Friday, March 31


JUST had a MAJOR storm pass over us
there was hail & tornados ..
think it's STILL 66 outside ..

good time to stay inside & knit

SHOULD pack ..

12 miles south of Indy is the tornado ..
sometime in the next 20 minutes ..

the sky got pretty ... SHOULD have taken a pic ..


PROBABLY yarn for Nikki's purse

Gonna Knit

been up for a little over 3 hours
laundry is ready to go into the dryer
waffles in the toaster
yarn by the chair - gotta find the # 10 needles
got the pattern i will use

gotta get something to drink ...
SOUNDS like it mite have stopped raining ..

yarn for NEXT purse

Paton's Classic Merino & NoBo ( wallyworld's)

think i used # 8 for last bag

will use a # 10 - 11 for this one with the eyelashy yarn ..

gotta see WHAT I have :(

will have it done Sun Nite so i can compare it to the

striped bag

New Purse Book

New Purse Book by Paton yarn

i thought it was pronounced Patton like the general

it's Payton like the quarter back .. :(

interesting designs .. you knit - felt - CUT

Thursday, March 30

Early Sunrise

so, i wake up and open my eyes ... it's barely 6 AM .. the sun has made the sky appear to be lightening up .. it's GREAT .. hate waking & driving to work in the dark ..

BUT, for the first time since moving to Indiana in 1969 .. it has been determined that Indiana will catch up with the rest of the country & observ Day Light Savings time ..

So, Sat when i drive to work, the sun will be coming up .. Wed, when i drive to work, it will still be DARK ..

i will be in Detroit when the time changes ..

but, it means, that it will be NOT as dark on the later flights ...
a good compromise ...

gotta do laundry .. WANNA knit ..
need to finish the Knitting Bag so i can start SOMETHING new..
got a few ideas

STILL want to make the Daffodils ...
gotta find the Tulip & Felted Vase Patterns ...
then i gotta go BACK to Joannes get the yarn

Nikki NEEDS a new purse .. she wanst one that is Pink & Fuzzy .. gotta find yarn ...

the PURSE bug has bitten ... got a few ideas for those


Wednesday, March 29

the NEW knitting bag

the back of the knitting bag ...

the picture of Indiana will be on the front as a pocket

working on the pockets that will go INSIDE on the side of the bag .. then ..

i will knit ( BORING) the inside Back pocket ...

thinkin' ( yeah i KNOW, bad idea ) that i will i-cord the sides ( make it pretty)

not sure of the straps yet ...

ANYWAYS ... the entire thing will be felted ....

gonna measure to see what guage is & try to determine shrinkage ..

OH YEAH .. Brown Sheep (what else) & # 15 needles

Monday, March 27

1 minute south of dc Monuments - by air

8:40 AM on Mon 3-27-06

we are on the way to Norfolk Va

Thursday, March 23

applied i-cord

found a 40 x 40 graph online that would look good on a knitting bag

do the knitting bag 40 st wide & 60 rows high

so, after the graph was knit, i decided to try an applied i - cord ....


: )

NOW, i gotta figure out the REST of the bag ... : (

lion's on the left - paton's on the right

they BOTH felt

thinkin' NEXT time i use Lion's i use a larger needle

the lion's felted larger .. they started about the same ...

but, now i have TWO eyeglass cases for my Bottle Swap Partner ..

waiting on the clasps

Lion Wool - felted 18 minutes

according to the label, i was supposed to use # 9 needles

so, maybe there would be no stitch definition had i used it instead of the #8 that the pattern recommended ( Paton's yarn)

10 minutes to felt

NO stitch definition ..

the way Debbie & I like it

Bottom 2.5 x 5.5

strap 20

flap 5 x 5

sides 8 x 5.5

so, i guess IF i want a larger bag .. i use MORE stitches ..

i REALLY LOVE the way the Paton's felts ...


Bottom 4 x 7

strap 26

flap 6.5 x 7

sides 11 x 7


so, the purse is done knitting EXCEPT for the strap ..
that will be i-cord . . . . :)
oh yeah, they will be done AFTER i finish everything else .

i decided i want an applied i-cord on the flap
hopin' it will stabilize the flap ..

anyways .. had to FIND what i needed online ...

an applied i-cord - just pick up & attach i-cord to the knitting . . .
it can ALSO be used as an i-cord bind off (front of bag) by binding
off the LIVE stitches instead of picking them up & knitting them AND

Wednesday, March 22

the purse is ALMOST done :}

purse .. :)

so i started a purse with the Patons Classic Merino i had left over from
the eyeglass case & coin purse ...
been knitting MOST of the day
NOW, suddenly, i am ready to cast off ....
: )

forget how to do the i-cord bind off,
so i had to come online & see IF i can find the instructions ..

: (

at least i accomplished something today
the eyeglass case out of Lion Wool & ALMOST an entire purse

: p

will TRY to post a ic .. wouldn't let me 3 minutes ago ....

got YARN!!!!

found yarn to make the daffodils
Debbie says the felted vase is a Plymouth pattern ...

supPOSEdly, there are 3 LYS that carry Plymouth yarns / patterns
they are also supposed to carry the Tulip pattern

next week, i will go look for the patterns & more yarn ..

i think i am gonna start a purse ...
use the 3 colors of Classic Merino

let the yarn guide my hands ...
could be neat ... :)

COULD be a disaster .. :P

but IF Debbie can do it, so can I ...

i THINK i will be OK

i am just gonna tweak an older pattern ....

gonna go felt the eyeglass case while i do laundry ...

it will keep me occupied so i forget about the cookies on the kitchen counter ..

Lion Wool

another eyeglass case ..

this time i used Lion Wool

gauge us 4.5 st & 6.5 rounds using # 8 circs

NOW i getta felt

Good news, Bad news

today, the BP is 130/90 - LOWER

got ANOTHER sinus infection = stronger antibiotics .. AND more yogurt ..

last nite, i wanted to listen to CD's .. had to look for what i wanted ..
so i put ALL the A & B on one shelf .. well they flowed onto another ...

proceeded thru the alphabet ...
then i alphabetized EACH shelf ..

gave up with "N"

maybe today, i will fell up to finishing what i started ...
i'd rather knit ... or sleep ...

today, i found out the blog has spell check ...
NOW to teach another machine how I spell ...

Tuesday, March 21

Alphabetizing The CDs


I can't believe it's the first FULL day of SPRING ..

: (

it's STILL snowing ..

gonna knit .. or nap ..


today is S'POSED to be the first day of Spring ..

we celebrate by being told we are expecting 8 - 12 INCHES of snow ..

i could go look for YELLOW feltable yarn & knit daffodils ...

then, i would have to BUG Debbie about the vase pattern ...

i LIKE buggin Debbie

: )

FUTURE project

gotta find YELLOW feltable wool
then i will have to get the pattern Debbie Brarisa used to make a felted vase

ANOTHER duck facecloth

this was knit Sat & Sun 3-18/19
used Patons Grace -
color is Apricot ( can't tell by the pic )
pattern is

Friday, March 17

Rio De La Plata

bought cause Chris Coghill bought something similar ..
she bought hers for a kit she will be doing on Whenever ...

i am HOPIN i get to test knit for her

it's FUN yarn to work with ...


:( bad day for stuff

i am working on a bag out of woolpack - bulky
ran out of yarn, and since i haven't had good success with felting latley ..
decided to bite the bullet & buy more ..
CAN'T find it ...

: (

then, went in search of coin purse closures ...
saw 1 @ hobby lobby .. $12 ... i need 3 of them ...

so, i guess i will go back to dishcloths ...

i DID find daffodils to knit (then felt)
need YELLOW yarn ...
found some .. think i have Brown Sheep

thought i had cascade 220 .. NOPE!!!!

was looking for a hat to felt - pattern is DIVA by Fiber Trends ...
no one has it ... :(

maybe i should go back to reading ...

HAPPY ST Pat's Day

shirt & sox are drying
gonna go have Irish Stew for lunch ..
run some errands / pay bills
Gotta pack . laundry SHOULD be about dry ...

then i can KNIT
oh yeah .. gotta do something to the nails ...
it's an EARLY nite ..
got a 5AM show ...
but i get to Denver early ..
will PROBABLY be spending the day, knitting in my room ...

started a Knitting Bag ... yeah i NEED another one ..
gonna go to Greenwood to get more woolpack so i can finsih the tote i am working on
jest need enuff to do the straps AND the bumper .. :(

so, i guess i will be making another SMALL bag or hat ..

Wednesday, March 15

Downtown Indy & the RCA Dome


can't see home ..

: (


DUCK facecloth

yarn is Amarillo Vivo (BRITE yellow) Sinfonia

it's a sport weight cotton

started about 6AM on Tues, finished @ 11:52 AM

Sheron Goldin sent the link to the pattern to me ...

i could't find it when i went looking ..

it's a Rainy Kimbrough dishcloth..

Cathy Hurd sent the link to me ...


found ANOTHER i want to make

Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton - Pattern from the internet

started it Mon nite, finished on Tue Nite

pattern can be located @

it's the petal dishcloth

Tuesday, March 14

want a FLAT brim

NOT felted

my First felted hat :)

the hat felted ..
i TRIED to send a pic ..
it will PROBABLY show up while i am sleeping ...

it's dryin' on the counter in the kitchen ..
started to dry it on the styro head .. but the brim got floppy
so, i put it on the counter .. HOPIN' it dries by Wed
goin' to Philly tomoro ...

da HAT

it's the FIRST hat i felted :)

it's kinda fuzzy .. got LOTS of black fuzz from the washer ..

the brim is TTTOOOOOO floppy :(

IF i put it on the counter to dry the brim STRAIGHT,

will the crown fall ????????

will see WHEN i get home on Wed ...

MAYBE i should toss it in the dryer .. then i can WEAR it

IF it's still wet on Wed .. i will toss it in the dryer ..

this is convoluted ...

the pic i sent a while ago, got lost in cyberspace ...


anyways .. the Paton's felted nicely into a coin purse & eyeglass case ..

will look for the closure on THUR .. mail it to my Bottle Swap Partner on Fri


currently, i am felting the hat from Woolpack ..

will let you know HOW it turns out ....

still knitting on the TOTE ..

gotta go get sleep ..

washer stopped ...
the FIRST hat i feted is DONE!!!
it's a little smaller than i wanted ..
: (
OH WELL , it will look god on the styro head ..



Monday, March 13

MY plane - 12-19-05 @ 12:50 PM

think i was in Des Moines ....

12 -30 - 05 .. about 2:52 PM

FORGET where i was :(

this is the view from the hotel room ..

2-20-06 @ approx 6:45 AM

sunrise comin' back from Cedar Rapids to Indy

Coin Purse = PRE-felting

measures about 4 x 5

guage is 5 st / in

USUUALLY when i felt, guage is 3.5 - 4 st / in

should be interesting to see HOW it felts ...

working on the eyeglass case in Purple ..

gotta knit till it's 8.5"

i'm halfway there

Saturday, March 11

Thursday, March 9

TIME to build an ARK ????

it's rained for the last 2 days ... :(
the ground is not longer frozen, it's soggy ...

i am ready to bind off the Baby Monkey Scarf ...
wonder IF i will need it this weekend ??

anyways .. i hafta pack, do my nails, find knitting
gonna take Eric's scarf, the change / eyeglass cases, dishcloths ..
maybe the purse i started & misplaced ....

bought Clue ( the movie) on DVD .. i can watch it maybe ..
IF i pack running shoes so that i can use the treadmill, i won't be able to pack as much knitting ...

so, maybe i will wait till NEXT weekend to start working on the exercise thing that the Dr thinks i need ...

NEVER did felt the hat ..OR make the banana muffins ...


not enuff time to get them ALL done ...

well .... nothing is getting done with me on the internet ...

will check in later ...

Scarf Addiction

NOT sure when i became addicted to scarves .. but it PROBABLY had something to do with Dr Who ... i like mine WIDE & LONG ...

the Baby Monkey was finished because i was TIRED of knitting a bl ack scarf ..

well ... after wearing it for a while, i decided it is TOO short .. so since i have another skein of Baby Monkey, this AM i ripped out the bind off edge, re-attached yarn & started making it longer .. forgot to measure first ... but i am ALMOST out of Baby Monkey ..

HOPE this time, the scarf is Long Enuff ....

: (

will probably bind it off in cotton, just in case i want to make it longer ...
wear it for a day or 3, then decide IF i like the legnth ...
PLUS i gotta be able to get MORE Baby Monkey ...

Eric' scarf

Eric wanted a FUN scarf ..

so he picked out 4 colors of Fun Fur .. i decided to knit it on the diagonal ..

3 hours of knitting so far ....

Wednesday, March 8

DONE With #4

DONE With #4

# 5 discloth ( to be)

Will wait til AFTER i make the coin & eyeglass purses

bigger needles, they SHOULD go faster

things i NEED to do

  1. un-pack, laundry -> RE-pack .. making sure i pack stuff to work out in since i am starting to GAIN back some of the weight i lost ..
  2. gotta soak the silk off the nails ... i GIVE UP on long nails .. will silk my nails & polish them .. :(
  3. NEED a pedicure ..
  4. gotta felt the hat
  5. IF i don't make the Banana muffins today OR tomoro, i will hafta thro the bananas away
  6. Gonna knit ... it keeps the Blood Pressure down ..
  7. need to finish cleaning my room

PROBABLY lots of other things i am forgetting ...

Rainy Day in Indy

had this book for a while .. was gonna use Cascade 220 since i couldn't find the yarn ...

i have LOTS if Cascade 220

BUT .....

this mornin' when i was @ Meijers buying muffin tins ....

i found the yarn the book specifies...

so, after the Bernat Cot'n Soft dishcloth is done - i am OVER half done,

i will start the coin purse & eyeglass case

Cascade 220 = 220 yds for $6.95

Paton's = 223 yards for $5.49

it's a little thinner than Cascade 220 and colors are a little more limited

but it feels like a good yarn to try for felting

will report back when i am done felting ..

NOW to find the closure for them ...

: (

KNIT .. the answer to a Rainy Day ..

: )

Tuesday, March 7

Bernat Cot'n Soft

got about 2 hours of knittin' in ..

tired ... goin' ta bed ....

my day

today, i went to the DO ( not MD) to get allergy / asthma meds ..
my blood pressure was 165 / 108


exercise & diet will help cotrol it ..
do i WANT to know my cholesterol ????

get tested on wed .. all the basic YEARLY blood workup ..
should be exciting ... yeah right .. :(

saw a bumper sticker ( where ELSE but Indy )
I'm NOT speeding ...
i'm qualifying ..

today was a semi lazy day ...
i didn't get a WHOLE lot done .... :(

anyways .. printed a few dishcloth patterns off the net ..
got LOTS of cotton to knit them up with ...
Eric asked WHY yellow ... it's what i bought a while ago ..
i want to use some of the stash BEFORE i buy more

anyways ... NOW i am addicted to dishcloths ...
NOT joining a list ... too little time as it stands now ....

so far, i like the Bernat cottontots the best ...
will see how it washes & dries compared to the rest ...
after i am done knitting one from EACH of the yarns
i will launder them to see how they come out ...
SHOUDL probably measure them before AND after to see about shrinkage ...

currently using Bernat Cot 'n Soft .. it's similar ...

anyways ... i tried TWICE to upload a pic of it ( it's half done)
it hasn't come thru ... and i am TIRED ...
going to bed ..
will check in tomoro ....

and # 4 will be ...

Bernat Cot'n Soft

started Tue nite ...

goin' to bed

Sugar ' n Cream .. DONE!!! :)

The edges curled :(

Monday, March 6

# 3 will be from this book

Sugar 'n Cream will bw the yarn



Peaches & Creme


yesterday, Chicago had SNOW :(

so, we had delays .. i got to knit before getting on da plane ..

broke THREE nails on a quick turn .. :(

i KNEW they were ttoooooo long ..

i was a LONG day .. :(

today, i slept ... got up for a while ...

contemplated breakfast .. had toast & juice

broke ANOTHER nail

then took a nap on the couch for a few hours ...

MY kind of day off ...

: )

just had dinner, so i will knit .. SHOULD take a shower & do laundry ...

but i don't wanna ...

BUMMED i probably won't get to go to BloomieFest ..

but mite get to go to Philly w/ friends the Next week ..

gonna finish the last 5 / 6 rows of the dishcloth ..

then i can start ANOTHER one

there is a Knit Nite in Franklin In Starbucks tonite .. too bad i plan on getting together with friends ..

OH well, there is ALWAYS the Knit Nite on thurs @

gotta find MORE Knit Nites ... that is what is wrong with MY life ...


Saturday, March 4

Next One Will Be From This Book

haven't picked the pattern yet ... but the yarn is

Peaches & Creme

Finished Sat @ 10 am

Finished Sat @ 10 am


started Fri Mar 3 @ 8PM .. knit till i fell asleep watching TV ..

the book the pattern is from is in the background ...

using Bernat cottontots in Yellow ...

Thursday, March 2

almost time to fly :)

BAGS are packed ..
got toenails polished, GREEN for St Pat's Day
got nails put on, got super glue ALL over my hands ..
: (
the nails are too long to type ..
got knitting packed ..
WILL be knitting tomoro afternoon and probably Sat & sun till noon
think i know where the yarn i want to use for the shawl for the KnitExchange is ..
if i can find it tonite, i can start it tomoro


wondering IF i put it away in one of the bins ..

oh well.. i have OTHER knitting i can take to Herndon & Enfield this weekend :)
found 4 books for dishcloths and LOTS of cotton .. various brands AND weights .. got needles so, when i return, we will have a few MORE dishcloths .. bringing some of the cotton chenille to make a FACEcloth for the Bottle Swap Partner
gotta felt the hat .. it is s'posed to be cold in Ct .. :(

AND had friends over for dinner last nite ( good excuse to clean part of the house - my bedroom is a lost cause 'til i get the yarn dealt with ) had FUN!!

AND another friend, the PYRO, told me she is coming to Indy in a few weeks for a few days .. i happen to be off told Eric he can cook dinner for her .. hopin there are yarn stores open when she comes down ( the new one on 82nd st ?? ) for us to visit ..

currently, Eric is passing Defiance Ohio, on his way to Toledo to visit friends ..
told him IF he wants me to knit sox for him, he has to go buy the yarn ..

i have to run errands & pay bills, so i am getting offline
when i return, i hafta FELT the hat, re-do my nails & finish packing ..
the room can wait till i return on Mon ...
GOTTA knit sometime .. :)


I am slowly getting organized ... this is part of my yarn!

the bins are 3 high & 7 across.. ea bin has 2 drawers ...

there is OTHER stuff in some of the drawers ...

i sorted the yarn as i put it into drawers ...

UNFORTUNATLEY, there is more yarn in the other room ... in boxes ..