Sunday, May 18



Sinfonia Cotton Yarn
#4 needle
K = Knit
P = Purl

cast on 88
  1. K4, P4 across
  2. P4, K4 across
  3. K4, P4 across
  4. P4, K4 across
  5. P4, K4 across
  6. K4, P4 across
  7. P4, K4 across
  8. K4, P4 across
REPEAT 14 times for a total of 15 patterns
Cast Off following stitch pattern 



I made these discloths for a swap February 2007

i was inspired by a sock  that Nancy Wild designed
here is the UPDATED pattern


Sinfonia Cotton Yarn 
# 4 needle

finished size = 5x5 1/2

K= knit

P= purl
Cast On 38

Knit 4 rows
1) K 4*P1, K1* across till last 4 stitches K4
2) K4*P2,K1, P1, K1, P1,K1,P1,K2*repeat 3 times K4

3) K4*P3,K1,P1,K1,P1,K3* repeat 3 times K4

4) K4*P4,K1,P1,K4* repeat 3 times K4

5) K4*P5,K5* across K4
6) K4*P5,K5* across K4

7) K4*K1,P4,K4,P1* repeat 3 times K4

8) K4*P1,K1,P3,K3,P1,K1* repeat times K4

9) K4*K1,P1,K1,P2,K2,P1,K1,P1* repeat 3 times K4

10) K4*P1,K1* across K4

11) K4*K1,P1* across K4

12) K4*P1,K1,P1,K2,P2,K1,P1,K1* repeat 3 times K4
13) K4*K1,P1,K3,P3,K1,P1* repeat 3 times K4

14) K4*P1,K4,P4,K1* repeat 3 times K4
15) K4*K5,P5* across K4

16) K4*K5,P5* across K4

17) K4*K4,P1,K1,P4* repeat 3 times K4

18) K4*K3,P1,K1,P1,K1,P3* repeat 3 times K4

19) K4*K2,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P2* repeat 3 times K4

20) K4*K1,P1* across K4

Repeat row 1 – 20

Knit 4 rows

Cast off

Cut yarn, weave in ends

Cathy Hannigan

Friday, May 16

Another project

Melti Beads, Pam, glass dish
Spray dish w/Pam
Put beads in & coat sides
Bake at 375*

From ?¿

Pony beads spread out on pizza pan
450* oven

Tuesday, May 6


4 furniture fix kits & duct tape
The plastic WON'T shift while I sleep

Sunday, April 27

7 1/2"

Hoping to turn the heel before I get back home

4th skein

4-27 / 13:30
Need to pay attention,  so it's not gonna fly

Saturday, April 19

Friday, April 18

Need another roll


Ran out of Duck Tape

Gonna get a 3rd roll

Not pretty, but .....

Should work

Vegging out

3 colors of roasted cauliflower
Peas, corn & edemame

The problem

Frame hits the wall
Pillows fall under HARD armrests

So here's the deal

I knit & purl a row, then deal with / empty a bin

I want a neater - less cluttered living room TODAY!

Tuesday, March 18

Wednesday, March 12

Sick of Winter

70* yesterday ~ snowing now


Finally started working on the sweater for the bear

Wednesday, February 26


Rib in darker green # 9468

My Morph

                                                Fixin' ta cast on

Jeannie's hat

                                 started Jan 22, in Indy,  waiting to fly somewhere
finished Feb 24, needs 8-12 more rows 

Hmm which pattern?

                         gonna hafta morph 4 patterns to get the one i want

choices are left to right
1)  Sheepish ~ like the clouds - some will be purled, some duplicate stitch after being knit in, some just knit in
2) Sheep & Lamb ~ {not available yet} like the different size of the sheep & lambs
3) Encircling Ewe ~ like the fit, just needs 12 more rows. This will be the basic hat
4) Adult Sheep Hat ~ like how the sheep are purled for texture

Saturday, February 8

Da Hat

Leftovers from bears & my scarf & posters become an ear flap hat

Welcome to South Bend

LOTS of good light for Knitting