Saturday, September 30

Side 1 done

Caron Felt-It # 0007 - Evening Mist
Dbl stranded & # 13 needles
Pattern is Felted Short Rows Purse by Shirley Heikknen

September '06 Bag-A-Holic Pattern

Took less than 2 hours to knit

Be advised

if you are using Caron Felt-it
the colors do NOT match up if you are double stranding
there are spots they do
but by and large, they are off
IF this creates a problem for you
don't use it doubled
it will be interesting to see how they come out
or IF i have to find a different pattern
now ..which pattern to use
or the Sept pattern on Bags
and the answer is ..

while looking for a sock pattern,

i found THIS purse pattern

something else that is ridiculous to make

thinkin' i NEED one

Friday, September 29


i have put off FROGGING all day
i will need something to take with me tomoro when i go to the knit-together
i REALLY should take the stocking
so, i will NOW start dis-assembly


WHAT kid doesn't need baby toys .. i mean REALLY
Sputnik & DNA make PERFECT baby toys to play with

pattern is @

i can see the look i'll get while i am knitting these
some of the flight crew ALREADY think i'm nutz!!

i gotta make one of THESE

pattern is at
then i hope i get to SEE the CPT that is a Star Wars NUT!!!!


i have resigned myself to the fact i hafta FROG
i don't need to be starting anything new right now
i gotta make sure the numbers work for the stocking
think i will knit them ALL plain
embellish them after felting
it will be QWIKER!!!!!
besides, i have a few ideas i want to play with
Nancy says they SHOULD work
she is ONLY a phone call away IF i need help
: p
gonna frog..
bag is drying
gotta frog -
so i can REstart it the way i WANT it to be

what i learned

sometimes, ya can't MIX yarns

it's NOT a good idea to fair-isle a name or word
IF i wanna put names on Stockings
use a separate strand for E A C H letter
OR figure a way to knit the alphabet
will work on it

anyways ..

if you knit in the round you get a different gauge
than you do if you knit & purl FLAT

when i Knit TURN Purl a round
to do Intarsia in Circular knitting
the gauge doesn't change THAT much
hhhhmmmmmm ... BIZARRE

anyways ..
the bag is drying
i LIKE it
want one for MOI
maybe even in Pink

i know what NOT to do for the
Munchkin Stockings
anyways ...
the 2nd stocking for the stocking swap
have decided to FROG it
NOT happy with the way it is coming out
but i will like it WHEN it's done
talked to Nancy to explain what i WANT to do
she says it's doable
: )


Used an iron to get rid of bumps

NOW to dry completely

Ironimg the bumps out

It worked for MONK!!
What have I got to lose

POTENTIAL next bag

for oohh bag me we are doing the
but we are embellishing differently

thinking of using Taos color 08: sedona OR 12: mesa (A)
and Aran 1014 Redwood (B) 1012 Copper (C) 1013 Persimmons (D) ?? (E)
and then i see the 2nd color way
anyways .. to embellish it i am thinkin'
Autumn Felted Flourishes from
NOTHING has a holiday feel to it
so, i would have to use OTHER yarns
then i can embellish it with
goin' to bed
bag is drying


13 x 9 x 3


The dye catcher & fuzz


so i felted it once
the Pink Galway felted better than the purple cascade

LOVE the way the Licorice felted

i can see making another bag out of the TEAL
maybe even the smaller sheep tote

where i knit in words ..
you can see the purple behind the pink

but the YARN & NEEDLES .... i LOVE that part

will take pix & measurements when it's done knitting

gotta call the maintainance man
dishwasher doesn't drain


it's 15 x 16 x 4 PRE-felting

Ready to felt

Thursday, September 28

I got DUCKED!!!!!!

Can't get it back in the bag

QUACK, QUACK, QUACK .... i got DUCKED !!!!! :)

Penny sent me a Winnie the Pooh gardening ...
make that KNITTING bag

each of the 8 outside pockets were stuffed with a duck of some sort
the inside pockets were ALSO stuffed
as was the center of the bag

gonna take a pic so you can see how WONDERFUL Penny was ..

i am OVERWHELMED!!! at her generosity

she is right ...
the Cookies & Clods are addictive
(HECK!! even the bag warns they are addictive)
gonna knit & drink some of the Biscoti Flavored tea

5 days left

have 7 days off
so far, i slept ..

today, i run errands
will exercise, since i am not working,
i NEED to keep activity up
i am holding steady @ 175 pounds

the plan is to finish the Bag for the Exchange partner
then the 2nd Stocking for the Stocking Swap

then i NEED to clean house
haven't heard from friends
when they want to go to Nashville / Brown County

need to shorten the nails ..
mine have grown out -
gotta find a Nail Tech that does silk nails
my brother is off on vacation
wanna go see him & neices & nephews & MUNCHKINS

Wednesday, September 27

my weekend

had fun
Sat, flying with crew i have flown with
Kara had a trainee = Mitch
he is a BLAST
we had dinner in Atlanta together
Sun, we went to Austin
the FO had dinner with Kara & i
none of us wanted to go outside the hotel
we were too tired
back to the room
threaded beads on the yarn for the stocking
tues, i started knitting
wed i took the biaxin on an empty stomach
too early for breakfast = MISTAKE
got nauseous ... as we continued to fly
it worked it's way down
went to the PO
asked the guy behind the counter the same questions
i asked the UNHELPFUL woman on Fri
this time, i got answers
picked up a BIG box from Penny =MY Bottle Swap
luckily, got home in before the biaxin kicked up
went to bed
i suppose i SHOULD open the Bottle to see what Penny sent me
i feel like i need a nap
slept from about 4:40 PM yesterday till noon today
feel better
remembered to EAT first .. biaxin second
gotta shower & run errands

Saturday, September 23


i graphed the snow child & names
i need to cast on 88
it SHOULD be enuff
will start the first later today
have 2 hours sit in Atlanta
MORE time in the next few days
should get a ways into it
leaving the bag @ home
it's HUGE

i LOVE Kinetic Art

Friday, September 22

gonna knit

the antibiotic is kicking my butt
so, since i have to stay at home
might as well knit
will let you know HOW the bag is progressing
i am having FUN with it
think i need to switch from AC to heat

SO ..

i frogged
now i am re-knitting
i LIKE it

i really would like to finish it
altho, it won't go with me this weekend
as it is TTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOO big to carry in the bag
would take up TTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOO much room
working on the snow child graph
gonna take yarn to start one this weekend
have Older Brother's Grandchild
Younger Brother's 2 3/4 Grandchildren
Friend's Daughter & Son
figured if i make one for Paige
i can whip up a matching one for her Older brother
gotta embellish MY stocking
just need to TAKE the time to do it
got tooo many things i NEED to do
rarley get enuff done when i AM home
forgot to start the laundry
NEED to find jeans that fit
EVEN if it means buying a pair
i am down to 175
i COULD wait a week or so
hopin' i get to go to Brown County in a few weeks
get to fly with Kara & Ellen this weekend
next weekend
i am off
mite go to Fort Wayne to see Nikki, Paige Miles
i could go to Peru to see the Munchkins
hand deliver the postcards i forgot to mail
getting OFFline to get things accomplished

Thursday, September 21

Headin' to the pond

DO NOT like it

i would rather FROG it

Re-graph & Re-Knit it

than to send it like this


i knit it and I can't tell what it is


bought another skein of Galway for the pockets
bought a skein of Licorice ..
JUST in case

stopped in Michaels on the way back into town
they don't HAVE the Paton's Striping Classic Wool
i explained the difference between it & SWS to the clerk

she told me how to get to Hobby Lobby
found a Borders

while @ HL
found RED Lion Cool Wool for $1.56 / skein
only 3 were marked that way
i SHOULD be able to get a Stocking out of 3 skeins
that's $5.58 for a Stocking
otherwise it would have been $9.99
decided since i am making Paige a Stocking
i will make her older Brother Miles one too

i found a few things for he "Bottle Swap"
& Stocking Swap partners
gotta mail them tomoro

gonna knit
maybe nap
wanna finish the bag so i can start Paige's Stocking
i gotta get my nails done
and go to the POST OFFICE
and of course
do laundry & pack

on one hand

i'm glad i am loosing weight
Blood Pressure is down

i bought the jeans in May
they were snug
now, they are TOO big
i bought them to match the jean jacket i bought
wonder IF i know anyone that can wear them

when i was eating Dannon Activa
& drinking DanActive
i didn't get sinus / allergy crap
AND my waist shrunk
guess i go back to consuming them

the bag
i decided i don't like the front pocket
will frog & re-do it
i can't tell what it is supposed to be & i am the knitter
i'd rather frog than be unhappy with it
gonna knit

took the antibiotic & nose spray
not hungry
need a nap

Dr visit

BP is 122/70

Low grade temp

Not sure how much weight I lost
But they can tell

Jeans I bought in May are TOO BIG

Yup, sinus / allergy crap
Water in my ear


since i wasn't doin' the math right
i ran out of yarn
it called for BULKY
620 yd - bag with 2 end pockets
120 yds PER side pocket
BUT, since i am using worsted
i need to DOUBLE that number


i used 1 skein Purple Cascade 220 for bottom
5 skeins Galway for body & front pocket
using Licorice for strap & 2 side pockets

ran out of yarn for front pocket
i got about 20 rows to go
gotta buy MORE Galway
i MITE have enuff licorice for thr 2nd end pocket
better buy a 2nd skein to be safe

i LIKE it so far
i will make another one


Wednesday, September 20

Bag & strap done

Bag is 16 x 16 1/2 x 5 1/2

NOW for the fun part

Knit Bit

According to Harvard Medical School
knitting is just as effective as yoga for reducing stress

things to make ....

Hobby Lobby has a 1/2 off sale on Lion Wool
Michael's has a sale on Paton's Classic wool
too bad they don't have the striping ones
but i can make this with the yarn
IF i make it on larger needles
will it be feltable
woven rug
a good way to use Leftovers

gonna see the leaves change

we have some of the same days off
now to schedule the time away

FIRST vacation in 2 years ..


wanted to join
but couldn't figure out how to join
it says email us - clicked it - nothing
NOT that i need another project @ the moment
think i got another sinus infection
will call the doc's office after they return from lunch
it's FOURTY EIGHT degrees outside
where is the Fall
that is Winter Temp
some things i NEED
yeah, like a fish needs a bicycle
on another site there are
then i figured i would look to see IF the designer has a website
hopefully, i can order EVERYthing from one sourse
almost time to check my Oct sked
hopin' 2 other FA & i get some same days off
we want to go to Brown County to see the leaves change
and to Nashville In

Tuesday, September 19


had a fun weekend both on & off the plane
crew was WAY TOOOO much fun to be around
in Austin, we went to dinner
the flights were MOSTLY fun
get home to Indy & it's 60 degrees
it's cold in the house
turned on the heat 'cause my toes were cold EVEN with sox
wearin' the Jelly Bean Wavy Ribs
Cathy R's pattern
schedule for Oct comes out in 13 hours
ready to cast off on the purse
goin' to bed
i am tired after getting up @ 4:30 AM

Done for the night

Midway thru 7 of 10

Monday, September 18

Starting skein # 4

On round 63
Almost ready to do top edge

No knittin'

Yesterday, due to weather in Chicago
We were in LATE!
I was too tired to knit

Got in to Austin

a few hours ago
Crew went to dinner


Gonna knit while I watch Lifetime

Hopin' to finish bag

Gotta get up @ 5am

Sunday, September 17

54 rows

Using 3rd skein
SHOULD finish the bag tonite
Tomoro I can start the FUN paet

Gotta get ready 4 work


Put pin when I started

treadmill knitting

i could knit longer IF i were knitting from 2 skeins
35 mins
knit 7 rounds
burned 126 calories
walked 0.86 miles
broke a sweat @ 10 mins
stopped to drink water
other FA came in to talk to me
24 mins
58 cal
.57 miles
will post a pic in a few of what i accomplished
goin' upstairs to chill for an hour
before i gotta get ready to fly


i took the bag with me when i came down for breakfast
saw some other crew members
caught up
had a CPT as what i was making him
it's PINK
he said i could finish it for his mom
after breakfast
a few of us stayed downstairs & i knit
heading to the treadmill
will walk till i run out of yarn
will take a pic when i get back to the room to get more yarn
figure i have about 9 rounds till i need more yarn
it's OVER half done with the BORING Pink part
will probably get to the FUN stuff tomoro

25 rounds

Time for breakfast

2nd skein

1 skein is about 20 rounds
Gonna go eat breakfast, rhen some treadmill knittting

17 rounds

Gonna knit 8am

Saturday, September 16

i'm MAD @ Kara & Rose ... little BRATZ!!

food is limited
i mean
there is NO food on the planes
and Airport food ..
Come ON!!!!
when i LAST flew with Rose
she had Quaker Rice Snacks
then i fly with Kara
she has FRUIT &
MORE Quaker Rice Snacks
last i knew
the things tasted like STYROFOAM
but they BOTH bring great tasting
rice snacks with them
now i gotta get some
so i buy THREE bags
i bought fruit
2 types of nectarines
red pears
red grapes
Kara had some, they looked good
i ate the caramel rice snacks ALL by myself
i am gonna take the cheddar ones with me
Kara can help me eat them
the apple,
i will TRY to keep them till NEXT weekend
between the fruit & rice snacks
IF i get hungry on the plane
i will have something to eat
also bringing Dannon yogurt to eat & drink
and tuna salad & crackers
think i got a few granola bars
instant oatmeal & creme of wheat
get breakfast on Sun & Mon
i should be OK
but NOW,
i am addicted to the Rice Snacks
oh well ...
i COULD have bought the chocolate

So far

Gotta finish packing & go to work

bags for Nikki & Paige

IF i do the Sheep Tote for Nikki
i can do a double bottom
put foam core
STIFF plastic canvas in the bottom
the pockets will be out of the
Cascade 220 & Disco
the bag will be knit PLAIN
just dbl stranded Cascade 220
i can add a few rounds @
the top of the bag of Disco
for Paige,
i can single strand purse
every few rounds
add the Disco
no pockets for Paige
yeah, it MITE work
after i get the Sheep Tote done
i can decide

MY bag

i decided to knit a 2nd bottom for MY bag
for now,
since it is LARGE
it will have to sit @ home till i return Tues nite
i can finish knitting the bottom
and maybe get the S-cords knit for straps

that would be GREAT
it i can felt it before i leave next Sat

workin' on the Sheep Tote
i can see another of these in MY future

wonder IF it would qualify for Nikki & Paige
make the BIG one for Nikki
make the smaller one for Paige
will wait to see how it felts
i think Niki would like the Pockets
& Paige just needs a purse
how much stuff does a 2 yr old need to carry

On the side


the bottom is done


I won't feel guilty about all the hours

I spend in Atlanta tomoro mornin'

IF I can treadmill


starting the bag for the exchange

partner on TOTE EXCHANGE

got yarn



this qualifies it for OH BAG ME KAL!!

started with a provisional cast on

ready to start knitting

will have plenty of knitting while i sit in Atlanta the next FOUR days

also while i sit in Austin Mon Nite

Friday, September 15


i was @ LYS and a lady was hoping
when she got to Johnny Appleseed,
the lady from Michigan was there

the lady from Michigan buys thrift
store sweaters & felts them
then makes mittens out of them

sounds like something Nancy Wild would do

BUMMER, i wish i had thought to see
WHEN Johnny Appleseed was
anyways ...

the idea can be extrapilated to anything
buy a thrift store sweater

cut it up & needle felt
OR sew it onto bags or something felted like Stockings ..

tues, maybe,
i'll go look for a sweater or 2 that can become
Snow Children for stockings
maybe find some WILD sweater that can become
the name of the Stocking Recipient ..
then i wouldn't have to knit the name in

haven't ordered the FALL bag yet ..

was thinkin' i MITE order the snow man
one so i can use it on the Stockings

it's similar to the idea i have in my head
since i have FIVE stockings to do, it mite help

i mite TRY what i see in my head &
report back in a week or so when i have gotten somewhere ...
it figures

i get a Bright idea & then see something
similar on the internet somewhere

knit a big block of SWS & FELT it,
then cut letters for names out of it
OR, Lion wool varigated

OR Caron Felting yarn
OR some of the neat stuff i saw @ Joann
those are better options
i could WING it and make it MORE personalized
better start getting ready for work
the bag doesn't pack itself
gotta go buy groceries
PACK the food tonite
leave the empty lunchbox by the bags


whilst at the LYS
i was given an idea
buy a thrift store sweater
felt it
cut out designs
needlefelt to purses & stockings
i could use THIS method for putting names on the STOCKS
even the Snow Children
IF i can find a thin, white sweater


i found a pattern to use as a guide
it's the Sheep Tote by Bev Galakas
i have PINK Galway for the main bag
gotta get a KICKER
mite use PINK DISCO around the
top to make it X-tra funky
anyways ...
after i go to the grocery
i will graph what i need
then, maybe after i pack
i will start it tonite


first, they say it's NOT a good idea to eat bagged salad
NOW, they say the same thing about bagged Spinach
what is left for me to eat that is easy to carry ???
what's next

PROBABLY headin' to Frog Pond

side 1 is done
side 2 = ran out of yarn
so i went in pursuit of more yarn

it's a different dye lot
which means ..

DIFFERENT color stretches
& color intensity
so, now i hafta decide
if i buy 6 skeins
i can knit the 2nd side
it IS a different color
so, i may just tear it ALL out
& make something else out of it
do i want to pay $36 to MAYBE work

i found the vase pattern i want
i can use the SWS to make a vase
to hold knitting needels
gonna finish the UFO
working on the 2nd bottom
pockets are sewn in
after i get THIS done
i will be working on my exchange bag
i KNOW what i want to do
she wants Pink & Funky
it will qualify for
time to run errands
pay bills
buy yarn for STOCKS

Thursday, September 14

6 skeins

Kitchen Stuff

my neice is moving
i have LOTS of various brands of Kitchen Cottons
i could knit her stuff for her kitchen
and i wouldn't have to BUY anything
for my Great Niece's birthday
she is thinkin' of a PLAY Kitchen
i can knit stuff for Gracie's Kitchen as well
NOT like i don't have enuff to do currently
but i LOVE making Dishcloths & Hot Pads stuff like that
HHHMMMMM .. i can use wool & felt stuff too


this is the Bag i started in March '06
it's TIME to finish it
i THOUGHT i started it in May
it's WAY overdue for completion

this is the FRONT
it has an outline of the state of Indiana
i live in Indiana - hence the outline
with a skein of yarn & needles on the Front Exterior Pocket

this is the back & sides
used the Blue yarn from the inside of Indiana for the front pocket of the bag
and just knit ..
then i got BORED, so i added stripes using leftovers from the graph

here are the INTERNAL POCKETS since no one will see them & since i had so much black & charcoal .. i gotta sew them in THEN i want to knit another bottom (i think) for stability ... i figure, it took THIS long, what is a few more hours for a STURDIER bottom ? then it will be sewn into the INSIDE of the bag ... mite leave 1 side open so that after felting, i can put some foam board inside to stiffen the bottom

WHEN the bag is assembled i will add a S-cord for the straps .. just haven't decided WHAT color the straps will be .. OR i can knit a TWISTED I-cord .. but i am thinkin' a S-Cord

i want to use the needles ( #15) & the rest of the yarn can be utilized as well

REALLY, i JUST want to resolve stuff ...

i HATE seeing UFO's after a while

STRAIGHT Knitting Needles

the knitting needles have a twisted ribbon
running thru them
each size is a different color
i don't use straight needles,
but thought they were KUTE!!!
so, i bought them


NOW, they need a proper vase
i mean REALLY .. a tea cup

gotta knit & felt a vase


finished so far flowers & vase & the patterns


so WHAT to knit while i am home for 2 more days
i could work on the CURRENT bag

i could start my bag for the exchange IF i could
settle on a yarn & pattern
i could use the On Pointe
have HOT PINK Cascade 220
have a Glittery Fuzzy yarn i could add in
it's Bernat Disco
i think i have Black Cascade 220 & probably
Black DIsco if i look

AND i have a few UFO's sitting around the house
i COULD finish some of them

there IS one that is tooo big to take with me
started in MAY ?? out of Brown Sheep
i am in the HOME Stretch .. mostly I-cord & ssembly
i was making it up as i went along

there is a Daffodil & a Tulip that i started & need leaves
i am about 1/2 way thru an Iris -
will need leaf when done with the head of the Iris

IF i remember correctly,
i was gonna knit a few MORE Tulips out of all the colors of the yarn

made the Vase

the yarn is a Jo-Ann exclusive
Bellezza Collection
Tesoro = 100% wool in soft baby colors

then i can FELT them
if i work on them, i can felt before i leave on sat
when i get home on Tues, i can re-felt IF necessary

i want to make a vase for the Knitting Needles
i bought PURLY for decorative purposes
i don't knit with Straight needles

can ya tell, i have FALL on my mnd

this year IF 2 other Flight Attendants & i have the same days off
we are going to Brown County State Park & Nashville In
it will be a Mini-Vaca
gonna eat, thenknit