a coupla times,
the dishes need to go thru a 2nd time
the glasses are spotty
so, i bought Garbage Disposal cleaner AND Dishwasher cleaner
hopin' that will take the gunk out of the diswasher
so the dishes,glasses & silverware are actually clean
bought a Jet Dry to hang as well

i lost a st patrick's day sock
got the pattern from Bethany Larkin
think i will wait a while when i have LESS to do
convert it to fingering weight

the BOTTLE & the ITE3 need to be packed up to head East
they BOTH head east of Indy
gotta get the yarn for Teri
got a design in mind
i hafta gather all the stuff for taxes
it's ALMOST runnin' out of time again
did i get my house cleaned
do i feel rested
but i can almost breathe with no sound effects
don't feel as bad as i did last fri when i got home
dishwasher has stopped
is it safe to open it
will the dishes be clean
or will i have run it in vain
NEED to do towels & sheets .. again
sheets are run every other day
it's 'sposed to cut down on being sick
missed the knit-to-gether on the north side
didn't feel like driving
couldn't decide WHAT to knit
gotta do something
even if it's wrong
if i pack the BOTTLE one way
it fits in the smaller container
kinda like the rollerboard EVERY 3rd day of a 4 day
gonna repack it again
address it
send it tomoro
MOST of the dishes came out cleaner
getting off

PROTEIN Requirments

The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the United
States Department of Agriculture set the Recommended
Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein to be adequate to
meet the known nutrient needs for practically all
healthy people.
This minimum amount for an adult is considered 0.8 grams
per kilogram of bodyweight.
To calculate your needs, divide your weight in pounds by 2.2 (2.2 lbs = 1 kg).
Here’s an example based on a person who weighs 150 lbs.
150 ÷ 2.2 = 68 kg x 0.8 = 54 grams.
So, a 150 lb. person needs at least 54 grams of protein per day.
(I need about 66 gms)

Most people in the US do get enough protein.
Generally, half of this protein should come from concentrated
sources like meat, chicken, fish, cheese, milk, yogurt, legumes,
nuts, seeds and eggs. The other half should come from the
protein found in vegetables and grains. To give you an idea
of the protein amounts in these foods:
4 oz. of chicken or meat has about 28 grams of protein
and 11/2 cups of beans has about 21grams.
Below is a quick reference list for some other common protein-rich foods.
Average amount of protein in grams per serving
1 cup milk: 8g
1 egg: 6g
6 oz yogurt: 7g
1 oz meat: 7g
1 oz cheese: 7g
1/2 cup cooked legumes: 7g
1/4 cup nuts: 6g
1/2 cup cooked starch: 3-5g
1 oz bread: 3-5g
1/2 cup cooked vegetables: 2g
1 cup raw vegetables: 2g
2 tbs peanut butter: 8g

Tuesday, March 13

which bag

so i started the bag on the right for the ITE3
it was the yarn i wanted to use
the pattern on the left was the pattern i WANTED to use
but you KNOW about yahoo & internet gliches
after it was done
i started the one on the left
the pattern showed up 1/2 way thru knitting the right one
they are both done
they BOTH need some blocking
which one do i send to my ITE3 partner
i could take BOTH to the Dr & see which she prefers
and give the partner the other one
the one on the left is Caron Felt-It in Evening Mist
done in Entrelac
the right is Plymouth BOKU
done in Mitered Square

2nd bag finished

this is the 2nd bag i started for ITE3
yarn is Caron Felt-It in Evening Mist

the yarn is kinda fun to work with
wouldn't waste it on entrelac
color runs are too short

MOSTLY happy with it
the pattern was something else
needs to be blocked

so WHICH one should i send

i can take a vote

I have yarn that would make a GREAT
entrelac purse
will create my own pattern WHEN i start to knit it

but i gotta get the mitts done for KnitExchange
so that when the pattern comes
i can start the colorwork gloves

asthma kickin' up
or has the bronchitis worsened??