Saturday, March 28

rainy day

heading to the NEW yarn store in Newnan
will take the sock i am working on for the shop
sit & knit for a while
give Ashley the first sock

Friday, March 27


so i started a new sock
made a mistake
before 6:30 am
oh yeah
on imposed INVOLUNTARY decaffination

Earth Hour

Flip the Switch for Earth Hour on
Saturday, March 28, and turn off your lights from
8:30 to 9:30 p.m. your local time.

Monday, March 23

Stitches South

if you are going to Stitches South in Atlanta
April 23 - 26
be sure to check out the TWO NEW Yarn stores

Two Sisters Knitting Nook
15 Greenville St
Newnan, GA 30263
e-mail is
it's on the corner of Spring & Greenville

the other shop is closer to me
Sugarfoot Yarns
100 N. Peachtree Parkway & Highway 54
Peachtree City, GA 30215

gettin' there

almost ready for the toe
it's funny how the sock does NOT look like the skein
it's Noro Silk Garden sock yarn
color is S87
2 1/2 needles
yeah, MY pattern
knit to be a shop model for 2 sisters
it's a NEW yarn shop opening on Sat Mar 28th
in Newnan Ga

Sunday, March 15

a few rows done on the back

hard to stay motivated to knit today
what's up with that??
got 4 rows done on the back
thinkin' the sweater will be too tite
oh well .. make a hanger & stick it on the wall
as ART!!

progress before i went to bed

the sweater is knit in one piece
i sewed the sides together to see where i was at
i just started the neck shaping in the back of the sweater
i LOVE it
the goal is to make the sweater & pants & a sock
and have Raisin knitting the 2nd sock
then do the same for Eve
altho, Eve's sweater will probably be knit
bottom up - or top down
have mommy - daughter in co-ordinating outfits

Saturday, March 14

so friends are giving me grief

i have naked babies all over the place
so since i want to knit SOMETHING
i decided to knit a sweater for one
of the babies
Raisin should be the easiest since she is the smallest

Regia Color 4 yarn
size 0 circs
Pattern is Sleeve to Sleeve Sweater #12-Sw

the pattern has you change colors & patterns
yeah right
too many knots


too many knots


Saffire needs pants
Angel needs boots

Amber needs a skirt & shoes

these need assembling

yup - more assembly needed
and there are MORE all over the house
i am afraid to count them

Friday, March 13


a pair of MATCHING sox

Wednesday, March 11

starting a NEW pair of SOX

Started 3-11-09
Yarn = Regia Color
Color = 5172
Needles = 2 1/2
Pattern = MINE


finished the sox FINALLY
yarn = Froelich Maxi RIngel
Color = 7703
needles = 2 1/2
started 3-4-09
finished 3-11-09
pattern = MINE!!

Saturday, March 7

out of sync

the colors of the sox are shifting
they are no longer gonna be matching sox
however, i WILL persevere thru the
boring foot
this is the point i usually created another
UFO & cast on something new
HOWEVER, i will finish this pair
they may be gifted .. they may end up on MY feet

Thursday, March 5

started NEW SOX

yarn = Froehlich Wolle Maxi Ringel

color = 7703

needles = 2 1/2

pattern is MINE

started 3-4-09
decided to TRY for matching sox


finished the sox for Pam
yipee skippeee

pattern = MINE
yarn = Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori 1000
color = 429
needles = 2 1/2
started = 11-27-08
finished = 3-4-09

Sunday, March 1


between 11 am & 2 PM
it's still falling - the flakes are smaller
and the thunder stopped

but that IS march
in like a Lion & out like a Lamb