Thursday, February 23


Lemon Drop Lamb's Pride & unknown eyelash yarn ..

# 15 needles - started on Feb 20 finished on Feb 22

pattern will be for

purse will be GIFTED to my Bottle Swap Partner on

PRE-FELTING size is 10" high -> 16" acrosee & strap is 36"

wanna tweek it again ... before i write up the pattern for the TEST KNITTER

Quickie Felted Hat

used woolpak @ 10 mm needles - started it on Tues Feb 21 - ALMOST finished it on the drive from Insy to Cedar Rapids ... all I had left was the decreases ... they took about 20 minutes on Thur .. will felt it when i get a styro head to dry it on ... unless i get antsie & run it thru the dryer ..

12 1/2" wide & 17" high - gotta take ashower & do something, even if it's wrong ..

Took 2 days


Felted for 18 minutes

after felting it is

7" high -> 14" wide & strap is 24"

couldn't find the pillowcover to felt it in, so i thru it in the washer ..

got 2 hand fulls of Yellow Fuzz ... :(

will need to De-fuzz the purse after it is dry ...

Monday, February 20

well ... i JUST found out i can upload from the cell phone .. cut out a step or 3 .. will try it when i have time to figure it out ..

Wednesday, February 15

well ... we went shopping for groceries ...kinda overDID it ... fridge, freezer & cupboards won't close ... :) anyways .. we have more stuff than places to put it .. gotta pck .. fix 2 nails, polish them ALL .. get knitting together ...

WHO-HOOO .. another FO!!!!

Gloves are done!!! used Baby Monkey & Opal DK in black .. right glove has the cuff turned down ... got them done in time ..
it's K-K-K-K-O-L-D!!!!!!!!!!

now to finish the scarf ..

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTToooooooooo many things to do ...

well... thankfully, i bought a Dazar lamp in the mid 80's ...
now that the vision is going due to age, it helps ....
got ONE glove done - ends woven in .. since it is black, it IS hard to see what i am doing ...
but had to take a break from the 2nd one ... eyes TOOOOO tired to see ....

BUT ... i think i may have to make MORE gloves ..... gotta work on my thumb gussets ...

OTOH, i need to start the BAGS pattern ....
the QUANDRY .... do i knit it out of JUST wool ...
do i add a FUN yarn to it ( make the Winter in the City to match)
do i knit it BLACK ( mite be able to carry it for work)
do i knit it in a color that my Bottle Swap partner would like ????

STILL haven't picked yarn / pattern for the shawl swap ... probably not gonna particiate ... tooo many things going on .....

gotta decide on what i am doing to the bedroom ....
next week, MORE stuff is coming ... gonna go to Iowa to help bring the rest of Eric's stuff back ..
KNIT while he drives

hafta replace the thumb nail that broke AND the finger nail i burned when i lit a candle ...
forgot to start the washer AND diswasher ...
will do dishes first, then laundry, then shower ....
i can finish the 2nd glove, fix the provisional cast on for the scarf - KNIT on the scarf ... :)

sounds like a plan .... it's COLD out today - 34 ..
gotta eat & take meds ...
i can breathe thru my nose and smell AND taste ...
nose doesn't feel like someone hit me ...
lungs feel clean ....
i can breathe ... without gasping ....

LIFE is GOOD!!!!!!

RATZ!!!!! almost 9 AM ...
where DID the morning go ??????

wanna felt ....

KEWL!!!! Fiber Trends has a hat to match my scarf / gloves - uses Baby Monkey - = AC-65 Diva -> wonder IF i can get away with it for work .... OR if i can actually FIND the pattern ??????... was actually looking for AC-56 Winter in the City .. then i could use Ebony Splash & make a purse to match ... will use the purse pattern for not sure WHAT month i will have ...
:( but sometime in the next 3 months ....

Tuesday, February 14


for the first time in a few months, it is FUN to come home ...

it feels like home ... not a place to dread ..

thanks to Eric, the GREAT room mate, it LOOKS and feels like a home

somewhere i WANT to be ... :)

ready for a nap ..

mite knit for a while till i drop off ..

i WANT to finish the scarf ..

tomoro, i look for another project to take with me over the weekend ..

AND gotta do laundry, run the dishwasher ... LOVE having a dishwasher


found 2 skeins of Baby monkey
so, after running around today in the WONDERFUL weather ...
i'm gonna knit for a while ...

2-12-06 @ 2:06 PM

outside the hotel window - 2-12-06 @ 7:47 am

Knitting Olympics

i was grounded in New York on Sat .. SNOW!!!
flew into White Plains 5PM on Sat & pretty much knew we were there for a while ..
left Mon @ 11 AM ..
i spent it knitting got the gloves done 'cept for weaving in the ends - black gloves, low level light .. :(
gonna take Carol Breitner's suggestion & get a travel Ott lite ... anyways ..
after i finished the gloves ( 3 skeins Baby Monkey & 1 skein Opal DK ) i started a scarf - #15 needles & 30 stitches ( i like my scarves WIDE) got to Chicago ...
sat for 5 hours before coming home ... RAN OUT of Baby Monkey ...
: (
OTHERWISE, i would have finished the scarf & worn it when i got back to Indy ...
so, now i go in search or MORE Baby Monkey - gonna get 2 skeins IF i can find it ... JUST in case ..
like LONG scarves gotta get the dazar lamp out & weave in the ends of the gloves so i can wear them when i leave on Thur ..
shouldn't need them in Houston, but will PROBABLY need them in Dulles ...
gotta find another project to work on IF i can't find Baby Monkey ..

Friday, February 10


ALOT of the fish were gifted to me by an EXCELLENT sock knitter - Debbie Chinn - they were the FIRST thing to be put up when we moved in

bought the shelf @ Linen - n - Things .. the Boy duck was a gift from Kathy N - the girl duck was a gift from Nikki

the Duck Wall

getting DUCKED !!

well .. the antibiotic is working, i can breathe thru my nose but the prednisone had me up at 3 AM .. it's my day off .. i SHOULD be sleeping ..
i guess i can work on un-packing ... slowly looking like a home around here .. Eric says the tub looks liked a duck pond, so i had him hang a few shelves ..

Thursday, February 9

Mon, sat in O'Hare & knit for a while, then went to New Orleans
MORE KNITTING in the room - Tues, i went home and enjoyed the quiet -
i am on the hands of the gloves, the thumbs are on waste yarn ..
GOTTA find the book i was using as a pattern guide OR i can use the pink glove

Had to go to immediate care AGAIN!!!!
sinus/ respiratory / bronchitis .. at LEAST it's not peumonia ..
so i will take it easy for a few days .. KNIT

Superbowl Sunday was in Albany NY - went to walmart w/ the FA.. one wants a scarf - asked if i would teach him to knit - SSSSSSUUUUUUUUURRRRREEEEEEEEEE!! went to eat @ Bennigans, watched some of the commercials .. Whopper don't need to see it again, saw the beer commercials, liked the Bear, fridge was OK, LOVE the Clydesdales & other animal, Liked Fed-Ex .. my FAV was P Diddy & Brown -n- Bubbly .. 2nd was Kathy Griffin (?) for Sierra Mist .. she is a TSA agent w/ a wand ..

Sunday, February 5


i am working on a pair of black gloves
the cuffs are Baby Monkey & Fingering weight Opal
the rest will be DK Opal
when we got to Houston on Thur - it was 70º outside ..
so i took the knitting outside by the pool ..
took a nap, but still mananged to knit for an hour or so
go to New Orleans, it was 77º
went to my room & worked on the cuff ..
sat in the airport @ both Ohare & Indy and finished the cuff & started the thumb gusset increases ..
YUP!!! the gloves are NON-compliant because of the fuzzy cuff ..
gonna finish them ANYways .. :)

it's NOT too cold today in Albany ..
most of the crew are taking naps ..
thinkin' we are getting together for dinner & maybe watching the Superbowl ..
i forsee ANOTHER night of knitting ..
tomoro it's New Orleans AGAIN!!!
this crew is talking about going out .. WHO-HOOOOO ..
will report IF i see something OTHER than the inside of a hotel room ..

will TRY to take a pic of the gloves for you to see

gonna go back to my room & knit ...
mite get thru the thumb gusset before dinner ( 2 hours)
it COULD happen

mite teach ANOTHER Flight Attendant to knit ...
faster than ME knitting a scarf


sun Jan 29 & Mon Jan 30,
i finished moving ..
got a room for my stuff AND a bedroom ..
living room is HUGE!!!

gotta get stuff put away, so i can relax when i get home ..
wanna knit

knittin' on da plane ..

Sun Jan 29 - had a passenger knitting on the flight Denver to Indy
she was knitting a hat .. using Manos ..
she had just finished a scarf & gave me the left over yarn ..

sunce she is a "NEW" knitter, she hasn't figured out that she can mix yarns ..
i gave her the names / addresses of all the yarn shops i could find in the Indy area ..
Cheryl is from Muncie .. maybe i need to find MORE yarn stores