Thursday, January 31

FUN last nite

Had a blast
Even learned how to set a table
Didn't cook much
I tend to burn food on the stove

I m in love

His name is will
Blue eyes
Blonde hair
Left handed
Smart as a whip
Knows what sox are
Knows where his sox are
Knows where my sox are

Oh yeah. He's 18 months

My day

Got to work
Worked with Reid before
When we were in Houston. He told me the chicken wings were mild ... My lips were numb for 3 hours
Darian & I worked together on a 4 day . . He is fun
The other pilot was from Fort Wayne
Had fun
It was KOLD in Dulles
Went to New York & back to Dulles
Went to New Orleans
It' 70 out
I am wearing TOO many clothes
Forgot my flip-flops
But, since I forgot to polish my nails
NO big deal

Wednesday, January 30

FUN tonite

Pam is the MOSTEST fun room mate i have ever had
she suggested that since we were both home tonite
we have a couple of friends over for dinner
she kept ribbing me about my inability to cook
the fact i BURN most of the stuff i cook
the smoke detector goin' off when i cook
little does she realize
i WANT people to think i can't cook
then they don't EXPECT it
we had a BLAST!!!!!!!
4 1/2 hours of laughter
GREAT company
good food
it will be awhile before we are BOTH home
at the same time

in Que

after knitting the Odessa
on # #6 needles using sport yarn
and moving boxes for 4 days
my hands are sore & i can't use small needles
this is the next sock yarn i will use
to make SPA SOX
the pattern will go up on New Yarns
when i get that far
probably next week

i HATE wearing hats

i LOVE knitting them
welll ...
i LOVE this new hat
it's on my head as i type

NEW project

in my mind
i see a Hat, Mittens & Scarf
so, since i have rediscovered yarn
i feel inclined to knit things i see in my head
i bought this yarn for a scarf
changed directions
so i STILL have the yarn
it's 4 strands of different colored yarn
all combined into one
Nancy thinks it's wool
she sold it to me QUITE a while ago
like a year or more
starting with an i-cord cast on
there is a tutorial online
cast on 3
they are the left needle
K F&B, K2 (right needle)
transfer 3 st to left needle
keep going till you have your # of stitches required
for your cast on PLUS 2
K2Tog, K2
slip them back
K2Tog, K2
you now have the number of stitches you need

NANCY has a different way
3 st i-cord for X rows (# of stitches required)
minus 3
pick up the stitches off the i-cord
joining as you start

so, using one of those techniques
i will start my hat
since i didn't know how many stitches i will need
i did a swatch
yeah, yeah ...
the DREADED swatch
so i now know how many stitches i will need for the hat
then i will progress to the mittens
then use the remaining yarn for a scarf

UNLESS i can find the black alpaca
then i can make a scarf for work
since i washed the baby monkey scarf & thru
it in the dryer
stupid thing SHRUNK!!!!!
i need a larger scarf

abs need SERIOUS help

after 2 etopics & 1 hysto
i have NO ab muscles
so a few years ago
i bought an ab slide
i gave it to my neice when i
left Indy
well .. i found this one
it will disassemble so i can take it with me
when i fly
and it was $15 including shipping
so, it arrived while i was gone
used it on Mon
and tues
later tues when i laughed
that means the muscles have been awakened
talking to Nancy last nite
i was laughing more
it HURTS (in a good way) to laugh
used it today
will use it before i go to bed
i can feel UPPER Abs
Obliques & arm muscles

Tuesday, January 29


i got my AARP card in the mail
not sure IF this is good or bad


i got to see where Sandra Bullock lives

i am wearing a HAT!!!!!

12:18 PM
i made it ONE repeat longer
it's the Odessa Hat
cuff = #4 balene circ
hat = 6 balene circ
decreases = # 6 bamboo DPS
i have it on
will try to get a pic of it
STILL in my jammies
haven't had breakfast
so, i guess i will skip it
and have lunch

ready for decreases

and switching to DPS
grumble, grumble SNARL!!
i don't like DPS
i should look for another circ
but that could take a while
i will suffer with the DPS
i can finish the hat in less than an hour
and wear JUST because it's finished
gonna try to hook up with some other knitters
later in the afternoon
so, want the hat on my head when i arrive
ONLY a knitter would understand

Monday, January 28

ANOTHER from Penny

don't have liquid in your mouth
when you click on the link
i NEEDED a laugh


i have been re-evaluating life
i try to be HAPPY with what i have
i try NOT to dwell on the past
the past has brought me to where i am
i have plenty of people that were for a reason
i LEARNED from the experience
then today
in my e-mail i get this from Penny
it's thought provoking

Benny Hill

Penny sent me the link to Benny Hill video
i LOVED Benny Hill
now i have become
one of the old folks
that sit & reminice aout
life in the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

Sunday, January 27


time to kill in Chicago
waiting for the plane
spent it rockin'
got to see Gabby before breakfast
met a nutritionalist on the plane
heard about $1 movies @ the theater
in Fayetteville
all in all
an OK day
it was LONG!!!
headin' to bed
finished #2 Stephanie Plum
spent 35 minutes on the treadmil
walked a little over 1.5 miles
burned 120 calories

Saturday, January 26

wasn't knittin'

i read instead
LOVE Stephanie Plum
finished One for the Money
yeah, yeah ..
i NEED a hat in Chicago
but i needed to laugh too
so, i will knit for an hour
till it's time to get ready for work
i can start Two for the Dough
i think i read the first 5
but it's like starting FRESH
can't wait to see what trouble
that Stephanie gets into
Ranger & Morelli

da treadmill

so i went to use the treadmill
30 minutes
1.53 miles
120 calories
but the BEST part
i ran into a friend from Indy
she told me i had lost weight
she liked the hair -color & length
i smiled MORE in 15 mins of talking
to her than i did in the 4 days we worked
together a year ago
she said she could tell i was HAPPY
it was great to see her
catch up with each other's lives
she is one of the few things
i MISS about INDY
4 hours to kill before i gotta get ready
for work
gonna knit
mite get to wear the hat this weekend

Stephanie Plum books

  1. One for the Money (started 1-25)
  2. Two for the Dough
  3. Three to get Deadly
  4. Four to Score
  5. High Five
  6. Hot Six
  7. Seven Up
  8. Hard Eights
  9. to the Nines
  10. Vision of Sugar Plums
  11. Ten Big Ones
  12. Eleven on Top
  13. Twelve Sharp
  14. Plum Lovin'
  15. Lean Mean Thirteen
  16. Plum Lucky


finished the last of the Bad Hair Mysteries
i REALLY liked the series
started One for the Money
the first of the Stephanie Plum series
i laughed so hard a few times
i almost fell out of my chair
headin' down to get breakfast
hope i can read & treadmill at the same time
then it will be back to the room to knit on the hat
hopin' there is something on TV to watch to help
me knit
got 6 hours to kill
oh yeah
there is SNOW in Chicago
more on the way
hopin' i don't get STUCK here today

Friday, January 25

makin' progress :(

2 3/4" at 2 PM
lookin' GREAT!!
it helps to add the markers
it's easier to see a missed stitch

12:16 PM

done froggin'
1 3/4 "
time to start again


25 minutes
1.3 miles
burned 72 calories
read pages 108 - 165
4 chapters

to the frog pond i go

see the holes

3" => almost half done
a froggin' i will go
10:15 AM

Thursday, January 24

HOT feet

My feet are HHHHHOOOTTTT!!!!
Must have something to do with the angora in the sox
Its cold in ATL & men are whining
I amTOASTY!!!!!

Warm sox are a wonderful thing

Wednesday, January 23

my scale is BROKE!!

the Dr's scale says i weigh 194
MY scale says i weigh 148
i KNOW it's lying to me
i guess i had better get rid of it

Sox & Blockers

so, if my feet are cold
I am cold
so i started making hand knit sox
by now
i should have WAY TOO Many pairs
alot of them have shrunk
despite being superwash
so, i learned
i needed Sock Blockers
i have 3 or 4 pair of Chappy's
Cathy's DH started making replicas
of antique wood blockers so i bought a few pair
i can hang them up to dry
it takes an hour or so because of the holes
in the wood
i heard about plastic ones
they are $10 each
got 6 = 3 pair
i STILL have sox that need to dry
so i will have to get MORE sock blockers
since i ususally do a weeks worth of laundry at a time
gonna get wooden ones from Cathy
because they HANG better than the plastic ones
i COULD do laundry more often
but what's the fun in that??


Halloween 2003 i retired
moved Dec 2003 to the trailer
Oct 2005 i moved to Indy
Dec 2005, stuff was put in the shed
Jan 2006, i moved to house in Indy
June 2007, stuff was packed & put into storage
July 2007 moved to Snellville
Oct 2007 moved to Stockbridge
Nov 2007 i moved to PTC
Dec 2007 stuff moved from Indy to garage in PTC
spent the last few days sorting thru - throwing away
giving away - packing BACK up & putting into storage
my back is killing me
called Nancy
she said to get Bayer Back & Body
i don't hurt anymore
1st load of laundry just finished
2 more to go
then i gotta pack
MOST of the knitting is in the storage locker
i do NOT want too much clutter in my room
i will have to get RID of more yarn
some will be gifted & ROAKed
some will be given to Sr Center
if i lived FIVE lifetimes
i won't use it all
listening to CD's while i work
i LOVE having MY music here
it' makes it HOME!!

Penny TAGGED me .. :P

so, i have been tagged by Penny ( the BRAT!!! JUST kidding )
for 7 Random Facts Meme
  • Here are the rules, and they must be posted to your blog.
  • Link to the person’s blog who tagged you (see above).
  • List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
  • Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog and also so they can look at your blog and not tag the same people all over again!
  • Let the fun begin.

the Facts
  1. i Lived on the African Continent when i was 3 - 5
  2. i like TREES - hiking thru, driving thru, just staring at
  3. i have WAY TOOOOO Many UFO's - knitting, needlepoint & who knows what else
  4. if my feet are cold, i am cold .. it's why i learned to knit wool sox in 2001
  5. i don't miss not having children but i DO Miss not having Grandchildren
  6. i like to read series books .. it's sort of like the story always continues
  7. my musical taste is eclectic .. will switch from ROCK to country to Classical in the same day

so ... WHO shall i tag - do i KNOW 7 people to tag .. hhhmmm lemme see

  1. OK, so ABBY makes me laugh .. so she will be # 1
  2. Cathy in Ohio is another almost daily read - even when she is too busy to post
  3. Carol the Sock Diva is another fav - can't wait till her book comes out
  4. one of the bad things about leaving Indiana is i won't get to visit with Chris the pyro
  5. maybe if i tag NANCY, she will post on her blog
  6. Sue has completed her short row heels, i NEED to try them again .. i can't let something as simple as a heel beat me
  7. Ang made me a Little Red Bag in a prior swap & she is in the Glove KAL
  • well i gotta get laundry done
  • and packed
  • & run the dishwasher
  • & CLEAN my room - it's toooo cluttered right now

LATER, gonna have dinner with a friend

Sunday, January 20


had fun flying with Gabriele
she & i will be in the same place
Fri & Sat
i mite make it to the treadmill
after all
she lives 20 minutes from me
so, she will show me around
when we are both off

ONE to go

so, instead of knitting the HAT
that i DO need
it's 19 degrees in Atlanta
it snowed
i am in Chicago where it's -4
so, instead of knitting
getting ready to go to breakfast
will take the last book with me
to start while i eat
after i am done with the BAD HAIR mysteries
i will read the Stephanie Plum books
no, i didn't make it to the treadmill
maybe IF i had
i would have gotten more reading done

Friday, January 18


just finished # 7
ready to start # 8
OR i could knit
i will NEED the hat
in Chicago & possibly
i can take the book downstairs & read
on the treadmill
my body thinks it's 8PM
even tho the clock says 7PM

Wednesday, January 16


2:55 it started SNOWING in PTC
3:45 it turned to sleet
4:15 to rain
5:38 sounds like sleet
But looked out to see SNOW!!

Tuesday, January 15


So ..for work we need black hats
I go to the frozen north this month
So I WILL need a hat
I HATE to wear hats

But I saw this hat
I have black sport yarn
Went to Hobby Lobby & bought
Beads that will work

also bought balene circs

didn't like them at first

but now that i have some knitting on the


i am liking them better

Books to Read

for those of you that reading Knitting Related books
Monica Ferris has a NEW book outs
aw it in the bookstore
no i didn't get it
but i am REALLY thinkin' of buying all of them &
reading them in order
waiting to unpack ALL the boxes before
i buy any books
don't need duplicates
NEW Book is "Knitting Bones"
for a complete list starting with the CURRENT
Knitting Bones (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2007)
Sins and Needles (Berkley/Prime Crime, 2006)
Embroidered Truths (Berkley/Prime Crime, 2005)
Crewel Yule (Berkley/Prime Crime Hardcover, October 2004)
Cutwork (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2004)
Hanging by a Thread (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2003)
A Murderous Yarn (Berkley/Prime Crime, March 2002)
Unraveled Sleeve (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2001)
A Stitch in Time (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2000)
Framed in Lace (Berkley/Prime Crime, November 1999)
Crewel World (Berkley/Prime Crime, March 1999)
i think i read the first 5
don't know which ones i own
will find out in a few days /week
when i sort thru boxes
will start them again once i finish the
"BAD HAIR" mysteries
got MOST of the Janet Evanovich - missing 13
so,i MAY read them first
i will start reading on the treadmill .. AGAIN!!!
i can read & walk for hours ...

domestic inclinations

so, it's winter in GA
i got sick
maybe not eating right
so i have been cooking
White Chili
then since i am home
i went grocery shopping
cooked a roast in the crockpot
made clam chowder
made potato soup
will NEED to buy a freezer soon
but IF i am hungry
can go to the freezer & nuke something
warm & tasty AND HEALTHY!!!
gonna try my hand at
Baked Potato Soup on thur
after i get home from work
what for breakfast
clam chowder
potato soup

Sunday, January 13

hanging the sock blockers

i bought the plastic
clippy things @ Target
they go over the plastic hanger
when i do laundry
i hang the sock blocker
from the clippy thing
after i take the sock blockers off
i can hang skirts & pants on the hangers

sock blockers

i have several pair of wooden ones that Chappy's hubby made
bought some to give to test knitters
MINE are packed in my stuff
boxes to go thru & somewhere between Indy & Atlanta
Cathy's hubby made me 4 pair
2 were gifted
i bought a few pair of the plastic ones from Loopy Ewe
didn't know they had wooden ones
may buy a pair
JUST because
THEN i see this tutorial
to make my own
yes i need several pairs
you can never have too many
sock blockers
i hang them in the bathroom to dry the sox on
when i feel domestically inclined
i do laundry
that encompasses many pairs of sox


the SAGA!!!
it all started when i joined the Harvest Sock Swap
i was to knit a sock for Carly
so, being me
i decided to have Nancy dye the yarn
but i wanted sox for MOI as well
so, she sent 2 skeins of yarn she dyed
i wound the yarn for Carly's sock
i developed a pattern
i knit Carly's sock
then i started my sox
after i was cruising down the foot
it became evident that there was a possibility
of running short of yarn
so i asked Nancy to dye more
it was getting into the holidays
and i was asked to knit for CPY
and i wanted the sox DONE!!!
so i had her send me a solid
i forgot to take pix before i started frogging
i frogged my sox to where the heel starts
put on a solid foot

still unsure about the yardage
frogged Carly's sock to where the heel starts
put on a NEW heel
re-knit the foot
put on a NEW toe

then i finished MINE
so, now the pattern & yarn & needles
are ready to travel north to Carly
with the completed sock
she won't mind the wait

Saturday, January 12

too KUTE!!

i could make a BUNCH of these
give them to munchkins for birthday gifts
heck i could give them
to the sibs
and adult children
they would think i lost
what is left of my mind
make a few
IF i do a swap
include one
lemme see
i started making a Whidbey
made 2 dozen of so
made a few Rhodies
then i made a few Casey
only one Julius
think i have 2 of them left

Friday, January 11

didn't burn down the house

bought a chicken
remembered how to cut it up
cooked it
took the meat off the bones
next time i will buy thighs & breasts

forgot the garlic
bought chilis that weren't cut up

couldn't find the beans i wanted
so i substituted

can't tell what it smells like
my smeller is broken while i have
the ear issues
i CAN hear out of the right
left is blocked so stuff sound fuzzy

Pam said the chili smelled good
wasn't hungry
must be the meds

anyways .. i am goin' to bed now
IF i can sleep after takin' the meds

frogged Carly's sock
and put the "NEW" heel on
should be able to finish HER sock
then my SOX

the purse requires thinking
and paying attention to the graph

found a few mistakes
LEAVING them in ...

Wednesday, January 9

another addiction

i have gotten addicted to
Chai Latte
mite have to buy an expresso machine
so i can make them at home
cheaper than goin' to Starbucks
$4.?? each for a venti
but hey
it's 2/3 of m daily amount
of calcium when i drink one
maybe i should just learn to heat milk
and add to the chai


ear infection in right ear
brain is too fuzzy to knit
went to dr & got meds
now the left one is acting up
sinuses are breaking up
chest too
it sounds like i have rice krispies in the ears
i feel better now
so i can knit
hopin' there is something on tv to watch
if not
will pop in a dvd to watch
been reading
ready to start # 7 of the
Bad Hair Mysteries
gonna defrost some chili
make some tea

for the gloves

gonna use popcicle jitterbug
and black louet
can't figure out how to post to ravelry
the blog is easier

Tuesday, January 8

hhhmmmmm i think i need a purse

i have 5 skeins of purple Paton's Classic wool
4 skeins of an unkown yarn
it mite stripe
2 leftover pink skeins of Cascade 220 using # 13 needles
and double stranded Paton's
i cast on
i remember the last bag
the bottom didn't felt as well as expected
mite be because it was a single layer
while the sides were partially double layered
so, i will knit a double layer for the bottom
the purple will be the outside
the pink will be inside the purse

on book # 6

making slo progress on the sox
ears bug me
sleep alot
i was hopin' the meds
would make them better
need to eat so i can
take the meds
and a nap

Saturday, January 5

WOW ..

i JUST heard that Debbie Chin has
passed away
i knew she was sick
not sure with what
she was a truly wonderful lady
a great & talented knitter
she will be missed
i have fond memories of her
when she heard i was decorating
a bath in a FISH theme
she sent me LOADS of glass fish
when i unpack my stuff in a few weeks
i will treasure the fish
she WILL be missed by the sock knitting community
as well as her husband & sons

on book # 4

started the Bad Hair Day Mysteries
by Nancy J Cohen
a while ago
  1. Permed to Death
  2. Hair Raiser
  3. Murder by Manicure
  4. Body Wave
  5. Highlights to Heaven
  6. Died Blonde
  7. Dead Roots
  8. Perish by Pedicure
  9. Killer Knots

on book # 4 right now

they are QWIK reads

MY Harvest SOX!!

so, i had Nancy dye yarn for Carly's Harvest sock.
I had her dye a skein for me as well.
So i cast on a pair for me,
will send the leftover yarn & pattern to Carly ..
late again
.. update as of 12-17 ..
think i will run out of yarn,
Nancy will dye more in a solid color for heels & toes.
will put them aside till the yarn arrives,
then frog the 3 sox & re-knit the heel in the solid color,
foot in the multi & toes in the solid..
send leftover yarns ..
1-5-08 ..
afraid Nancy wouldn't have TIME to dye -
so i had her send me a solid ..
frogged MY sox to before the heel,
added a solid heel ..
ready to start the gusset decreases ..
NOTHING to do today but KNIT ....
the right way to start the NEW YEAR!!!!!


FINISHED the Panda Cotton
now to get it in the mail
forgot to drop it off yesterday

Knitter on da plane

Met Priscilla on yesterday's flight
She is from Denver
She was knitting a sweater out of green yarn
She said it was a Debbie Bliss
Iasked Cashmerino
She was surprised I knew
Gave her some stiych markers to help her keep her place
Exchanged e-mail addies
Hope I get to see a pic when it's done

Wednesday, January 2

Pam & I

warming up after

Chicago .. Jan 2 '08

we go outside
so we can go to eat dinner
it's KOLD outside
SEE ... SNOW!!!!!

then we come inside to
warm up
by sitting by the fire

not sleepin' till it's done

STARTED the toe


the difference

in Indiana
we call it pop
in the south - it's a COKE
no matter what the can says
in Indiana & Ohio
October means get the car ready for winter
in Georgia, you think about it around Dec
in Indiana & Ohio
you use ANTIFREEZE!!!!
for the radiator
for the windshield wiper solution
for the gas tank
in Georgia
they have never seen these products
in Indiana / Ohio
in the winter
in our cars, we carry
Blankets, Extra drinking water
snow shovel, ice scraper
kitty litter / sand
our car trunks have OTHER stuff
JUST in case
they don't carry these things in Georgia
i LIKE Georgia
it's 14 degrees in Chicago
it's 41 degrees in Atlanta

Mmm Mmm Mmm

it's KOLD
that means
the DELTA Gate Agents
men, i don't look at the women
are wearing sweaters
form fitting sweaters
EYE CANDY while i work
i LOVE the KOLD!!

Tuesday, January 1

knitting on planes

the past few flights
i have seen LOTS of knitters on planes
it's GREAT to see them
i was working on a sock
the FA on the plane
and i started talking
she spins AND Weaves
and knits AND felts
have AAT in the next few days
hopin' to finish the sock by FRI