Monday, October 30

haven't walked yet

Rose wants to walk outside
got the bugs out of the internet problem
got my flight benefits resolved
i HOPE!!
haven't packed
haven't fixed my nails
never ate today
yeah .. haven't knit in a few days
i SHOULD be able to treadmill & knit tomoro
and wed in Atlanta
gotta find clothes to walk in
and shoes


had a BLAST flying with Karen

got to work out on the treadmill
in Atlanta & Austin - 1 time each place

lost the basic info i wrote down

used the one in Atlanta for an hour
watched the rain come down
Duran Duran is GREAT to walk to

in Austin
it was Shania Twain
looking at the rowing competition on the river
then, after 1 hour on the treadmill
i put on clothes & walked downtown
to Quiznos to get a salad
somehow when i enjoy walking outside in
fresh air, sunshine & a view
it doesn't seem like exercise
the walk to the BAT BRIDGE seemed
faster & easier
i must be getting into better shape

didn't walk yesterday
so will make up for it today

gotta fix TWO nails re-polish them ALL
wonder IF i can get away with ORANGE for Halloween
i COULD use glow-in-the-dark
NO on would know until about the LAST flight coming home on Wed

probably should do the toes
but not sure i will have time

laundry is done
gotta re-pack

Rose & I will go walk tonite
but i STILL need to walk for yesterday
gotta go buy ice-cube trays & yogurt to take for 2 days

didn't knit much
on the heel - not quite ready for the turn
AFTER treadmill time in Atlanta
i will have knitting time tomoro AND we morning before i come home

gotta be @ the airport @ 7:30 AM tomoro
in Atlanta by 4:30

all the CUTIE gate agents are supposed to be in "B South"
some of them will be dressed up for Halloween
hopin' we come IN on "B South"

kids & pumpkins

carving the pumpkins


the kids @ Grandma & Grandpa's Halloween party

when i was in Austin
i looked for cowboy guns for Brayden
forgot where i saw them when i wasn't lookin'



Penny sent me this link

Saturday, October 28

Friday, October 27


I wasn't paying attention to what I typed
I told a friend I could loose 30 pounds by New Years
I weighe 173 Fri Morn

Check back for progress updates


Bruises I got a work LAST Sun

Thursday, October 26

it's raining in Indiana

BUT ....
i get to ESCAPE!!!
i get to work with a
the wireless workis intermittently
IF the new router doesn't fix the problem
i will drop it & go BACK to Earthlink Dial-up
for as little as i am home
it's STUPID to pay for service i don't get
and Tech Support
they do NOT speak coherant English
& they KEEP hanging up on me
gotta finish pacing
i LEAVE for the airport in 2 hours

Wednesday, October 25

NO!! i am not ready to go

Food is packed
lemonade is made
got 4 quarts
SHOULD be enuff
got 4 days of yogurt & vegies
tomoro i will pack the rest of the clothes
i was talking to a friend
i WANT to loose 30 pounds by Easter
in my mind, i SAID Easter
but my mouth said New Years
so now
the BET is on ..
we will see
will weigh in tomoro


my Great Neice has MY face

will hafta look for old pix at this time

of course, it's ALSO my mother's face

come to think of it HER mom has the same face

it's 8:30

NO i am NOT packed
the wireless keeps shutting off
it took 3 calls
they hung up on me
gonna make lemon-lime ade
boil eggs for tuna salad
i should need about 1 hour
then ..
i will KNIT!!!!
i keep forgetting to take a pic of Gracie's Stock

so .. the day is 1/2 over

been drinking tea as i work on my nails
thanks Ang ..
i REALLY like the cranberry - apple
gonna hafta knit & felt a bowl to hold the potpourri
used an inferior glue & the tips popped
so, i after 7 of them popped off
i soaked the other 3 off
then i reapplied the nails
toes are "I'm Not Really a Waitress"
the fingers are " I DON'T DO DISHES"
i forgot to buy ice cube trays
need ice to fill the ice-bags for the lunchbag
anyways ..
i bought eggs & fat free mayo to make tuna salad
NEED ice to keep it cold
bought 2 times the zucchinin & yellow squash
bought MORE Dan Active & Activa
also bought PLAIN NON-FAT yogurt to eat
it's NOT like i need the flavor & sugar
these appear to have the same cultures in them
bought more lemons & limes
need 2 times the lemon-lime ade
ran out on day 3
so, now i gotta finish packing the bag
went to to find out the weather
in Austin & Atlanta
currently 50 in Atlanta
low Thur nite s'posed to be 50
basically the same Sat nite
Fri nite - Sat ..
'sposed to be around 70 while i am out wandering Austin
so, pack jeans & fleece jacket for Atlanta
shorts & t-shirt for Austin
gotta pack the lunch as well
IF all goes well
i can be packed & ready to go by 5PM
then i can KNIT
mite be able to finish Gracie's Stockig tonite
start Braydens tomoro
theoretically ..
that would be FABULOUS!!!!


In the mail

here is the bag Ang sent me for the ITE 2

here is the lining she sewed ..

great job

here are the contents of the bag

Pumpkin Seeds, Potpourri ( apple cinnamon), Wet Wipes, peach soap

cranberry apple tea, peach tea, a stuffed pumpkin

thanks ANG

gotta post on ITE 2

Tuesday, October 24

GREAT OVERNITE - sucky trip

GREAT time off the plane
wish i could say the same on the plane
i survived ... barely
right ear was buggin' me again
it's the short trips
the ZOO was great
beautiful weather
fresh air
the walking didn't FEEL like exercise
GREAT company
got to go to the "DWARF HOUSE"
it started as the Dwarf Grill
became the Dwarf House
became Chick-fil-a
glad to be home
i fly again with "IRISH" on thur
we have a long overnite in Austin
i can't WAIT to fly with her again
laundry is in the dryer
didn't get much knitting on Gracie's Stocking
almost ready to start the heel
gotta go to the Post Office and
mail something to Nancy
mailing pop tabs to Chris
hopin' to pick up my Bag from Ang
after a restless nite
i feel like i could use a nap
JUST kidding
i could use FOOD

Sunday, October 22

Turtleneck season is upon us

i LOVE the look of a turtleneck & jeans on a man
LOVE a turtleneck under a blazer on a man
like the look of a turtleneck instead of shirt & ties
: )
part of the Delta uniform is the turtleneck with blazer
hubba - hubba
eye candy while i sit in the airport & knit
mite not knit

fixin' a bad hair day

hair dryer didn't work
the hair is long enuff to put up with a comb
so, i MAY be able to stop draggin the dryer around
cpt just popped in
almost time to FLY

back in Atlanta tonite
HOME to my own bed tomoro
oh yeah ...
zoo was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
had my camera NOT been stolen in May
i could have taken pix

Saturday, October 21


in Atlanta
waiting on a friend to pick me up so i can ESCAPE
not gonna spend the day knitting in the hotel room
heading back to the room in a few
won't be there long
DRACO will guard the room while i am gone
was gonna go to the zoo
don't care WHERE i go as long as it is OUTSIDE
tired of seeing the INSIDE of hotel rooms
sounds like a crew just came in
saw a few friends eating breakfast when WE came in
that IS one of the great things about Atlanta
see other Flight Crew

Friday, October 20

time for me to FLY

ok so i AM packed
i was packed @ 8PM last nite

i broke the thumb & middle fingernail
and when i went to soak off the silk from the middle finger,
i stuck the ring finger in & messed up the polish

i have to FIX 2 nails & polish 3
the color is MY FAV
Pompei Purple
da toes are Kinky in Helsinky

maybe i SHOULD have put
"I am Not a Waitress" on the toes
and "I don't DO Dishes" on the hands ..
i 'spose i can do that NEXT time

gotta cut up & bag the squash, broccoli & peppers
cut up & ream the lemons & limes & make lemon/lime ade

after i made ALL the pockets
i started the bag
well ...
i RAN out of yarn
thought i had 2 more skeins of ONYX
so, the bag is on hold
it will be TOOOOOO big to make a pop tab purse
so, i will re-think what the "ULTIMATE" bag will look like
i could use other colors
it will PROBABLY be too big to carry @ work
so COLORS would be GREAT
i COULD just add them to the INDIANA KNITTING BAG
too early to make a desicion

i started Gracies stocking the other day
i broke the yarn & added beads
i am making progress
grabbed the yarn for Brayden's JUST in case
who knows
i MITE get thru the stocking for Gracie while i am sitting in
ATL on Sunday & Sunday nite in the hotel
gotta fix the nails
get the lunchbox ready to go
eat breakfast
having lunch in ATL with a friend about 4PM
if i get everything done & i have time
i can KNIT !!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19

i GAIN knitting time on Sunday

i just looked at my work sked for the weekend
i LOOSE 2 hours pay
but i pick up about 3 1/2 hours knitting time
i NOW have a 4 hour sit in ATL
hhhmmmmm i can people watch & knit
that's good
i can finish the purse
i can even bug the gate agents
better make sure i bring the i-pod

as i get ready to fly again

the stocking for whenever and the bag for let's bag it are on their way
i HOPE they get there in a timely fashion
they SHOULD be there by Mon

stuff i mailed before i left & was supposed to arrive by Sat 14th
still is lost in postal limbo

found a few items for the partner for the Bottle Swap made them generic
since the partners haven't been assigned

i am packed,
except for the knitting
wanna finish the pockets so i can start the purse
i DO have Gracies's stocking with me

gotta string beads on it before i go too much further

gotta frog the short row bag because one side has
7 ridges = 14 rows less than it should
so when i get home, i will FROG !!!!

there won't be much knitting till maybe sun
gonna have lunch with a friend on the 2+ hour sit in
Atlanta tomoro
and we are going to the zoo on Sat ..
i mite get to knit later in the evening ..
who knows
anyways ...
bags are packed
well ... NOT lunch bag
think i need a nap
so i am calling it a day

Dangerous When Wet

Wednesday, October 18

so ... THIS weekend

Beverly was a BLAST to work with
when we got to Austin on Sun
we worked out & then walked outside
had dinner downtown
Mon, we went walking first
stopped in a little gift shop
picked up something for my Bottle Swap Partner
haven't gotten the partner's info
so, made it generic
started Gracie's Stocking on Sun
forgot to CALL her to wish her a Happy 2 yr Birthday
will call in a few
worked on the pockets
need to take laundry from washer to dryer
want to polish my toe-nails
NEED to fix the fingernails
broke SIX trying to open the closet door on the plane on Tues
want to finish the sun glass pocket and start the purse
IF i don't take a nap
i COULD be felting tomoro
didn't make it to the PO to mail the
bag OR stock
will do it tomoro

Sunday, October 15

So far

So, yesterday, didn't do anything when we got to AUSTIN

Got back
Knit on the treadmill for 45 min
Started Grace's stocking
Then we walked downtown
Had dinner @ Iron Cactus
Now I am BEAT!!!!

Work on purse OR stock

Saturday, October 14

an idea

i have Noro = WORSTED weight
i want to make GLOVES out of it
to match the hat & scarf i will make
on someone's blog i read
use a kids glove pattern that is
knit in DK/sport
use the worsted & proper needles to get gauge
you will end up with adult gloves
so, look @ the CO # for the fingerless gloves
that use worsted ..
also get needle size
find a KIDS pattern that uses same basic
an adult glove out of worsted weight yarn
taking 2 stocks & the pockets -> purse to knit
will have about 5 hours today
???? Sun & Mon
2 hours on Tues before i get home
happy knitting
gonna enjoy the WARM weather in Austin
got shoes & socks packed for walking outdoors
been home a week
haven't lost any weight ..
haven't gained
no, i am NOT packed & i leave in 1 hour
laundry IS done
gotta pack food to eat
there IS a fridge in Austin
YIPPY SKIPPY i have SOME control of
my food intake this weekend

Friday, October 13

can't beleive it

went to Target to get panty hose
for SOME silly reason,
wally world never has the brand in MY size & color
like i said,
i went to Target
found a wallet
and rainX things to clean
the car windows
inside AND out
as i was heading to checkout
i saw a kid running thru the store in a flannel footed sleeper
i probably would NOT have batted an eye
but the kid was HighSchool aged
his buddies were taking pix with their
cell phones to show at school on Mon
i laughed so hard
i forgot where i parked
& had to wander the parking lot
i will remember the show tomoro when i have passengers
so that i have a BIG smile on my face
ya gotta LOVE 'em
gotta finish laundry & pack
got a headache
NEED a nap


Jan had a Friday the 13th too

i completed a set of hat, scarf, gloves & headband around Jan 12
using a meandering rib
so the Noro should be something different ??

but WHAT do i use
Mitered Squares

perplexing ..

cold weather is HERE

so, i am thinkin'
with the TEN skeins of
NORO Kureyon # 130 that i have
i should make a hat, mittens & scarf
in March 2005 i made a hat & matching mittens
with Kureyon & Shinano
but this time, will ONLY use the Kureyon

on March 24 & 25, 2005
i made a Spiral Rib Hat
Bought the yarn during BloomieFest
Thanks Sue Carrier
NOW Sue Roth
for helping me pick the colors
Noro Kureyon # 131 & Shinano # 1
Thanks Debbie Barisa
for suggesting the Spiral Rib
as always, i adjusted it

i made mittens to match

finished March 29, 2005

also out of Noro Kureyon # 131

& Shinano # 1

top of mitten spiral into the palm

palm is stockinette

don't think i wrote the pattern down,

but have had SEVERAL requests for the pattern

now that it is gettting cold AGAIN

i mite make another pair

IF i do, i will write down & share the pattern

and to complete the SET

then i suppose i will need a scarf to match
instead of making the set out of the Spiral Rib
i could us the pattern i used when
i knit a scarf for Penny
in May 2005
it was a Meandering Rib
for the Scarf Exchange on
scarf for Swap was
angora - silk blend
# 10 needles
6" wide & 7' long
started Sun May 1 - finished Mon May 16


for Indy .. it is supposed to get to 52
for Austin .. supposed to get to 70's
supposed to be mid 80's on Sun & Mon
so i don't NEED to pack sweaters & pants
think i can get away with jeans & t-shirts
got shortie socks & athletic shoes already in the bag
think i will be safe
MITE need a sweater for home <-> airport
anyways ... i gotta go do stuff
will knit later
i get to FLY tomoro


got to hold Jameson
he is tiny

while it was snowing yesterday,
it was WINDY ..
Brayden told me it was toooo
windy for me to come home to Indy
they are so cute
it's a shame they are 2 hours away
i could visit MORE often
spent the evening with the younger brother & youngest nephew
it ws good to see the family
gotta address the postcards & send them to the munchkins
will work on buying MORE postcards
maybe i will have time while i am in Moline to send
one to them
gotta run errands, pay bills
buy panty hose & FOOD to take tomoro
gonna go to Austin
it's 59 in Austin
better look @ the weather channel before i pack
need to have appropriate clothes in case we go OUT of the hotel
never flew with ANY of the crew
met the Cpt in Atlanta
gonna look for Tony Bennett's Duet CD
i am EXCITED!!!!!!
Meat Loaf has NEW CD coming out
when ELSE
which as it turns out
Gracie does NOT like


it's 34 degrees outside
WHERE are the gloves, hat & scarf i knit LAST year
guess i will put another set on the list of things to make
Sue Roth wanted the pattern to some mittens i knit
IF i can find the mittens
i can figure the pattern send it to her
ITMT .. i have TEN skeins of Noro
wonder if i can find something to match
then i can make a purse to match
wonder IF Big Kureyon comes in colors to match Kureyon
then a hat, mittens & scarf could be knit in Kureyon
& a purse in BIG Kureyon
wonder IF i ccould find colors i Galway,
Cascade 220 OR Naturespun to match the colors in the
Kureyon # 130 i have
will have to figure out a pattern that will ACCENTUATE the
colors in the Kureyon ..
i could do Enterlac
i ould do Mitered Squares
then i will probably have to BUY a coat for them to go with
don't know IF the coat i bought last year will clash or coordinate
wonder IF it will fit
'spose i could LOOK for the coat as well ..
think i will NEED to wear it today
as i run errands
i could wear the fleece jacket i got
it Salt Lake City about a year ago
on the gusset for the short row purse
need to finish the gusset & the strap
then i can FELT it today
: )
it can dry while i am in Austin
gonna put Oak Leaves & Acorns on it from My Bagatelle
then i will do the retro bag in same color & oak leaves with acorns
not gonna put a flap on it
send them to my neices in Florida,
so they can enjoy the FALL colors
that i see when i am at home
misplaced the pattern for the stockings
they would be EASIER to knit
'specially while i sit in between planes
gotta move IF i am to get anything done today

Thursday, October 12

It's snowing


The shirt says
I didn't want to be a PRINCESS, but if the crown fits

The crown (beibg worn as a visor) is the Little Mermaid one from McD's

Tuesday, October 10


so, i decided WHEN i make the next purse

it will NEED pockets

bought the pattern

then i decided i should make the pockets FIRST

make the bag to accomodate the pockets

then, after i have the bag made

make a pop-top purse for the bag to fit into

this is the FIRST pocket

more to come

tomoro or thur

DONE !!!!!!

Now to mail it

STOCK Materials

2 skeins Lion Wool - color Cadet Blue # 110 - stock
White Naturespun Worsted - snowwoman & year
White Naturespun Fingering - name
Sulky thread - Sliver Metallic (knit w/ white) 145-8040(Jo-Ann)
fiberfill to stuff snowwoman
kool-aid dyed sock yarn - hat & scarf
Lion Wool - Cocoa #125 -arms
buttons - Hancock
orange bead - Hobby Lobby
black buttons - Hobby Lobby
black beads - Michael's
white & iridescent beads (snow) Hobby Lobby
toothpicks (knitting needles) Wal*Mart

NEW polish job

took TWO hours per hand to soak the acrylic off

then i double fiberglassed them

the tip is Orly Wishing Well

the rest is OPI Got a Date toKnight

Monday, October 9


Jewel of India is the color

been getting acrylic nails for a while

they are TTTOOOOO long

polish needs to be changed

almost done

ALL that is left is the mouth

Thinkin' a Bugle Bead

And glue to HOLD the knitting needles to

the knitting & the hands

I NEED one for MOI!!!!!!!

gonna go walking

gonna get out of the house
take a walk in the park
collect leaves
see the SUN
the hair & nails & knitting can wait till later

things to do today

so, as i am getting ready to run errands
i realize ...
i NEED to adjust the roots

my nails are too long
it's time to soak the acrylic off & apply silk nails
mine have GROWN out

i hafta find smallish buttons for the stocking
gonna hafta make a carrot for the nose
after i finish the stocking
i need to prepare it & mail it

i SHOULD start laundry & re-pack
NEED pantyhose

want to collect leaves before
they ALL fall on the ground
then will try to copy them
in needlefelting OR knitting
to adorn the FALL bag for the neices
that live down south & are DEPRIVED
of Fall Foilage

not quite 1/2 way done with the
S-cord on the Indiana Knitting bag
i WANT to finish this so i can felt it
AND use the yarn

have to pack up the Tote Exchange bag to mail
i hope it is FINALLY dry

HOPIN' the yarn for the stock & sox kits gets here
so i can MAIL them

Sunday, October 8


OK so i took the 2 swatches

cut the name of the recipient out of the fingering weight

since i forgot to buy buttons for the face & down the front

i will have to wait to finish assembly

the arms are i-cord i forgot to felt

since it's going to a knitter

she is knitting her scarf as she wears it

the hat is done

again, once i put buttons on the front

i can put the hat on

the worsted swatch became the year


It FELTED & SHRANK !!!!!!!

forgot to measure before AND after

the texture is interesting on the inside

heading to bed so tomoro morning i can

go buy buttons & finish this stocking

i SHOULD start a Munchkin stock

i mite start a purse liner for MOI!!

then, after it is felted

i can make a POP-TOP purse

OR ... i can finish the S-cord on the knitting bag

since it is TTTTTTOOOOO big to travel

will probably be taking the FALL bag to work on

this weekend

Pumpkin patch

my brother took his grandkids to the Pumpkin Patch ..

they had FUN!!!!!!

baby pictures



forgot to measure before felting

it was 9" across

will measure after it dries a bit

i can TELL it shrunk


Ready to FELT!!

Worsted swatch
#9 needles
32 st / 14 garter row = 7 ridges
7 1/4" x 2 1/4"

#3 needles
60 st / 20 stockinette rows
8" x 2"

3 days SO far

Got stock & snowwoman knit

NOW to figure the name & year

Have the pattern written down for FUTURE stocks
: )