Tuesday, June 29


dbl stranded in # 15 - co 10 - knit
need more yarn
started June 27 - on hold till i get more yarn
gotta go to Fayetteville or Newnan (Hobby Lobby)
32" so far

single strand - 10 1/2 needles - 20 st
knit 6 row black, then 6 row gold
end with 6 row black
june 26 & 27 - 66" long
1 skein yarn bee gilt eyelash in deep night ( black ) & 1 skein in sunburst (gold)

Thursday, June 24

some "ALMOST" finished projects

MY Aquarium bag
on hold till i finish a few others
which is GREAT since i am waiting on yarn
to complete the embellishments
June 13 - now

bought the zipper
the BOKU felted softly
bought something to give it some stiffness
gonna put a Beaded Handle on the bag
to JAZZ it up
May 21st - June 25

another bag out of High School colors
Pam's Birthday Gift
got the zippers - just need to finish knitting tonite
then felt & assemble tomoro
June 18 - 24

High School colors
another mini duffel bag
got the zipper - will sew it on
& add the handle
June 11 & 12
assemble June 25

Friday, June 11

It shrinkded

Let the felting begin

oh well ..

too tired to stay up & finish the strap
guessin' i have about 3 ft to knit

felting will wait till after the sun comes up

Thursday, June 10


i have toooo many things in my head DEMANDING that they be knit
will probably knit 2 mini duffels ( to test the patterns ) in the old high school colors
can carry one (& gift one) to the reunion in Oct


not sure how far up i need to go for the top
i can always cut it after felting
there is i-cord up 2 1/2 sides - one to go
theoretically, it will help the purse hold it's shape
contrary to Sarah's belief - this purse belongs to MOI!!!