Monday, July 31

Saturday, July 29


in Louis Armsrong airport in New Orleans

had FUN flying with ROYCE

trip is almost over


1 mile

took 20 minutes to walk a mile
burned 102 calories

USED to take 30 minutes & i burned less than 80

NOT bad for a out of shape 49 year old
gonna go knit
think i have about 4 hours to kill


i was doing the beverage service
when i was done, i was waiting on the co-worker
so, i took the pop tabs off the cans i had
later, a hottie in the aisle, handed me the tab off HIS beverage can
said he noticed me keeping the ones off the cans
asked WHAT i was saving them for
so i told him i was recycling them into a purse
several women on the plane asked IF i had one with me
told them all they had to google POP TAB PURSES
yeah, i KNOW
flight crews wanna see the purse too
hopin' after i am done with DRACO,
i can make a purse or 3 ..
depending on how many pop tabs i have
gotta go work off breakfast, then i will probably go back to the room & knit
maybe i'll drag the other FA out of bed to go wander outside ..

Thursday, July 27

Mother Hubbard

well ... since i am RARELY home,
i don't buy alot of food

then, the inevitable happens ...
i get hungry while i'm home ..

in the frige
got yogurt & cottage cheese to take with me when i fly
flat bread

in the cupboards
peanut butter, shredded wheat
rice, tuna, canned chicken
GOTTA find the website that you input what is in the house
and it tells you what you can make ..

this PAST weekend

went to Austin Sun & Mon nite

worked on Draco

allergies are getting under control thanks to Claritan D

go to New Orleans tomoro
back to Austin Sun & Mon
hopin' i feel up to going out


Sunday, July 23

THIS weekend

goin' back to Austin

will remember my cell so i can take pic

got knitting & i-pod

not taking DVD player .. i prefer listening to music

knitting doesn't take up that much room,
so the bag SHOULD be light to carry
bringin' a book to read, JUST in case

the plan is to do the river walk on mon afternoon
walk into Austin & get lunch
hopin' it's NOT as hot as it was LAST mon ..

should be able to make progress on DRACO

altho, co-workers want to see the Pop-Tab purse ..
too many of them have seen me collecting
the tabs & want to see the end product
will have to decide which style i am doing FIRST
gotta sort AND count them first to see how many i have
as opposed to how many i NEED per purse

gotta find the sewing machine & see IF it still works ..

gotta fly

Friday, July 21


s'posed to be able to post from e-mail

it works



measures 33" x 33"


forgot the cell when i left ..
it was on the kitchen counter when i got home ..
batery was dead .. of course,
the charger went with me to austin & atlanta

picked up allergy / sinus issues while i was gone

finished the baby afghan midnite the 18th
will take a pic to upload
gotta weave / cut the ends ..

done with the belly of MY dragon
gonna call him Draco
started the body
it will be blue
got a few pix, but they are PROBABLY blurry ..

gotta pack for Sunday
don't feel like doin' anything
NOT even knit ...

Sunday, July 16


something happened to the cell
resolution of pix changed .. :(

gotta play with it
goin' to austin today & tomoro .. :)

gotta get ready to fly



NO clue where this is

will have to consult my sked later ...

Friday, July 14

GREAT time in Montreal

got to work today :)

went to Montreal

started the Dragon for me ..
finished the belly

THEN ...

the other FA asked if i wanted to go into the city
spent 2 hours walking around ..
had dinner ..
now, i'm gonna take a shower & pack .. gotta get up before the crack of dawn

will post pix i took on the cell later..

Thursday, July 13

Brayden's Birthday party" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="" width="350" height="262" name="flashticker" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="">>

more stuff recylced into purses

when i was in Salt Lake City airport a while back,
i saw purses made from Recyled License plates
the company sells them online as well
wonder IF i can send them my OLD plate & they make ME a purse

while i was online today, i saw this from RECORDS
wouldn't you know, i gave my LP's away ..
i could have made a bunch of these for gifts ..


a pilot asked what i was working on ..
it's hard to tell from the piece i was knitting
the FA i was with when i was working on the toy
saw me STILL working on it & wants to see the completed pic
snother pilot asked IF i would make one for someone else ..
told him AFTER i get everything else done i HAVE to do
what i HAVE to knit ( by choice)
finish the baby afghan by AUG 31
make a 2nd baby afghan - needs to be in the mail Aug 1st
Stocking & Sox for Whenever Oct Kit - Aug 25th
PURSE to match - same time frame
Dishcloths for an exchange - gotta mail them WED 19th ( have 4 or 5 already)
re-assemble the TOY - prepare to mail it July 27
4 Christmas Stocking for munchkins - want them done before Halloween
possible 3rd baby afghan ( heard another family member is gonna be a parent)
Pink Fuzzy purse for Nikki & Paige by Paige's birthday in October
what i WANT to knit ( for Moi!!!)
small dragon
Bjork purse ( gotta get the yarn for KAL on
pattern by Nicky Epstein in her book = S'wanderful
Mary Poppins Carpet Bag
it's REALLY called the Get Away Satchel -
pattern in Interweave Knits Fall 2005
there is a KAL for it ..
i'll buy the yarn, it's Lamb's Pride, i WILL use the leftovers
English Garden Carpet Bag
Beverly Hills Carpet Bag - have my pattern
pop tab purse
chain mail purse
cotton sox for work
several sock kits
ALSO, in Nicky Epsteins' book -
she uses Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran
i wanna make
1)Fuschias - i WILL be making this bag eventually
2)Parrot Carpet Bag -
3)Flapper ( in a different color scheme)
4)Cat and Mouse
6) Purple Roses - i would do a different color scheme
what i NEED to finish
mitered square purse out of Karaoke
mitered purse to match shawl
mitered baby afghan
i am SURE there are more UFO's around if i look


have 3 days off
laundry is in

the plan is to re-assemmble to toy
then start a small one for MOI!!

hafta go to LYS & buy yarn for a baby blanket - shower is same day as Brickyard
gotta buy the yarn for the Bjork purse .. then find the book

in a week, i find out NEXT months schedule

Sunday, July 9


working on the baby afghan

STILL on skein #4 of 6

but, i am ALMOST done with #4

Thursday, July 6

actually ...

some of the nails are too long ..

gotta cut 'em down

my nails are growing

quote to LIVE by

When I'm gone, on my tombstone I'd like
'Thank you and goodnight',
because I have no regrets.
The sad thing is
most people have to check with someone before they do
the things that make them happy.
We're all passing through;
the least we can do is be happy,
and the only way to do that is by being selfish.
Gene Simmons

OK, so it's done

finished the face on July5th
it measures 30" tip of tail to top of head
it stands about 16" high

i ran out of the gold rush before i got to the extremities

thinkin' i NEED to re-knit them WITH the gold rush

that means, disassemble, reknit- re-assemble

i would be happier with it ..
will take the yarn & needles with me on tues

think it needs Dolls Eyes too ..
going to Michael's to see IF i can find them ..
otherwise, i head to Hobby Lobby on 38th street

thinkin' i need to do something about the wings ..
they are floppy ..

NANCY said i could add wire, then i could FORM them

i COULD felt the entire thing a little
it would gain stability ....
i would be happier with it ( i think)
i HATE to give an inferior product away as a gift ..

i NEED one for MOI!!!!

you SHOULD have seen the look of Flight Crew members & passengers
as i carried this thing thru Dulles, O'Hare & Indy
the CPT called it the "SKY LIZARD"

Wednesday, July 5

It's REAL big

It's REAL big

NOT sure how I'm gonna get it home


just needs a face

i gotta get up in a few hours ..

Monday, July 3


running low on yarn for current KIP
to be on the SAFE side,
i bought more yarn

anyways, the PLAN is to finish it
while i am in HERNDON tomoro
thinkin' i will NEED one for me
thinkin' Rowan BIG WOOL
after, 4 Christmas Stocking for great-munchkins
1 for ME ( OCT KIT)
2 baby blankets
a Purse KAL - Nicky Epstein's S'wanderful
nicknamed Bjork by Chris Coghill
the Beverly Hills Carpet Bag AND the Mary Poppins Carpet Bag
no, i do NOT need them, but i REALLY want to make them
also saw one that comes from the Spring '06 Interweave Knits
think it's called Wobbly Circles ..
gotta find the pattern ...

found out today
instead of milk, you can add YOGURT to mac & cheese
use 2 times the amount of milk called for
tastes BETTER!!!!!!!
gas prices fluctuate between $2.77 & $2.99 / gal
i KNOW it's H O T in indy today
supposed to cool down soon ..

Sunday, July 2

Saturday, July 1

some assembly required

making progress on the knitting

started the assembly

SHOULD be done July 4th

not gonna have time to do much on the 3rd

sunset in Dulles

sunset in Dulles

takin form

takin form

weekend, so far

got to knit in dulles
just finished breakfast in Minneapolis
gonna go knit
goin' to raleigh later
home about midnite on the 2nd
off the 3rd ..
will be running errands all day .. :(