Friday, October 24


What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says
You tend to be a bit of a grouchy person. The scrooge of Halloween.
And while you may complain about it, you would miss Halloween if it didn't come around.

This Halloween you should embrace your inner grump - be a warlock or a witch.
The candy you should give out: sour patch kids">The Jack-o-Lantern Quiz

Monday, October 13

cotton yarn

So, i bought Sugar'n Cream Super Size (4oz)
4 skeins of Cornflower & 3 skeins of Yellow
to make the Garterlac Bathrug
# 15 needles & triple stranded
with the leftovers
i made a Kleenex Box Cover
improvised from the Garterlac Dishcloth
want to make another rug
so will buy 2 more skeins of Cornflower
and 3 more skeins of Yellow
to make towels i will use
SunKissed Sugar'n Cream in Super size - need a 2nd skein
want to buy SS S'n C in
Swimming Pool
Summer Splash
Key Lime Pie
Faded Denim

i am using Cool Breeze - need 2 more skeins
other colors that would work
light blue
sunny sky
shaded denim
daisy ombre
shades of green
country stripes
tie dye stripes
lime stripes
denim twists
green twists
country twists
has more colors available
both solid & ombre
they all come in 1 pound cones
also comes in cones & same colors
comes in fewer colors
while i was @ Hobby Lobby
i found some "I LOVE THIS COTTON"
it has some colors that will go with
the bathroom in worsted 3 oz /180 yds
& sport
there is also Sinfonia - a sport
3.5 oz / 218 yds
there is Bernat Cotton Tots
and Handicrafter Cotton
who has similar colors AND names to S'nC
Handicrafter large skeins
Patons has Grace
a sport weight cotton

1 skein

48 st x 5 tiers
Will need 4 skeins to get the size I want
so, will have to buy 2 more
right now it's 16" x 5"

Sunday, October 12

finish one, stat another

using leftovers from the rug & Garterlac pattern
I improvised a Kleenex Box Cover

using same pattern and
Cool Breeze Ombre - Sugar'n Cream
i cast on 48 stitches to make a hand towel

Saturday, October 11


now to get the math for the top figured out

Friday, October 10

30 years ago .. TODAY!!

i started at the post office
in FOUR & 1/2 years, (July 23, 2012)
i would have been eligible to retire = 60% of salary
but, since i bucked the system & retired Halloween 2003,
i ONLY get 42% to not go to work at the Post Office
today is a MAJOR GOOF OFF DAY!!!!
still in my jammies & it's almost 2 pm

Monday, October 6

busy day

last nite i baked 3 dozen Snickerdoodles
today, i baked three dozen more then i baked a Coca Cola Fudge cake
while it was in the oven
i finished the bathroom rug

Saturday, October 4

sweet tea

so i have been making sweet tea
i use 6 falimily size tea bags
and 1 cup domino sugar

several people have told me to try
cane or organic sugar
so i tried Florida Crystals
Demerara Cane Sugar
it's brown
used 3/4 cup
it's not as sweet
next time will use 1 cup

starting the bathroom,

this is what the bathroom looked like
kinda sterile once stuff gets put away

a new shower curtain & trashcan
and a plant

yarn for the rug & towels
some progress on the rug


so, i have had this gowth thing on my scalp
had it in Fort Wayne prior to 2001
anyway, it comes & goes
last time it happened i was told to
stop dyeing the hair
so when i noticed them again
i stopped dyeing the hair
as the hair grew out i had ROOT ISSUES
so, the hair kept getting cut
it's why the hair got SHORT
the gowths make the scalp ITCHY

on tue i went to see the dermatologist
the technical name is
Sebborihic Keratoses
one on the scalp had
to be removed
the others of which
there are numerous
several on the scalp,
a few on the face & chest
were left alone to see IF
they get better with treatment
also had a mole cut off my chest
so anyways ..
the one on the scalp HURTS
the mole is covered with a
band-aid & that itches
but where the one was in the scalp
i now have a big bald spot
we are hopin' the hair comes back
for the scalp i am using
Neutrogena Triple Moisture
shampoo & conditioner
did't use them when i overnited
in New Orleans thu nite &
my scalp got ITCHY
was told to use antibacterial Cetophil soap
to correct the follicular problems
acne type of breakouts
and CeraVe lotion for the
itchyness on my legs & body
i quit doing overnites because it could be the
different water sources that are causing
some of the problems
i was feeling better after one day of switch
in hygeinc products
so, one problem down
hopin' another doesn't spring up
in it's place
gonna get off to knit
makin' progress on the bathroom rug
gotta thro the clothes in the dryer
oh yeah
FALL has come to Ga
i LOVE fall
leaves are changing
it was 47 yesterday in Indy
& 74 in Atlanta