Monday, April 30

Spring Felted Bag Questionnaire

1. How long have you been knitting or crochetting?
Knitting 40+ years .. crochet about 35 years How did you learn? don't remember
mostly on my own, took knitting lessons in 198? to learn continental

2. What are your favorite yarns to knit\crochet felted bags with?
LOVE Karoake, SWS, BOKU and of course the normal Brown Sheep, Galway, cascade 220 .. malabrigo, rio del plato, manos .. ANY natural fiber .. sometimes i add FUN yarns
3. What are your favorite needles to knit\crochet with? BAMBOO CIRCS
4. What are the last 3 bags you knitted\crochetted? Tues mar 13, 2007 are the last 2, i made up the Boku one, the other pattern had LOTS of problems for me & a friend .. the 3rd .. well i STILL am working on Bjork- finally got the rest of the yarn & ditto for English Garden Carpet Bag
5. Do you carry the bags that you make, give them as gifts, or both? BOTH
6. What is your favorite felted bag that you have made for yourself?
uptown bag i kool-aid dyed OR felted entrelac suki i used kool-aid dye wool for
7. What are your favorite colors? BLUE, GREEN in combo Magenta, Purple, Hot Pink, Teal
Do you like bags in these colors or choose other colors? YUP!!!
8. Chocolate: White, Milk, Dark, or not so much? White, Dark, then Milk
9. Coffee, Tea, or Milk? TEA
10. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats? depends What kinds?
LOVE CRAISINS in the trail mix, or apple chex mix
11. If you went into Bath and Body Works and could only come out with one item, what would it be and what would it smell like?
no clue, unless they are selling the GIANT RUBBER DUCK
12. Do you enjoy any other crafts or hobbies ? READ mysteries
Do you collect anything? Rubber Ducks - knitting gadgets
13. Are there any bag patterns you have not yet knit, but hope to someday?
a few from Nicky Epstein's book & from Terry Ross's book
14. What is currently OTN (on the needles) for you? a coaster
15. What is your most recent finished object before that? a sleeve for take out cups
16. What's cutest: Puppies, Piggies or Pixies? PIXIES
17. Do you enjoy reading? YES!!! Books, Magazines, or both? BOTH
18. Do you have any children? NOPE!! (kid-kind or pet-kind apply!) mite have some dust bunnies .. but no living kids, animal, human or plant
19. What are some of your favorite yarns for other projects? yarn for sox OR felting
20. And for the final question, one I see debated all over: Novelty Yarn: Love it! Hate it! or It depends! DEPENDS


i received a package from .. RATZ!! forget who
will have to get out of the chair to see who it's from
it came via Royal Mail .. which my 25 years at the Post Office
tells me From ENGLAND!!!!
oh yeah
thank you so much
forgive the blurry pic
it's been one of THOSE days
it's the MAGIC BALL

inside the package
i found a ball of DROPS sock yarn
been wanting to TRY it
and 2 easter wrapped items
the pic is worse than the one above

here is what was unwrapped
i pulled the little blue thing OUT of the yarn
it says egghunt
the little yellow thing on the right
is a chick button
i resisted the temptation to unwind the ball
do i make gloves or sox out of the yarn
too soon to tell
thank you Nicola
oh yeah
i had to TRY the ORGANIC white chocolate
it's yummy
need dinner
gonna hang with knitter friends


forgot to mail mine today

it WILL go out tomoro


27 years ago
I had to memorize zip codes
It was easier back then to remember things

Now I have to know airport codes
IAD =Washington Dulles
DCA = Washington Reagan
IAH=Houston Bush
HOU= Houston Hobby
SAT= San antonio
SAN=San diego
LGA=New York LaGuardia
JFK= New York Kennedy
ORD= Chicago O'Hare
MDW=Chicago Midway

I spend so much time in hotesl
I forget where I am or where I am goin
Sometimes I forget the room number
So, it helps to convert the room # to a zip code
Fri in atlanta, I was in fla
Last nite in nyc, I was in chicago
Tonite in chicago, I am in louisville

Helps to remember the room #
Then I don't have to go to the desk when the hallway doesn't look familiar

Gotta crash
Maybe the brain would work IF I got more sleep

Better to be the scarecrow, than the tin man

had a blast

hangin' out with tiff
almost got her convinced she should fly to NYC @ the end of may
she can hang @ the hotel while i work
when i get there
we could yarn shop & tear up the town
not sure when i come back to chicago


couldn't find the shoestring licorice to make AL
a pair of edible undies
oh well
it was fun lookin'
went to 4 or 5 stores in Chicago
it's almost tomoro in Indy
i should be sleeping
i gotta get up in 7 hours
home by 3PM
knitting with friends @ panera in greenwood tonite
will NEED sleep
making slo progress on the scarf

Sunday, April 29


FINALLY remembered to order the pattern
& yarn for the gloves on fri

SAT spent a few hours wandering down by canal st
went to central park
then we headed to times square
the guys wanted to go into EPSN
had beer & wings
then we went to HardRock

back to the hotel about 7:30
i crashed
now it's 4 am & i am wide awake & HUNGRY!!!
after i check e-mail
headin' back upstairs to take a shower
get ready for work
then i will knit till it's time to leave @ 8 am

we go LaGuardia to Midway
Midway to LaGuardia
LaGuardia to Midway
end up in Chicago for the nite
about 6:30 PM
SUPPOSED to hook up with Tiff

for dinner @ Outback

Saturday, April 28

NO treadmilling today

Gonna be in NYC in about an hour
Gonna head downtown with the guys

Friday, April 27

Thursday, April 26

yahoo & sbc BITE!!

internet keeps glitching
no one can use the wireless at my
house .. sometimes
NOT even me
i call tech support
they are condesending
act like i don't know how to get connected
after 2+ hours
i would like to strangle someone
so i didn't get to go hang with Linda & her girls
gotta pack
hafta be up in 4 hours
but i get to atlanta about 1pm
LOTS of knitting time
tried to defrag the puter
it wouldn't do anything
will deal with it next week

PROGRESS on the Bulletin Board

so i am using the multi colored yarn
both balls so the colors line up
i have to tweak it every once in a while
didn't tweak 1/2 of a row
wish i had
1st load of laundry almost done
gotta add softner
got things to do
as soon as 2nd load goes in the washer
meeting Linda & the Mad Indy Knitters tonite
will post a pic later
cell is in another room

Wednesday, April 25

Books I've Read

Here's a little MEME I did on the books I've read
In the list of books below, bold the ones you’ve read,

italicize the ones you want to read,
cross out the ones you won’t touch with a ten-foot pole,
put a cross (+) in front of the ones on your book shelf,
and asterisk (*) the ones you’ve never heard of.

1. The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown)
2. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
3. To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
4. Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell)
5. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Tolkien)
6. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
7. The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (Tolkien)
8. Anne of Green Gables (L. M. Montgomery)
9. Outlander (Diana Gabaldon)
*10. A Fine Balance (Rohinton Mistry)
11. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Rowling)
12. Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)
13. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Rowling)
*14. A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving)
15. Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden)
16. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Rowling)
*17. Fall on Your Knees (Ann-Marie MacDonald)
18. The Stand (Stephen King)
19. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling)
20. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)
21. The Hobbit (Tolkien)
22. The Catcher in the Rye (J. D. Salinger)
23. Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)
*24. The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold)
*25. Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
26. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
27. Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte)
28. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis)
29. East of Eden (John Steinbeck)
30. Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)
31. Dune (Frank Herbert)
32. The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks)
33. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
34. 1984 (Orwell)
*35. The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
*36. The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett)
*37. The Power of One (Bryce Courtenay)
*38. I Know This Much is True (Wally Lamb)
*39. The Red Tent (Anita Diamant)
40. The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
41. The Clan of the Cave Bear (Jean M. Auel)
*42. The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
43. Confessions of a Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella)
44. The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Mitch Albom)
45. Bible
46. Anna Karenina (Tolstoy)
47. The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas)
48. Angela’s Ashes (Frank McCourt)
49. The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)
50. She’s Come Undone (Wally Lamb)
51. The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver)
52. A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)
53. Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)
54. Great Expectations (Dickens)
55. The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald)
56. The Stone Angel (Margaret Laurence)
57. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Rowling)
58. The Thorn Birds (Colleen McCullough)
59. The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
60. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)
61. Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)
*62. The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)
63. War and Peace (Tolstoy)
64. Interview with the Vampire (Anne Rice)
*65. Fifth Business (Robertson Davis)
66. One Hundred Years Of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
67. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Ann Brashares)
68. Catch-22 (Joseph Heller)
69. Les Miserables (Hugo)
70. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
71. Bridget Jones’ Diary (Fielding)
*72. Love in the Time of Cholera (Marquez)
73. Shogun (James Clavell)
74. The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje)
75. The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett)
76. The Summer Tree (Guy Gavriel Kay)
77. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Betty Smith)
78. The World According To Garp (John Irving)
79. The Diviners (Margaret Laurence)
80. Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White)
*81. Not Wanted On the Voyage (Timothy Findley)
82. Of Mice And Men (Steinbeck)
83. Rebecca (Daphne DuMaurier)
84. Wizard’s First Rule (Terry Goodkind)
85. Emma (Jane Austen)
86. Watership Down (Richard Adams)
87. Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)
88. The Stone Diaries (Carol Shields)
*89. Blindness (Jose Saramago)
90. Kane and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)
91. In The Skin Of A Lion (Ondaatje)
92. Lord of the Flies (Golding)
93. The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck)
94. The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd)
95. The Bourne Identity (Robert Ludlum)
96. The Outsiders (S. E. Hinton)
97. White Oleander (Janet Fitch)
98. A Woman of Substance (Barbara Taylor Bradford)
99. The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield)
100. Ulysses (James Joyce)

in the news lately

i see they are talking about a sequel to TITANIC
not sure how
Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn are involved

forget the other story i saw yesterday
oh yeah KRYPTONITE is real

today i see Rosie is getting
leaving the VIEW

the Baldwins ( Alec & KIM)

are at it again

sick of celebrity's misbehavior making the news

don't care that Brad & Angelina are breaking up

interesting what is considered news

polymer clay - NOT Marzipan

i can't cook

got this from Carol

goin' to bed

it's raining

i sleep good when it rains

Tuesday, April 24

stuff to do


i need a project that i can work on
when i am waiting on web pages to load
or while i am reading
or while i am talking on the phone
so i started the no brainer bulletin board
so far, so good
if i BOUGHT yarn
i would need about 8 skeins of
worsted weight yarn
use it dbl
this way
i get to use yarn i have to
play with an idea

Saturday, April 21

By the time I get home
There will be OVER 15000 miles
On the scarf

Havin' FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Workin' with Va-a-a-a-a-a-leri
Too much fun
Gonna knit

done for the night


Get to fly with Kara twice in May

May sked

In may
I get to overnite in BOSTON & JFK

I will get to see Deb!!!!

Gotta fly

some knitting in Austin

goin' to bed

Friday, April 20

where was i knitting

remembered to buy
a postcard
in New York
done knitting
gotta fly

knitting in JFK

the scarf

done for now

page done

Add Image


2 hours of
it's a
but it ain't
gonna go
with me
this weekend
i NEED to finish
the scarf first
i mite not get to knit much
friends want to get
together & hang



Gotta find a book to take with me

the PLAN is to use the treadmills
for an hour a day
if i start again
i will be able to get into shorts
probably NOT a bathing suit
but since i don't swim
that's NOT a loss
gotta start packing
i leave in 1 1/2 hours
got a few errands BEFORE i
go to the airport

NEED this

if meds don't work
maybe it's time to start with
what i eat

Thursday, April 19

da yarn


so i finished the gloves
no time to go to fed-ex tomoro
before work
will intrust them in the care
of the USPS
now what to knit
need a no-brainer
saw a bulletin board
you felt it
in Alter Knits
think that was the name
didn't buy the book
but got the concept
gonna use the Kool-Aid dyed
yarn from a few years back
then i will make DESK ACCESSORIES
maybe a 2nd board
at least i will start the board
not sure how much knitting i will
get done tonite
laundry is in
time to kill

TO the Post Office ... tomoro



i went to look for something i knit
about sept '06
archives don't go beyond Dec '06
even tho it says there are 795 posts
for 2006
didn't know i WOULD need a
separate page for photos

SLEEVE for Take Out Cup & Coaster

yarn is SWS
by Paton's
finished knitting
4-19 @ 12:42 am
finished felting
4-19 @ 1:20 am
NEXT time
knit a 2nd coaster
make it 5 rows bigger
use it as a topper
gonna make more
whole thing took about 3 hours

my hands were sore from the gloves
my brain was too tired for the scarf

Wednesday, April 18

treadmill knitting

i was impressed that i could knit on a treadmill
check out SUSIE who will be turning "50"
a month or so before me
she knits while she does a marathon
i could knit while doing a walk-a-thon

only 55 degrees

19 minutes ago, at 15:54 UTC, the wind was blowing at a speed of 6.7 meters per second (15.0 miles per hour) from Northeast in Indianapolis, Indianapolis International Airport. The temperature was 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit), and the pressure was 1,008 hPa (29.78 inHg). The relative humidity was 50.6%. There were a few clouds at a height of 7620 meter (25000 feet). The visibility was 16.1 kilometers (10.0 miles).

MY work week

had interesting flights due to the weather around NYC
it was BUMPY ..i resisted the urge to say
"Buckle up folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride"
i LIKE bumpy when i am strapped in
last week a woman complained because
her "BUTT came out of the seat"
this week was bumpier
on one landing
the FO got an ovation

the tragedy in Va
when i first turned on the tv
there were 2 known dead
the gunman was on the loose
the next time
22 dead
then before we went to work
the number had risen to 31
a passenger coming from LGA - DCA
is a news camera/photograher
what a thing to have to go to

got to knit quite a bit
mostly HAT .. but some AAT
was sitting in ATL, waiting on the plane
a woman asked if it was gloves i was knitting
others didn't know anyone knit anymore
maybe for WWKIP day
i should sit in ATL & Knit
saw a passenger knitting while
i was doing the compliance check
prior to push back
asked if it was a Market Square Bag
she was amazed i knew what she was
doing by looking at it

HAVE to finish the gloves & mail them so i can
knit something QWIK for me !!!
i only have 16 rows to knit
they are the decreasing rows so they
SHOULD knit qwik
then the ends to weave in
about a dozen per glove
Indy was in the mid 70's while i was gone
temps dropped when i get home
naturally .. think it's 60
maybe outside
good day to sit inside, knit, read & drink tea
should i get out of my jammies ...


gas prices dropped to $1.73/gal
have errands i NEED to run
gonna eat breakfast
put on sox & long sleeved shirt
make a 3rd cup of tea
& try to finish the gloves
will work on them till 3
then i HAVE to go outside to
run errands

Tuesday, April 17

ready for the decrease

so i was sitting in ATL
waiting for the plane to
come in so i could go home
a lady sat next to me & asked
IF i was knitting gloves
she hadn't seen anyone knitting
gloves in QUITE a while
we talked about MASS AVE
time for

time to get ready for work

and it slowly grows

slow progress

Monday, April 16


fingers & thumbs done

SHOULD have waited to finish the thumb
until i am done
incase the thumb is too short

Saturday, April 14

fingers almost done

2 repeats done

worked on scarf at
the airport
in Indy before i flew
@ 7:30 am
then finished the pattern repeat
once i got to ATLANTA
now to work on the gloves
CAN'T wait to finish the gloves
so i can WORK on the scarf

Friday, April 13


so this is the
yarn &
progress for
for the
pattern is Besotted
yarn is Malabrigo
color is vermillon # 24
reminds me of sunset over NYC
this is 1 hour knitting
in INDY 4-13-07
what i am gonna TRY to do
make a pictorial progress
also gonna TRY to buy a postcard wherever i work on the scarf
HOPE she like it
'cause i REALLY do!!!
wrote down a row by row of the pattern
copy & pasted it MANY times
using a higlighter to mark as i complete a row
you will also see THAT in the progress pix
gotta finish packing
have to be @ work in 7 hours

weather up @ Eagle Creek

23 minutes ago, at 13:53 UTC, the wind was blowing at a speed of 3.6 meters per second (8.1 miles per hour) from West/Northwest in Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Airpark. The temperature was 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit), and the pressure was 1,024 hPa (30.25 inHg). The relative humidity was 69.8%. The sky was clear. The visibility was 16.1 kilometers (10.0 miles).

weather today looks good

18 minutes ago, at 13:54 UTC, the wind was blowing at a speed of 4.1 meters per second (9.2 miles per hour) from West/Northwest in Indianapolis, Indianapolis International Airport. The temperature was 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), and the pressure was 1,024 hPa (30.25 inHg). The relative humidity was 65.1%. There were a few clouds at a height of 7620 meter (25000 feet). The visibility was 16.1 kilometers (10.0 miles).

Thursday, April 12

wire hanger sock blockers

i mentioned once or twice
that i use wire hanger sock blockers
i have had requests on HOW to make them

coffee sleeve

had to go to dr today
earache & allergies
anyways the dr & i were talking about my knitting
told her the latest thing i knit was a coffee sleeve for a
starbucks cup
she said she needed one
so i gave it to her
i LIKE my dr

her scale weighs 6 pounds heavier than
the one in my bathroom
i am according to HER
183.8 pounds
5'4" tall
temp was 97.5
bp was 126/80
allergy med WAS claritin
boosting it to Allegra

some variation

^ the colors in the cuff stack on this sock ^

the one below
the colors in the cuff swirl


12:42 am
Thur 4-12
you can see the shadow
the overhead light
on page 110 of Needled to Death
headin to bed

Wednesday, April 11

ready for toes

i know i gotta shave my legs

ANOTHER Dishcloth Exchange

i got addicted to knitting Dishcloths
uses KEWL fibers to make SPA cloths
there WILL be another exchange
Note to Self
sign up SUN before i go to the Airport in ATL
putting a reminder on the phone

screwy weather

14 minutes ago, at 22:28 UTC, the wind was blowing at a speed of 4.6 meters per second (10.4 miles per hour) from South in Indianapolis, Indianapolis International Airport. The temperature was 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit), and the pressure was 992 hPa (29.28 inHg). The relative humidity was 82.1%. There were a few clouds at a height of 518 meter (1700 feet), broken clouds at a height of 1829 meter (6000 feet) and broken clouds at a height of 4267 meter (14000 feet). The visibility was 16.1 kilometers (10.0 miles). Current weather is Moderate Thunderstorm
all day the weather pixie has been showing rain
even when it wasn't raining at home
there is thunder & the weather pixie is showing SUN

done with the book

5 rows till i can start the toe
hear thunder outside

doin' the math

gauge is 6 1/2 st & 10 rows / inch
if MY foot is 9 1/4 "
i need 92 rows for the foot
or about 70 rows for the foot & 22 rows for the toe
the sock is almost 6" in the foot
so i have 1 1/2 " of foot to knit
so first i finish knitting the foot
then i figure the toe

almost ready for the toes

started knitting & reading about 2 pm
it's been about 2 hours
i have added about 2" to the foot
another inch or so
and i will be ready for the toe
read 100 pages

so i am reading as i knit

i have read Knit1, Kill 2 before
but i want to read the next 2
and when it comes out
the 4th one
i forgot Kelly lived in Fort Wayne for a while
and Jennifer lived in INDY

i got this from my friend Diane

i peed my pants
after i got into dry pants
i thought i had better share it
with friends
it's been raining all day in INDY
i need SOMETHING to cheer me up


ME before my caffeine

gonna knit

have Prince of Wales tea
Elton is comin' thru the speakers
gonna kick back for a few hours
since i NEVER seem to make the
i WILL make it tomoro
will get to meet Linda


31 minutes ago, at 14:23 UTC, the wind was blowing at a speed of 7.7 meters per second (17.3 miles per hour), with gusts to 10.8 meters per second (24.2 miles per hour), from Southeast in Indianapolis, Indianapolis International Airport. The temperature was 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), and the pressure was 998 hPa (29.48 inHg). The relative humidity was 93.2%. There were broken clouds at a height of 244 meter (800 feet) and overcast at a height of 427 meter (1400 feet). The visibility was 3.2 kilometers (2.0 miles). Current weather is Moderate Rain Moderate Mist .
Sunrise was @ 7:26 AM
Sunset will be @ 8:18 PM

SHOULD run outside & play in the rain!!

Candy ALMOST gone

i bought 7 kinds of candy
i bought 6 dozen ( different colored/patterned) plastic eggs
i filled the plastic eggs with various candies
i sent SOME to the Secret Pal
i sent SOME to the MUNCHKINS
wonder if they have any left ??
the rest of the eggs went with me
when i flew this past weekend
i handed the eggs to the kids on the planes
i got THANK YOU from all of the kids
a few were really excited!!!!
so, what was left
i have been munchin' on
there are a few eggs with Jelly Belly, SweetTarts & Robin Eggs
there are some Wonka Golden Egggs

Tuesday, April 10

puttin' on my thinkin' cap

OR i could have Nancy figure it out
i wanna make THIS
IF i could figure the size of the pieces correctly
i could Knit & felt them
then i could make one of these for MOI!!!!!
do the math
i could

a challenge to make


so, taking the advice of others
i UPDATED the blog to the new fangled way of doing things
stupid me
i didn't get the links i had on the OLD blog
for some stuff
like the virtual pet
the frapper map
the counter thingy
the NEW blogger is SO much easier once you figure it out
wanna know what I have been doing today
instead of knitting
getting the pesky taxes done
cleaning my house
doing laundry
yeah .. you CAN tell
now to find the stuff that was on the OLD blog
some of it i CAN find
need MORE tea
gotta have Caffeine IF i am dealing with the internet
maybe i will run out to buy pop