Saturday, December 28


Instead of ripping back & restarting the fingers, rip out ribbing, knit & do a Russian join & finish the fingers

Thursday, December 26

My bear

Mavis & her bear

Scarf for James

Now to give it to him

Finished a while ago

I think end of Nov

Lots of Holiday Kisses for the GREATS

I didn't get to see the Great Nieces & Great Nephews for the Holidays,  so I am packing KISSES in a totable stocking.
In prior years, like 20 years ago, I mailed the bottles to their mom & dads.

Forgot Caramel Kisses
I was BUMMED there were NO Holiday Hugs!

Thursday, November 14

Wednesday, November 13

More Gift Sox

Groverkill indigodragonfly ~ gifted from Carol to me

Back to the cowl

Started on Halloween
Yarn is Good For Ewe

Never done 3 color stranded knitting

Watching Squirrels Play

Should be knitting


Nov 12 / 2250

Saturday, October 26

Thursday, October 17

Wednesday, October 16


Size I have been knitting on the left? Current KIP on rt

4 more rows to head decreases

5 hours of knitting

Sunday, October 13

Saturday, October 12

Sunday, October 6

Tuesday, October 1

To underarms

Starting arms


saw a passenger knitting this pattern out of  green & autumn colored yarn - thought she said washable worsted - forgot to get the name of the yarn, just got the brand .. she bought it at Knitty City in New York - the scarf was exquisite .. should have taken a picture & gotten color names

Monday, September 30

Saturday, September 28

Kitty Snips

'cause Puppy Snips aren't cute enough


Lost the 2nd circ

Friday, September 27


3 rounds of body done

2 legs done

Time to join .. afyer some sleep