Saturday, June 27

Exercise sat

10 push-ups

Incline - 6.0
Speed - 2.4
Time - 8 mins
Calories - 50
Heart rate before - 129
Heart rate after - 195
Steps - 760
Distance - 0.3
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Friday, June 26


spent 20 mins on treadmill - speed was 1.2

2nd go round

incline = 6.0

speed ended up @ 1.8

time = 20 min

calories burned = 102

steps taken = 1512

heart rate @ start = 77

heart rate after the treadmill = 108

yesterday i did 3 push-ups

today i can do FIVE

weight = 182 pounds

waist is 41"

Saturday, June 13


here are the HOLES after i washed it PER their instructions
COLD water - gentle cycle - in a lingerie bag - with a wool wash

the ONLY time it was on a hanger was to take pic

you CAN see that the top grew about 7" in length

TOTAL time wasted = 1 MONTH

total $$ wasted ~ $56

SWTC is not aware that ANY knitters are having problem
with BAMBOO = 100% Bamboo

from what i have heard ALL Bamboo stretches

so, it's NOT worth the hassel to deal with SWTC about
the incredible STRETCHING top

i will eat the cost of the top
and the time it took to knit it

i will however NOT be buying
4 skeins of Bamboo to make the cami from "One Row Below"
nor will i be buying the PURE & knitting the top i wanted
nor will i be buying a-Maizing to make a vest AND cami
nor will i be buying Phoenix OR Oasis to make a cami

in fact - i won't be buying ANY yarn from SWTC
the Entrelac Cami from TOFUtsies may become a permanent UFO
because i am not happy with the company

gonna give away the rest of their yarns
not wasting my time knitting with them

Friday, June 12

SWTC yarn


i washed the SWTC Bamboo sweater in a lingerie bag

- now it has holes in it -

there was NOT a knot where it broke

the yarn must have been weak

- my advice - do NOT use this yarn -

the sweater grew like 5 sizes & i was trying to shrink it back so I could wear it

wish i had gotten a pick of it all stretched out

NO MORE SWTC yarn for me