Wednesday, December 9

Emily's purse

Maddy's Stocking


in Dec i got all day trips
work 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23,24,25, 27.28,29,30 & 31
knitting & trying to stay out of trouble the rest of the month

been drinkin' too muc hot cocoa - jeans are getting tight again
when did it stop being hot chocolate??

future knitting is this shawl

current project is a stocking for Miriah - new great neice

Tuesday, October 27


blogger let me sign in today
now i gotta bookmark it so i can get BACK on it later

Wednesday, July 29

feeling' it

2.0 mph
incline 1.5
207 calories
5,000 steps
51 mins
1.7 miles
pace = 30
60 pages read
gotta do the push ups

Tuesday, July 28

some progress

129 calories
3178 steps
33 minutes
1.03 miles
read 40 pages
10 push ups

Monday, July 27

startin' ... AGAIN!!!

112 calories
2802 steps
0.83 miles
31 mins

7 push ups

Saturday, June 27

Exercise sat

10 push-ups

Incline - 6.0
Speed - 2.4
Time - 8 mins
Calories - 50
Heart rate before - 129
Heart rate after - 195
Steps - 760
Distance - 0.3
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Friday, June 26


spent 20 mins on treadmill - speed was 1.2

2nd go round

incline = 6.0

speed ended up @ 1.8

time = 20 min

calories burned = 102

steps taken = 1512

heart rate @ start = 77

heart rate after the treadmill = 108

yesterday i did 3 push-ups

today i can do FIVE

weight = 182 pounds

waist is 41"

Saturday, June 13


here are the HOLES after i washed it PER their instructions
COLD water - gentle cycle - in a lingerie bag - with a wool wash

the ONLY time it was on a hanger was to take pic

you CAN see that the top grew about 7" in length

TOTAL time wasted = 1 MONTH

total $$ wasted ~ $56

SWTC is not aware that ANY knitters are having problem
with BAMBOO = 100% Bamboo

from what i have heard ALL Bamboo stretches

so, it's NOT worth the hassel to deal with SWTC about
the incredible STRETCHING top

i will eat the cost of the top
and the time it took to knit it

i will however NOT be buying
4 skeins of Bamboo to make the cami from "One Row Below"
nor will i be buying the PURE & knitting the top i wanted
nor will i be buying a-Maizing to make a vest AND cami
nor will i be buying Phoenix OR Oasis to make a cami

in fact - i won't be buying ANY yarn from SWTC
the Entrelac Cami from TOFUtsies may become a permanent UFO
because i am not happy with the company

gonna give away the rest of their yarns
not wasting my time knitting with them

Friday, June 12

SWTC yarn


i washed the SWTC Bamboo sweater in a lingerie bag

- now it has holes in it -

there was NOT a knot where it broke

the yarn must have been weak

- my advice - do NOT use this yarn -

the sweater grew like 5 sizes & i was trying to shrink it back so I could wear it

wish i had gotten a pick of it all stretched out

NO MORE SWTC yarn for me

Sunday, May 17


i ordered pizza from Dominos
they couldn't deliver for OVER an hour
they STILL charged my card for the pizza
will they reimburse me - give them 10 days

fixin' mistakes

just a matter of thinkin' BEFORE i try
looks like Janet's cat got ahold of it
but thinkin' it will look better as i get a few more rounds
SUCCESS - took longer to take pix & write about it than to FIX
CRAP - still made a mistake -> did 2 K2tog YO, instead of YO, SSK ARGH!!!!!

now to FIX it - drop back 2 st & convert to K2Tog, YO .
slip the next one - drop next 2 stitches & convert to YO, SSK

tink it back so i can fix it

POOP!! forgot the pattern row

Saturday, May 16

So I like to play

I wasn't ganna start another project
But the yarn kept callin me
Queensland cotsoy

Thursday, May 14

CAMI is done

4 skeins Queensland Bamboo Cotton
# 6 needles
Pattern is MINE
took 10 days to knit it - because i was working & tired
wore it today - was told it was distracting


So. For the FIRST time, I knit the stitch marker into the knitting ... Guess it' punishment from the KNITTING GODS for goofing off instead of hitting the shower ... Good thing I have plenty of stitch markers ... Will have to use wire cutters to remove the marker

Monday, May 11


ǝʌǝʇs xɐɥʇ
ǝldoǝd ɥʇıʍ ssǝɯ oʇ ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇouɐ
unɟ s,ʇı
sıɥʇ op oʇ ʍoɥ ǝɯ ʇɥƃnɐʇ
dnoɹƃ ʎɹlǝʌɐɹ ʎɯ uo ǝʌǝʇs


last row of ribbing - third time is a charm


let me preface by saying i do NOT watch TV often
i have seen American Idol a total of TWO times
once in Fort Wayne, w/ Lisa - Clay & Rueben were on
the other time i watched Idol was with Daniel
Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis were on

when people complain about having to sit in the back row
i tell them THEY have to entertain ME
it's a joke

anyways - we were going DCA - LGA
Mr Jackson was escorted onto the plane
the only OPEN row was row 20
he sat down & i told him he had to entertain me
he said he could sing & dance
i told him he could ONLY dance if the seat belt sign was OFF
and there was NO dancing in the aisles allowed
he laughed
i went up front & Juana told me it was Randy Jackson
from American Idol

did i feel like a dunce

Sunday, May 10

Tinking the cami so I can do the decrease

Saturday, May 2

Starting rib
May 1
Weight by my bathroom scale is 185
Waist is 39"

Test JUST text




wish i could remember how i did the mobile with pic

if i remember how to do mobile
i can update on the diet & exercise


4 more rounds - that decrease
then add the rib
kitchner the underarms
weave in the ends

Tuesday, April 21

Drs office called ... Cholesterol is 253 ! How did it go UP If I am taking vytorin

Sunday, April 19

Watchin Pirates of the Carribean & gonna finish the gift

cake recipes

debating about baking a cake for a birthday
hhhmmmmmm which to use





anyone that knows me, knows i have a TWISTED sense of humor
after 25 years of working at the Post Office w/former military guys ...

ya also know i knit
i LIKE challenges
i like to learn new techiniques
i also like to "GIFT" others
'specially for DECADE birthdays
so, a friend is turning 60
made him one of these
it was a FUN knit
i finished knitting it yesterday
today i sew up the waistband & put in the elastic
i will post a pic when i am done
right now - i need a nap
and i think i may turn the heat back on

?? TEST ??

Current KIP

fri & sat

Sat on the way to Denver

Fri in Denver

Fri - room with a view in Edmunton


Snowin' in denver on fri
Blog post - ?

diet & exercise

so, when i am on a plane, i snack & drink pop
after the kidney stone, i was told to drink water w/lemon juice in it
it curbs the appetite & keeps me from drinkin' pop
told some online friends - that i need to drop 50 pounds thru diet & exercise
blood pressure gets a bit high
blood sugar is a bit high
cholesterol is WAY high

so, i NEED to take care of myself
they are joining the quest to feel better

i know that IF i write down
what i consume / exercise i will cheat less

Fri - drank 2 quarts of lemon juice & water, 2 quarts of water .. in Chicago i ALMOST got a Chicago hotdog - haven't had one in 2 years .. waited till we got to Denver - snow delay meant we were gonna be LATE getting in - so, i got a burrito - used to eat the entire thing - only ate 1/3 of it .. on the plane i wanted something to drink, so i had a glass of OJ = got in too late to exercise

Sat - breakfast was eggs, w ham & cheese, 2 scones (yeah, i should have only had 1)
1 banana, some pineapple,1 cup of Tazo Zen, 2 glasses of OJ, 2 glasses of water - drank 1 quart of lemon juice and water, 1 glass of OJ, 1 quart of water = didn't execise in Edmunton or at home -> FORGOT .. i ate 4 graham crackers when i got hom

Sun - drank some water & some water with lemon juice = haven't exercised yet since i just got up about 20 mins ago -> ate 4 grahm crackers

Tuesday, April 14

Butch & Sundance

so, i like watching Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
what woman doesn't like to watch Newman & Redford

saw the prequel Butch and Sundance: The Early Days - wonder if i can find it on DVD
bought The Legend of Butch & Sundance

The Real Story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - looks interesting
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Outlaws Out of Time

Saturday, April 11

progress on the sleeves

Knit while wtching dvds
Pink Panther
Shot in the Dark
Return of the Pink Panther
Pink Panther Strikes Again

Friday, April 10

Pink Panther KnitAThon

so, i need to knit
too much goin' on
Kidney Stone is gone
C-PAP is almost working

so, i am gonna knit
have some Pink Panther DVD's to watch

the Pink Panther - 1963
a Shot in the Dark - 1964
Inspector Clouseau - 1968 (don't have this one - NOT Peter Sellers)
the Return of the Pink Panther - 1975
the Pink Panther Strikes Again - 1976
Revenge of the Pink Panther - 1978
Trail of the Pink Panther - 1982
Curse of the Pink Panther - 1983
Son of the Pink Panther - 1993

i don't have the re-make with Steve Martin
need to get them too

Saturday, March 28

rainy day

heading to the NEW yarn store in Newnan
will take the sock i am working on for the shop
sit & knit for a while
give Ashley the first sock

Friday, March 27


so i started a new sock
made a mistake
before 6:30 am
oh yeah
on imposed INVOLUNTARY decaffination

Earth Hour

Flip the Switch for Earth Hour on
Saturday, March 28, and turn off your lights from
8:30 to 9:30 p.m. your local time.

Monday, March 23

Stitches South

if you are going to Stitches South in Atlanta
April 23 - 26
be sure to check out the TWO NEW Yarn stores

Two Sisters Knitting Nook
15 Greenville St
Newnan, GA 30263
e-mail is
it's on the corner of Spring & Greenville

the other shop is closer to me
Sugarfoot Yarns
100 N. Peachtree Parkway & Highway 54
Peachtree City, GA 30215

gettin' there

almost ready for the toe
it's funny how the sock does NOT look like the skein
it's Noro Silk Garden sock yarn
color is S87
2 1/2 needles
yeah, MY pattern
knit to be a shop model for 2 sisters
it's a NEW yarn shop opening on Sat Mar 28th
in Newnan Ga

Sunday, March 15

a few rows done on the back

hard to stay motivated to knit today
what's up with that??
got 4 rows done on the back
thinkin' the sweater will be too tite
oh well .. make a hanger & stick it on the wall
as ART!!

progress before i went to bed

the sweater is knit in one piece
i sewed the sides together to see where i was at
i just started the neck shaping in the back of the sweater
i LOVE it
the goal is to make the sweater & pants & a sock
and have Raisin knitting the 2nd sock
then do the same for Eve
altho, Eve's sweater will probably be knit
bottom up - or top down
have mommy - daughter in co-ordinating outfits

Saturday, March 14

so friends are giving me grief

i have naked babies all over the place
so since i want to knit SOMETHING
i decided to knit a sweater for one
of the babies
Raisin should be the easiest since she is the smallest

Regia Color 4 yarn
size 0 circs
Pattern is Sleeve to Sleeve Sweater #12-Sw

the pattern has you change colors & patterns
yeah right
too many knots


too many knots


Saffire needs pants
Angel needs boots

Amber needs a skirt & shoes

these need assembling

yup - more assembly needed
and there are MORE all over the house
i am afraid to count them

Friday, March 13


a pair of MATCHING sox

Wednesday, March 11

starting a NEW pair of SOX

Started 3-11-09
Yarn = Regia Color
Color = 5172
Needles = 2 1/2
Pattern = MINE


finished the sox FINALLY
yarn = Froelich Maxi RIngel
Color = 7703
needles = 2 1/2
started 3-4-09
finished 3-11-09
pattern = MINE!!

Saturday, March 7

out of sync

the colors of the sox are shifting
they are no longer gonna be matching sox
however, i WILL persevere thru the
boring foot
this is the point i usually created another
UFO & cast on something new
HOWEVER, i will finish this pair
they may be gifted .. they may end up on MY feet

Thursday, March 5

started NEW SOX

yarn = Froehlich Wolle Maxi Ringel

color = 7703

needles = 2 1/2

pattern is MINE

started 3-4-09
decided to TRY for matching sox


finished the sox for Pam
yipee skippeee

pattern = MINE
yarn = Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori 1000
color = 429
needles = 2 1/2
started = 11-27-08
finished = 3-4-09

Sunday, March 1


between 11 am & 2 PM
it's still falling - the flakes are smaller
and the thunder stopped

but that IS march
in like a Lion & out like a Lamb

Sunday, February 22


will take a better pic tomoro
gotta catch some zzzzzzzzzzz


the sweater is almost done
just have to knit a while, then try it on for length

posted the Jan '09 pattern to whenever FINALLY!!
hid the pattern from myself

gotta start working on the April '09 pattern
will need a test knitter

reading "Knitting the Threads of Time"
good book .. info & personal experience
there is history in it as well - VERY enjoyable read
a passenger recomended it - college girlfriend

out of cake, ice cream & cookies
laundry is done & i am packed mostly

gonna finish the sweater & maybe bake cookies
nuking leftovers or dinner
if i have time, i will make oatmeal applesauce cookies

another day in paradise

Sunday, February 8


the endless circle
got sick, root canals, dr visits
finally feeling human again
more dr visits
started knitting
having trouble with patterns & gauge
was gonna knit a no-brainer
but WHAT to knit
too many wips
bid to fly w/PAM
we will be doing overnites
which means packing & toting a rollerboard
and needing knitting
so ..
again the dilemma
what to knit
it's 67 degrees outside
hard to think of knitting a sweater now
or a felted hat
or ANY manner of outerwear
i watch people on the golf cart path
passing by the living room window
but i lack the enthusiasm to go out
i NEED to get motivated
and move
Spring is only weeks away in Ga
i have already seen daffodils blooming
trying to sort thru the stuff in the house
it needs to be done
i need to have my life more organized

Tuesday, January 27

Tuesday, January 6


yesterday i had my 2nd root canal
sinus infection seems to be getting worse
dr gave me another antibiotic
think that it's #6 in 2 months

throat is sore
feel ike i got hit by a truck

headin to bed soon
noe much knitting thses days