Thursday, November 30


________ TOP Top - Bottom of Heel Top - Toe Heel - Toe YARN
Gracie__ 8.75 5.50 18.50 10.50 23.50 13.00 14.00 8.00
Brayden_ 8.75 5.50 17.00 9.00 22.00 11.50 13.50 7.75
Jameson 8.25 6.00 17.00 9.50 22.00 12.50 12.50 7.50
Joey____ 9.50 7.00 19.00 11.00 23.00 14.00 13.50 8.50
Paige___ 8.25 5.50 17.00 9.50 23.00 12.50 13.50 8.00
Miles___ 9.00 6.50 18.00 10.50 23.00 13.00 13.50 8.00 Paton's
Xtra___ 9.50 7.00 19.00 11.50 25.00 14.00 14.50 8.50 Lion Wool

Da chidrens is still too big

gonna call it a nite

if i let the snow kids dry

i can RE-felt tomoro to shrink them more

thr frosted beads were a BUST

ya can't see them

Felted stocks

Snowchild STILL too big

it's been felted THREE cycles

Felted 3 cycles


didn't all felt at the same rate

will take another pic in a minute of the felted stocks

in the original positions

snow children STILL felting


in the 3rd cycle

7 stocks ready to felt

Tuesday, November 28


Used Sulky Holoshimmer 145-6001

Like the Silver Metallic 145-8040 better

#7... DONE

Well basically
Woke up @ 2am
Decided to finish knittting

Sunday, November 26

Gusset Decrease

Did first gusset decrease
Almost packed ..
Just need to make lemonade


I can sleep for 4 hours


i walked in the sunshine & 60 degree weather
then i worked at the gym
gotta pack
kinda got the lunchbox ready to go
laundry is DONE!!!!
now to pack it
and pack knitting
and get some sleep

11:26 AM

2 more garter ridges and I can turn the heel
Gonna go walk outside with rose nd then hit the gym

what SHOULD i do

i NEED to clean house
not that anyone will be visiting in the near future .. but

i need to work out
don't know what kind of workout stuff is available @ hotel in Minnie
haven't lost anymore, but haven't GAINED either
i need to workout
muscles don't hurt anymore

i am on the HEEL of Stocking #7
i could probably finish the stock
if i knit ALL day
i could then take other things to work on
i AM getting tired of Stockings
altho,i want to make FOUR mini stockings to hang
in the flight deck when i work Dec 23 - 25
just basic stocks
i can needlepunch names on them

need to polish my toenails & fingernails
i can take pedicure stuff with me
i will have time
Mon (after 3 till bedtime)
Tue ( after 1 till bedtime)
Wed (after 3 till bedtime)
gotta pack
that will take 1/2 hour since everything is clean
NEED to do laundry
i can work it in around the knitting
gotta eat
gotta go buy food to take
not sure of the crew
will plan on spending it on the treadmill
& in my room knitting
NOT in the mood to go to Mall of America
flown with the Cpt before
know the other FA
FO is from OLD Shuttle -
flew with him this past summer ..
thinkin' July when we overnited in Herndon
well ...
it's 9:40 am
to quote Porter Waggoner
"gotta do something, even if it's wrong"

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KUTE idea

could use toothpicks & create a Knitter's ornament

Saturday, November 25

Started heel

Doin' this heel opposite direction of others to make sure directions are right

1 skein down

Lion Wool - 1 skein = about 65 rounds

Was gonna try to get to the Heel

Wonder IF the spit splice is gonna work

oh yeah

had a FABULOUS time with the crew
as always
AL was a HOOT!!!!
Cpt has a great sence of humor
FO is fun
AL had 2 trainiees
Felicia & Seth

went out to eat on Wed nite
Turkey day, i took a nap & missed dinner wth the crew
last night i was gonna catch up with chappy
i put the WRONG phone # in my cell
so i went to the Casino in Bettendorf with the guys
took 45 mins to loose $5
went back to the room & knit
didn't sleep all that well evidently,
since i came home & took a 4 hour nap

found out i get to fly with Felicia
on the 15th
we will have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!


home for 1 day
out on Mon @ 5:15 AM
Minneapolis Mon - Wed nite
home on thur

laundry is in
NEED to polish my finger & toenails
OR i could knit

don't NEED # 7
it a "just in case" thing
it COULD become mine
i so rarely get a stocking

anyways ...
came home to change clothes & eat
SHOULD have gone to Rose's
i could have grabbed food on the way
i would have walked outside for 2 hours
it was BEAUTIFUL = 60 degrees outside
instead, i sat down & fell asleep
took a LONG nap
now it's almost 9PM
i SHOULD be getting tired & winding down so i can sleep tonite
get up early tomoro so i can get up on Mon @ 3AM
washer has stopped
time for softner
then, i can do sheets & towels
and run the dishwasher
gonna knit
i am on about round 50 out of 72 on the leg
gonna take the yarn to knit
the snowchildren
their arms
the crowns for the girls
DRACO's new ears
gotta wind the yarn for the Hat for
gotta try to figure out WHAT i did for the scarf
want the hat to match
i can workout tomoro
and pack
thinkin' of knitting mini stockings for the flight deck
when i fly over Dec 23 - 25
nothin' fancy
would need FOUR

Friday, November 24

Thursday, November 23

Wednesday, November 22

8:50pm wed

STILL need 2 polish my toenails

Tuesday, November 21


NO!!! i am not packed

laundry is done
do i wear pants & jacket OR dress
will i need clothes to wear since i will more than
likely sitting in the hotel room knitting OR
on the treadmill
oh well ...
TONY BENNETT is on @ 8 pm
time to plug the tv in
it hasn't been plugged in since memorial day
hope it still works
i can knit while i watch

1/2 way down the leg

being home

i got some things done
cooked 2 packages of Jambakala
i ate often
think i gained 3 pounds back
i worked out
need to do laundry, sheets & towels
gotta pack
pay bills .. forgot to MAIL them
did some yarn organizing
never got the house ALL cleaned
reorganized the tea cabinet
got my nails & hair done
time to go exercise

"OLD" ID photo

taken May 2, 2005

i weighed 195 pounds

put on 25 pounds due to not eating right

and insufficient exercise

can't wait till i get the NEW photo

some knitting

while i was trying to find out where i go in Dec
i knit while the web pages loaded
the first day, everyone is trying to access the sites
so, they are slow
good for the stocking <VBG>
taking Joey's stocking with me
i SHOULD upload a pic
think i have about a 1/3 of the leg done
gonna take the Cadet Blue Lion Wool too
i can make one for MOI!!!
starting Wed ( tomoro )
i will be in Atlanta & Moline
Mon - Wed .. Minneapolis
Sun - Tues .. Fort Myers ( 10 hours), Houston & Denver ( 24 hours)
Sat - Mon .. Atlanta & Moline
Fri - Sun .. Minneapolis & Atlanta
Sat .. Moline
Christmas Eve .. Atlanta
Christmas Night (almost midnight) i get home
Sat .. Atlanta
New Years Eve .. (almost midnight) i get home
there will be knitting opportunities
gonna finish Joey's stock & should be able to get MINE done
then i can felt when i get home on Sun
can work on the snowchildren & their arms
the yarn for the hat, scarves & mittens AND names & year
will be waiting at the Post Office when i get home around the end of month
i may have to start ( OR FINISH) something else
not like i DON'T have things i can do <VBG>
gotta move
didn't work out yesterday
muscles are not sore today
so i am gonna go work on them
meeting Rose in about an hour
and NO!!!!!!!
i am not packed
i did get the photo for the NEW ID badge taken yesterday
i should post the OLD one
it's WORSE than a Driver's License Pic

Monday, November 20

# 6 started

got about 15 rounds done

it's tomoro already

knit ALL day on Sunday


things to do later today

Time for bed

Sunday, November 19

For Joey

Cascade 220
Color # 7919

Ready to cast on #6

#5 .. Done knitting

Paton's Bright Red

Sat Nite

Mass Ave is having another ALL Nite Knit out
i get home about 2 PM on sat
i COULD go
hang out with knitters
sounding good

Dallas beat the Colts

I didn't watch the game so it is NOT
my fault the Colts lost
forget the score
think it was 42 / 21
glad i don't work tomoro
won't have to listen to the whining
i was 'sposed to be in Dallas tonite
i spent the day knitting instead
just took a FOOD break
so i found out about the Colts
ready for the FIRST toe decrease
should be done in a few hours
then, i will cast on # 6
Teal Cascade 220 for Joey
wondering IF i have 3 skeins of Lion that Match
i could make one for MOI!!!!
BOY!!! do i need to polish my toenails

Ready 4 gusset decreases

Quarter to 4
Should I knit some more
I MITE be able to finish #5 today
It's NASTY outside
Rain against the window is LOUD!!!!!

Gonna get more tea & knit onward

#5 ready for HEEL

3 hours of knitting
Done with the leg

'corse i STILL have to work out today

just heated up some Jambalaya & corn for lunch

since i missed breakfast

maybe i will stay home & knit

if i try to move

i hurt ... my abs when i sit up & sit down

mid back

legs are FINE!!

guess i need more work on them

it's raining out

i don't REALLY wanna go out today

i COULD finish this stock

then i have 1 to go


i NEED one for MOI!!!!!

if i knit today

i mite be able to make one for MOI as well by the deadline

aleady thinkin' of the NEXT stocking

and a pair or 2 of socks

yarn isn't here, so i am NOT tempted to start them

: )

cold work on a purse for me

Got to knit

Took an hour to work on Miles stocking
Ready for beads
Tired now .. Gonna go to bed

Saturday, November 18


worked out again today
found out IF i do the treadmill first
i am NOT up to the machines
taking the DR's advice & taking it slow
doing 10 reps on a light weight on EACH of the machines
except the ab machine, i could ONLY do 3
if i sneeze, i HURT
started & finished JD ROBB's
Born in Death
it's obligatory
you HAVE to read her books as soon as you get them
anyways ..
no knitting for THREE days
making some progress on organizing the house
anyways ..
i am heading to bed
need sleep
want to workout EARLY tomoro
i seem to get more done IF i don't
workout in the middle of the day

Friday, November 17

yuk ... winter is here

i WAS gonna visit a friend in Atlanta
but, i am NOT Florence Nightingale
the friend is a little under the weather
i do NOT want to get sick myself
so, i stayed home
wound the yarn for Joey's stocking
gotta wind the yarn for the hat & start knitting it
worked out
my arms were KILLIN' me
so i quit
now they are fine
i am sure i will feel it tomoro
got my nails done
got my hair done
made 2 pots of Zatarain's Jambalaya
one has pasta, 1 doesn't
used Turkey Ham, Turkey Sausage & Shrimp
in the end
mixed both pots together
i can take it with me when i fly on wed - sat
found a few things for the Bottle Swap partner
bought beads for future stockings
found THREE Nutcracker ornaments
i mite need to make three more stockings
they can be the basis of the stockings
received my stocking from Emilee for the stocking swap
i will try to take a pic & post it
Mitch gets in from Denver in about an hour
gotta go
we are gonna go eat dinner & catch up
mite get to knit some tonite
probably won't
gonna work on organizing the yarn tomoro
when i do that
it will make a dent in the boxes in the
other room
gotta take the futon frame out from under the bed
& put it back in the living room as a couch
figure at this rate
i will be unpacked about the time
the lease runs out


spent yesterday @ Peru
spent the day with Leah, Jesse & the munchkins
Jameson is up to 7 pounds
i got to hold him <VBG>
had pizza & pop for lunch
weather was rotten .. RAINY
for the past 2 days
spent the evening with friends
HOT WINGS & a coupla beers
weather isn't supposed to improve .. MUCH

i am headin' to Atlanta for a few days
supposed to be SUNNY & mid 50's
gonna take Miles stock to work on
bought more beads JUST in case

Wednesday, November 15

no knitting yet

never made it to knit @ Strange Brew
had to work on bidding work sked for dec
will know in a week what i got
gotta pay bills
need to work out
want a nap
gotta find a nail tech that does silk nails
and doesn't use a drill
i keep popping mine off
started the stocking for miles
using red paton's
gotta wind the yarn for joey's
it's cascade 220
not gonna make the self imposed deadline
i knit for the next week
i could do a body cleanse
i could work out daily
it won't be fun for me
but i would get the stockings done
fun OR knit

Ratz, Ratx, Ratz

i slept in
guess i NEEDED it
i had planned on getting up around 9 & running errands
anyways ...
i gotta get dressed to go
its wed
KNITTING @ Strange Brew in Greenwood
gonna grab stocking # 5
thro on clothes
run to the credit union
put gas in the car
& go hang with knitters to relax & unwind
should make progress on the stock
drink a cup of Chai
had a BLAST with the crew
Captain has a STRANGE sense of humor
reminds me of some of the Postal Workers
that i miss working with
: )
FO was a quiet kinda guy
GREAT sense of humor
lives in Fort Wayne
i like working with HAPPY people
the other Flight Attendant & i had TTTOOOOO
gonna bid to fly with her again
gotta go
down to 167 pounds

Tuesday, November 14

#4 .. Done

9:15 pm indy time - tue nov 14

Oh yeah

PASSENGERS are having fun on all the flights in the last 3 days

It's a GREAT thing

LOVE flyin' with ROSE

Small world
I worked with her dad @ the Post Office

She told me to bid to fly with her in Dec <G>

Gonna knit

9:30 TUES

Not a lot of knitting time
Fly too much
Then tired when I get to my room
Having <BIG FUN!!!!!> with Rose
On AND on the plane
Mite get to knit a bit till van time
Have 2 hours later in O'Hare

MITE finish this
Have a week off when I get home
Do I go to Fort Wayne
Do I go to Peru
Do I stay home & exercise & cean house - go thru boxes


Haven't exercised in 2 days

A room with a view

Cedar Rapids

Monday, November 13

Mon 8:05 AM

In Montreal
I mite as well TRY to finish this stock

THEN ...
I can start #5

8:30 am ...
Time to drink Green Tea & KNIT

11:00 am

Sunday, November 12


Rose & I worked out the other day
when we joined the gym
now, when i laugh
my lower abs make me aware i used them
it's a good thing
i want the muscles to ache a little
it PROOVES they are being utilized
which means
they will firm up soon
having a BLAST on this weekend
working with a Different Rose
in Denver now
crashed about 10 PM Indy time
so i woke up about 7 AM Indy time
that translates to 5 AM in Denver
knit a while
checked e-mail
now i am gonna go hit the treadmill
will have to put in 2 hours since i didn't use it last nite after
pizza with Rose
there were 3 crews hanging out last nite
i was too tired to hang too late
i am on the gusset decreases
watched The ROCK in "Walking Tall" last nite while i
got thru the heel turn

Friday, November 10

oh yeah

while i was in Atlanta
i saw the NEW MeatLoaf video on VH1
Celine Dionne did the song a while ago
i like MeatLoaf's better
don't think i will have the time to
add the NEW MeatLoaf to my iPod
sat i have to be @ the airport @ 9AM
home the 14th around midnight
then ..
i have SEVEN DAYS off in a row
i can clean the house
visit Nikki in Fort Wayne
visit the munchkins in Peru
go to Atlanta

accomplishments for the day

Rose & I joined a gym
worked out for 2 hours
not sore .... YET !!
not packed
just ate dinner
gonna pack the lunchbox first
2 days worth
bought ensure & boost
bought some energy bars
bought green & holiday teas
bought instant oatmeal
then, i will pack the bags
gonna take the purple AND red Paton's
i should be able to finish # 4 & make progress on #5
IF i finish #5 ..
i can start knitting the snowchildren & their arms
gotta fix a nail

#3 Done Knitting

Forgot to knit the hanger

OK .... :(

3 times to post a pic of Stock # 3
which will be for Jameson
for some UNKNOWN reason
blogger won't let me post it
i e-mail it
it gets lost in cyberspace
it will show up later
while i am away from the puter
all THREE times
when i shows up
you will get to see the MARVELOUS carpet in the kitchen
anyways ....
on Wed i went to visit a friend in Atlanta
i knit MOST of the day
finished stocking # 3
started the Purple Paton's for Paige before i went to bed
flew home on thurs
i can VISIT people
i KNOW how to use the flight bennies
gotta run errands
Rose & i are joining a gym
it will help me with weight control
who knows,
like in 2001
i will get SO addicted to working out
i stop knitting
oh yeah ..
i didn't loose anything lately
i didn't gain either
had Bean Pie in Atlanata on Thur
it's made from Navy Beans
it was Really Good
the food in the south is different than what
i am used to
getting hooked on SWEET TEA
ate at a Waffle House
there are none in Indiana
i LIKE Atlanta


started this one for Paige on Wed

got the cuff done, then strung the beads

while waiting for a plane to take me home on Thur

i sat in ATL & knit it this far

ready for the heel

yarn is Paton's Classic Wool

Color Royal Purple

making a RED one out of Paton's for her older brother Miles

when this one is done

taking the yarn with me this weekend

#2 DONE !!!!!

Talked to my neice
The stock will be good in the opposite direction
They hang them on the door frame

Across the top = 9"
Top of cuff to bottom of heel = 18:
Back of heel to tip of toe = 13"

Thursday, November 9


I have 4 hours of knitting done
I am 1/2 way thru the leg = 1/4 of the stock

So, I am guessing a stock takes 16 - 18 hours to knit


Nature Spun Worsted
Color is N36
China Blue

Forgot to string the beads

For Jameson or Joey

Kinda COLTS blue
Maybe even Kansas Blue Jay Blue
So, PROBABLY for Jameson

Tuesday, November 7


About 1/2 way down the leg


so it's 6 am
8 AM in INDY
gonna hit the treadmill for a while
then i will finish the stocking
start # 3
i guess Brayden's WILL be navy
unless i use another green
had i kept a pic of Gracie's stocki on the cell,
i would have known i put the heel in the wrong direction
oh well
i think i will be OK for time
gotta exercise away the nachos i ate last night
the crew is FUN
we hung out last nite & got nachos
we head to the airport about 3 pm
i can knit on the van
couldn't last nite on the 55 minute trip
the interior lights didn't work
it SHOULD be light outside today
i get to sleep in MY bed tonite
i get to hang with knitters @ Strange Brew
then head to Peru
so, Stitches & Scones is on the way
Sat i come back to denver
Sun i go to Montreal for a VARY short stay
Mon nite i am in Cedar Rapids
home on Tues
mite go visit friends
off 15 - 22


the stocking i am making for Brayden
is backwards to the one i made for Gracie
the heel faces the opposite direction
so this one will go to Jameson OR Joey
so i will have to run up to Stitches & Scones to get more Galway
will have to remember to do the heel the OPPOSITE direction
will adjust the info on the pattern so i don't mess up again
oh well
will finish the stocking
i will start a stocking out of the Blue Naturespun i have
now i gotta make a 7th stocking
oh well ..
i am sure there will be a recipient SOME time in the future

Ready for toe

Done with gusset decreases
Gonna put in contacts & put clothes on
Gonna go check e-mail, then hit the treadmill

Awake :(

It's 5:30 at home
3:30 in Denver
Wide awake
Mite as well knit
I can finish Brayden's knittting stock
Then, I can start 1 for Jameson or Joey

Monday, November 6

Done 4 now ;)

14 out of 20 garter ridges
Gotta get ready to fly

Will have a few hours in IAD to knit before goin' to AUS
Will have more knittting time in Denver
MITE be able to finish this before I go home

GOOD thing I brought yarn for the NEXT one