Saturday, May 29

stuggling w/ shaping but i LOVE IT!!


first tier = smoke triangles

2nd tier = rt leaning colored rectangels
3rd tier = left leaning smoke rectangles

Friday, May 28

gonna try entrelac

12 stitches is too many
gonna try for 8 st
ripping out & trying again
24 st on the ends & 40 on the sides means all colors are used twice per tier

Friday, May 21

How I sppent my sit in denver


Bought this yarn from Stiches n Scones when I lived in Indy prior to June 2007 .. Time to do something with it

Friday, May 14

Doin the math

So, the yellow bag is 8 1/2" across & 13" around
42 stitches = 8 1/2" AND