Sunday, February 22


will take a better pic tomoro
gotta catch some zzzzzzzzzzz


the sweater is almost done
just have to knit a while, then try it on for length

posted the Jan '09 pattern to whenever FINALLY!!
hid the pattern from myself

gotta start working on the April '09 pattern
will need a test knitter

reading "Knitting the Threads of Time"
good book .. info & personal experience
there is history in it as well - VERY enjoyable read
a passenger recomended it - college girlfriend

out of cake, ice cream & cookies
laundry is done & i am packed mostly

gonna finish the sweater & maybe bake cookies
nuking leftovers or dinner
if i have time, i will make oatmeal applesauce cookies

another day in paradise

Sunday, February 8


the endless circle
got sick, root canals, dr visits
finally feeling human again
more dr visits
started knitting
having trouble with patterns & gauge
was gonna knit a no-brainer
but WHAT to knit
too many wips
bid to fly w/PAM
we will be doing overnites
which means packing & toting a rollerboard
and needing knitting
so ..
again the dilemma
what to knit
it's 67 degrees outside
hard to think of knitting a sweater now
or a felted hat
or ANY manner of outerwear
i watch people on the golf cart path
passing by the living room window
but i lack the enthusiasm to go out
i NEED to get motivated
and move
Spring is only weeks away in Ga
i have already seen daffodils blooming
trying to sort thru the stuff in the house
it needs to be done
i need to have my life more organized