Sunday, June 19

WHO-HHOOO!!! It's working

Change of mind ~ NEED "NO BRAINER SOX"

Next sox ~ generic pattern

HUNGER is back

so the Dr switched my meds

i am NOT sleeping all day

which is a GOOD THING!!

i feel better - haven't coughed most of the day

but for the first time in 3 or 4 days

i am HUNGRY!!!!!

like i NEED another project

SO, Ellen on Over 40 on Rav suggested since i am knitting sox that i join

the Great Sock Off of 2011 on Ravelry


Feb 24 - UFO -> more kid's sox

Apr 4 - UFO -> Toe Up

May 30 - UFO -> Yukon Sox

June 10 - UFO

Jun 15 - UFO

Jun 16 - SIP - Airy Ankle Skimmers ( WILL BE FROGGED too small)

so, i have finished NINE pair of SOX

8 of them MINE!!!!

: )

oh yeah,

forgot ANOTHER pair i frogged

around Jun 15 out of DMC SENSO


socks JUST BARLEY fit over my heel

being Cotton Blend, they will probably shrink

another pair goes to the frog pond


3" cuff is enuff ~ started heel flap