Sunday, April 30

sun ..

i bought an iPod so i could listen to MY music ..
spent 3 days uploading stuff to it,
put enuff songs to last 3 days ..
and the stupid thing deleted EVERYTHING
i want to be able to download Audio books as well
and Podcasts - there ARE knitting ones ..
i can NOW make them portable & take them with me

so, i have 7 more to upload, then i am calling it a night ..
i CAN knit while i do this ...
: )

i didn't stick with eating right, so NOW i pay for it ...
ears are bugging me again ..
will HAVE to buckle down in the next few days ..
i fly on Fri ...
go back to New Orleans ...
and Atlanta for TWO nites
finished the FIRST square for the shawl
started the 2nd
i'll take a pic before i go to bed
going to Fort Wayne tomoro to see Lisa for lunch
spending the nite with Nikki & Paige
goin' to the zoo on Tues
comin' home Wed
i have a car charger & a thingy to stick in the cassette player
so that i can listen to the iPod thru the speakers in the car
the thing that transmits over FM on the radio
doesn't work very well in MY car ..
figures, the last CD's i am uploading are Meat Loaf ..
this could take a while ...
oh well. i can knit
on the news tonite .. they say there is an E-Coli outbreak
it's attributed to Bagged Salad ..
guess i had better stop eating them ..
i remember growing them in college about 30 years ago ..
ONE more CD after the one that is in
and i can go to BED!!!
i have 3 days of music ..
will have to delete the duplicates in a day or 3

done knitting for now

the pin on the left side shows where i started today

10 more stitches = 20 more rows of the first square

: )


a friend bought some of the Jergens lotion that adds color ..
Jergens Natural GLow
after TWO days, you could tell ...
so, i bought some .. i bought FAIR Skin
will see IF it does the same for me ..

also bought some tooth whitening strips
to take the color OUT of my teeth ..
will update you as i progress ...
sidebar .. IF you sneexe, they eject out
'course IF i quit drinking tea, the teeth wouldn't have color ..

hair well i highlighted it ..
thinkin' next time, I'll use a lighter color anyways ..
it may mean i don't have to hide the grey so fast ..

gotta polish my nails ..
after i fix the thumbs ..
mite polish the toes too ..
will wait to see IF they pick up a tanner look,
then use a SPRING color

want to see IF my former nail tech still does nails after moving to INDY
then i could get the nails done right & a pedicure ...

Saturday, April 29

Done for the nite

this is far as i am going tonite ...

not bad for 1 hour of knitting .. goin' to bed

Cast ON

cast on for the shawl @ 9:10 PM

the color that was cast on is significantly lighter than the outside of the skein


the shawl & yarn

the yarn is Crystal Palace Merino Stripes

90% wool & 10 % acrylic

Color # 62 = Meadow

uses # 10.5 needles

NEW project

Mitered Squares / Domino Knitting
on one of my lists, we are starting a KAL using this pattern
bought the yarn @ Fiber Closet in Rockville
gonna use color #62
taking Cheryl's advice & using a new skein for each square

then, i want to make a matching purse

NOT sure which i will use ..

from Knitters Summer 2002 (bought it JUST in case i decide to make it )

this one would be good from the shawl yarn

OR this one ..

think i bought the first 2 patterns, could use one of them ..

SCARF patterns to buy

Domino Knitting Patterns
a hat, basket & purse .. i made the purse for Laney in an exchange
i know there are patterns for mittens, gloves & socks ..
Jackie E-S designed them & they can be acquired here
there are also a pair on Knitty
i wanted to make this hat when i first saw it in Knitter's Magazine, Summer 2001
it's the Diamond Head by David Xenakis
will be making IT as well
here is a pic someone ELSE made

Friday, April 28

this is a Completed bag

this was knit with 2 strands of Cascade 220 ..

in the round

using a Fair Isle technique to stripe it vertically

i REALLY like it ...

thinkin' HOT pink & Black ...

one of the patrons of Keepsake in Carmel knit it ..

Garden Party Bag

Pattern is "the Garden Party Bag" by Nora j Bellows

it looks OK on the pattern ..

it's a MAYBE I'll knit it ...

cute idea

Debbie the "TEMPTRESS" Barisa's pattern

i want to make this pattern

It's a Plymouth Yarn pattern #P556

Felted Argyle Bag

it was designed by my friend, the "TEMPTRESS" Debbie Barisa

she is known as the "TEMPTRESS" because she finds thing for me to do

i didn't know i NEEDED to make them until she showed me ..

then i realize ...

i HAVE to make it ..

she knws me TTTTTOOOOO well


she is ALSO known as the "FELTING GODDESS"

i want to use Karoke instead of Galway

for the body, i will use Logenberry # 287

for the Diamonds, i wanted to use #278 Mermaid Mix,

but couldn't find enuff

would REALLY like to use #299 Splash OR # 300 Dipity

IF you have somehow made it thru life NOT knowing about the yarn

it is 50% wool & 50% Soy Silk

a product derived from the liquid extruded from the processing of Soy Beans ..

it is FABULOUS yarn to work with ...

when done, it will be MOST EXCELLANT

it will become the bag i carry all summer

thanks Debbie for once again,

throwing down the gauntlet to expand my horizon ..

i sometimes think, she knows me better than i know myself ...

i am slightly bummed i can't start the bag NOW!!!!


being away from home,
i needed stuff for hotels
over time i started accumulating toys
that flight crew typically bring along
bought a personal DVD player ..
been slowly buying DVDs
can use it in an airport,
sitting on a plane OR in a hotel
and, MY personal favorite -
a leftover from my Postal Days
portable CD player ...
i am MUSIC oriented
i would rather listen to music than watch TV
i carry it & listen to my CDs from home
NEED speakers ..
but then i got a DVD player, so i listen to CDs on it
have a computer,
NECESSARY for work
gotta check all my work info online
(NEED internet too )
it is dieing,
so it HAD to be replaced,
bought a laptop thinkin' i WOULD take it with me
BUT, security makes it a TOTAL pain to carry
YES, i have to strip down when i go thru security JUST like every one ELSE
IF i watched TV,
i could see getting cable @ home & a slingbox for the laptop
then i could watch TV when &
where i wanted IF there is Free WiFi
cell phone,
well we HAFTA have one ..
one with a camera is a good option
mine is a basic phone,
i am supposed to be able to read e-mail & surf ..
i can't
would be easier than carrying a laptop
more portable,
it can fit in my purse
PDA OR PDA Phone ...
the phone costs more each month BUT,
i can use it ANYwhere ..
a PDA can only uplink IF there is a FREE WiFi spot ..
finding MOST airports i sit in,
cost to link up
have gotten the PDA Phone
when i got the new cell
then i would have TWO toys

it can be used to listen to music
ALL the CD's at home can be stored on it so i can listen to them
a great way to kill the hours i sittin' airports OR hotels
found out i can get podcasts ... they HAVE knitting podcasts
GOTTA figure tht out now

it's easy to use ..
AND you can get something so i can use it in the car ..
CHEAPER than buying a new CD player for the car
can buy portable speakers to take with me for in the hotel

Operation Girlie

I've been told i am getting "Frumpy" ..
the proof is the picture of me knitting in O'Hare ..
i wear eye makeup
i LIKE getting my nails done ..
i needed more eyeshadow & mascara ..mine are getting empty
i was told to CHANGE colors ..
i bought the Almay eye-definer stuff
in GREEN ...
might as well bring out the GREEN in my eyes ...
ipstick, well ... it NEVER stays on
i HAVE used primer and all the other crap
the stuff that is supposed to stay on for 16 hours,
doesn't on me ..
the lip gloss type thing i used in High School is back
i've even bought the GOOD stuff - OPI, Mary Kay, a few others i can't remember
so, i MITE go buy more, Almay has Lip liner, lipstick & gloss ALL in the same color
maybe, since i have to get contacts, i will buy GREEN ones today ..
it's an option ..
HAIR ... i HAVE the tools & knowledge ..
just don't apply it .. takes too much time,
i could be knitting ..
well ...
i want my hair to grow ..
it is NOW @ the stage where i get frustrated with it & chop it all off ...
i REALLY hate messing with it ..
partly, 'cause i am NOT good at it ..
so, in an effort to look less frumpy,
today, i used the mouse, round brushs (i have TWO) & hair dryer on low AND the cold shot button
then i sprayed it to keep the look ...
it is now "BULLETPROOF!!!"
i bought a few new t-shirt type shirts
different necklines .. mite as well show some cleavage
so, i will start using the treadmill every day ...
bought one for at home
will use them while i am away @ the hotel ...
bought Jergens lotion with self tanning / bronzer in it
will put it on tonite before i go to bed so i don't get it on my clothes
it takes 2 / 3 days to start seeing the change ..
will TRY to get a pic

Thursday, April 27

it's Thur ...7 more days off

i am tired of Panty Hose ..
they twist, bind, get hot .. and RUN!!!!

if i wear pants, i HAVE to wear black OR navy sox
all the ones i have are WOOL .. meant to keep my feet warm in cold weather
Thank You, Nancy Wild for providing me with WARM

but, now i want cotton sox for spring / summer ...
until ..

i find THIS pattern

it screams .... KNIT ME!!!!!
so, i will have to find yarn & beads ..
i requires 156 size 8/0 beads ...

i WILL have to acquire the materials ...
what i have, does NOT go together ...

BUT, they will not be knit in the airport with distraction sox
i WILL need to get a travel OTT (type) lite to take with me
i WILL have to concentrate on this pair

i will be going to LYS on Fri & Sat around INDY
gonna go to Fort Wayne Mon - Wed to visit friends,
visit the Zoo with Nikki & Paige

i am still working on the iris
i finished one tulip, now i need to make the leaf
want to felt them ...
MAY have to buy more yarn

Cascade 220 AND Brown Sheep Nature Spun AND Plymouth Galway
make a vase too

you CAN'T have too many flowers ...

OTOH, i need a purse to carry when i go out ...
something small ... and girlie ...

Tuesday, April 25

Monday, April 24

time for a nap

the clouds were OUTSTANDING on the way from Buffalo to Dulles ..

got to New Orleans .. don't EVEN ask for a Hurricane ..

wanted jambaylaya ..

settled for a cheese burger & fries ..

HUNGRY, tired .. to brain dead to knit
to worn out to use the treadmill

gotta get some sleep

tomoro is a sit in the airport day .,.

New Orleans = Louis Armstrong Airport

7:04 am

7:04 am

6:58 am

6:53 am

6:52 am


6::51 am

Sunrise over Buffalo


Saturday, April 22

Dallas ... just another hotel room

got to Dallas
8? degrees out
i can't go outside around noon, i'll burn Post Toasty Crispie
so i went to the room & finished the daffodil
started an iris
took a nap about 3

got up around 6
had dinner - salmon
spent 45 minutes on the bike
30 minutes on the treadmill
next time i need to speed up the treadmill
read MOST of the J D ROBB short story "Haunted in Death"
going back to the room to knit
gotta be up @ 3 AM ..

Buffalo tomoro nite ..

another Daffodil

this is the LAST Daf ..

started the Iris ..

.then took a nap ..

Friday, April 21

ONCE again ..

i say i am gonna pack early ..
here it is, the nite before i go
at least the laundry has been done
gotta polish my nails ..
figure out what i will need to knit
get to Dallas about noon tomoro
sit by the pool & knit - use the treadmill - go to Grapevine Mall
and Buffalo about noon on Sunday
sit by the indoor pool - use the treadmill
New Orleans about 4PM on Mon
NO clue - never been to this hotel
it's a ways from anything
home Tue about 8 PM
home for NINE days
knitting time ..
exercise time ...
i should go back at least FIVE pounds lighter

take the quiz

You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet.
People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.

Thursday, April 20

and the waist measurement is ...


tomoro, i gotta exercise ...

POLISHED my toes

color is OPI Kinky in Helsinky

feet are smoother since i used the foot file


put nails on .. they are ttooooo long, can't type ..


good thing i waited till tomoro to polish them

will shorten them first, then polish them OPI Pompei Purple

gotta measure the waist .. i am feeling better since i am basically detoxing ..

haven't had a pop since Easter ...

yeah, i know .. i was supposed to give up things / change habits for LENT

time for bed ...

do the Domestic Goddess routine tomoro ..

need a nap ..

well ... once AGAIN, i burned dinner ..
got the last load of laundry in the washer .. ready to go into the dryer ..
gonna clean up the mess i made & knit ..
haven't knit in over 48 hours ...
having withdrawl ...
i AM confused ..
thought today was FRIDAY ....

yardwork .. :)

got busy cleaning up the yard ...
have to buy a shed
trying to decide how big of a shed we need ( 10 x 8 )
where we are going to put it
there is an area by the house, that is large enuff to be a small patio
i want to put down blocks / pavers / flagstones,
so we can get some use out of it ..
'sides, IF the leaves fall, we can rake it -
can't IF we put down mulch / stone and turn it into a garden
i had forgotten how much i enjoy Yardwork ..
planning & planting & weeding ( not as much)
it was actually, an enjoyable afternoon spent outside in the sun ..
forgot sunscreen ... got some color on my arms & face
we have an assortment of bulbs, some i don't recognize
7 bulbs planted on the property line
not sure what it is
hostas by the road, gotta be tranplanted closer to the house
around the tree, are something?? maybe chicken & hens ..
and a few tulips ...
there are also some plants i can't determine
in front of the house is another unknown bulb NOT a tulip or daffodil ..
it is multiplying
so in the fall, we will have to separate them
gonna take some pix of them to post
I didn't get to knit EITHER ..

NO knitting today

spent part of the day OUTSIDE
it was a WONDERFUL day to be outside ...
spent it cleaning up the yard
had a Biggie Ice Tea for dinner @ 7PM..
STILL can't sleep from all the caffeine ...
it's 2:30 AM
laundry is MOSTLY done, just one more load
went grocery shopping, bought MORE Dannon Yogurts
gotta go to the Post Office later today
need to finish Grocery shopping ...
chicken is on sale
gonna try to sleep
too many things to do tomoro / later today
got TWO more days off

Monday, April 17

FUN crew to hang with

having fun ON & OFF the plane
went out for Easter Dinner @ Olive Garden with entire crew

today, the other FA & the FO & I went to Mall of America
they shopped, i wandered around .. amazed @ the mall

wanna come back when i have about THREE days
1 for the Auquarium
1/2 for the RIDES
1 1/2 for the mall

it's off to Dulles then Buffalo for the nite
hopin' i can get a pic of Niagra Falls @ nite

Lego Land

Lego Dinasaur

Entrance to Mall of America

INSIDE Mall Of America

DONE!!! gotta shower

DONE!!! gotta shower

done knitting, now to BIND OFF :)

done knitting, now to BIND OFF :)


i HAVE to loose weight, NOTHING fits and i am NOT buying MORE clothes that will sit in the drawer ...
i REALLY LOVE to knit ... but it's sitting on my butt time ..

so, today, i got up & took the knitting to the work out room
spent an hour on the treadmill ..

i figure ANY movement is better that ON MY BUTT!!!!

anyways, i am done Knitting the VASE ..
it's bind off time ..

can't start the i-cord bind off on the treadmill so i stopped walking after an hour

AND, i am almost out of yarn .. DO i want to break into the 3rd skein ..
OTOH, do i want to frog THREE rows , then purl 2 & bind off ....

not sure ..
so, i am gonna go eat some yogurt
take a shower
and decide WHAT to do after i get back from the Mall of America

will send a pic when i get back to my room ...

Sunday, April 16

Done for the Nite!

Done for the Nite!

6:44 AM Indy

6:44 AM Indy

6:11 AM Chicago

this SHOULD be after the INDY pic ...

Vase So Far... Mite Finish It tonite, Mite fall asleep :)

Vase So Far... Mite Finish It tonite, Mite fall asleep :)

it's was a GOOD day

spent part of the day with knitters

bought the Tulip & Iris pattern
bought the Vase pattern - bought needles JUST in case
bought 5 - 87 yard skeins of yarn for the vase
SHOULD have ttooo much :(
Bought Auntie KyleAnn's Felted Entrelac Purse pattern by Plymouth

so, i am packing yarn & needles & patterns for Felted Flowers & vase this weekend ..

SHOULD be packed .. have to be @ the airport in YIKES!!! 5 hours ..
lunch is packed ...
just need to zip it in the box & add the blue ice

Saturday, April 15

185 Pounds

it's almost Easter (tomoro )

a time for re-birth & renewal

i weigh 185 ..

my allergies / sinuses are giving me fits

there is crud in my lungs PERPETUALLY

i'm cranky / irritable / tired ALL the time ..

my ears block up so i can't hear sometimes ....

i don't EVEN want to know how big my waist has gotten ..

i have LOTS of clothes don't fit, i am NOT buying more ..

the allergy / sinus meds only sort of work , SOMETIMES ..

i KNOW that my cholesterol & blood sugar are too high ...

my nephew gets married in 6 weeks ...

i will HAVE to buy something to wear ..

it's time to do something ...

Friday, April 14

Pokets DONE!!!!

NOW i gotta assemble ... it can wait til mornin' when i can see


hail is melted
still raining ( with the light show )

10:30 - it stopped raining ...
Eric went outside to survey the damage
the car was unaffected ...

think i MITE go to bed ...

it passed me

10 pm
it passed me

it's headin my way

9:54 PM

hail on the porch

it's hailing

about 9:45 PM
get a better pic from Eric's camera than my cell phone ...
you can ACTUALLY see the hail falling

Weather screen on TV

i live by the pink spot ...

it JUST past us ... the hail appears to have stopped

it's now just rain ...

good sleeping weather ...

Eric took some pix .. will upload his

the HAIL is falling

it's ONLY pea sized .. but it was KEWL!!!!

i LOVE storms ... it's over for ME ..

and a Tornado has been sighted on the ground by the airport ..

: (

saw pix on TV of the destruction ....

northbound 465 by the split had DEEP water ...

it was almost as high as the pilons ..

what to knit next??

there is a KEWL!! storm out tonite,
IF you don't think about the destruction that has occurred
and what the destructive powers it is bringing with it ..

not a good nite to fly for MOST, i personally LOVE being in the air,
watching T-storms from the plane BUT .. we ALL know i am weird,
i like turbulence

anyways .. IF Indy is still intact in about an hour ..
i will have to contemplate WHAT to knit when i take off on Sun ...

thinkin' IF i could figure out the amount of yarn needed for
i could make a JULIA Knitting Bag
BUT, i wouldn't make it yellow with purple eyelash .. that's not ME!!
hhmmmm ... NOT Sure what color to make it ..
not sure WHAT color IS me ...
perplexing ..
don't have the yarn, so i would HAVE to buy more
thinkin' Cascade Ecowool ( i have 1 skein in yellow )
or Woolpack or Brown Sheep Bulky
i want a STIFF bag if it will be a Knitting Bag- no WIMPY bag for me
it will need the stregnth to hold ALL the stuff that goes into a
BIG knitting bag
hhhmmmm and i could put FELTED Daffodils
( and tulips IF i find the pattern) on it
so, then it would be COLORFUL

NOT that i need another knitting bag ..
i am still working on the pocket for the one i started a while ago ..
i KNOW what i want it to look like ...
wanna put an i-cord trim up the sides for stability
i was gonna "wing it", but the directions for leaves for the Daffodil
acheives what i want it to look like,
NOW i know how to do it

better get offline
hail has arrived ..
it's ONLY pea sized ... could get softball sized ...

gonna knit the pocket ...
it will distract me from impending doom ...

last trip

Spent the time in Minneapolis knitting ..
got in too late to go to Mall of America
no one wanted to go in the AM ..
the weather was beautiful .. should have gone outside to knit ...
OTOH, by staying inside, i saw a GREAT movie ..
Gary Sinise & Vincent D'Onofrio ( Edgar in Men in Black & Det Goren on Law & Order , Crimianal Intent ) - the Imposter (2002)...
there is a place @ the airport where they can FIX the rollerboard handle
IF they have one instock, it will take about 15 minutes .. gonna check them out on MON ..

got to Buffalo for a short overnite .. KNIT & read more of "A Salty Piece of Land"
i need to take the time to read instead of Knitting my life away .. it's a GREAT book
had most of Jimmy's other books .. they walked away ...

got to see the falls after takeoff .. NO pic .. too far away to see it ..

home for 2 days & then I repeat the trip ..

Thursday, April 13

Daffodils DONE!!

Next, finish the knitting bag!

: )

Wednesday, April 12

start #3

45 min till passengers board

starting #3 daff leaf

: )

a leaf

a leaf

the LAST Daffodil is done Knitting ..

Fun in Minneapolis - or how I spent my overnite ..

Monday, April 10

BUMMER!! clasps are too small

got the clasps in the mail

they are too small .. would have to CUT & force the felted fabric

so, will mail them off, order NEW clasps & have the clasps sent to the recipient ..

she can finish them ...

: (

gonna try to finish knitting the daffodil before bedtime

SNOW on the Canada side

the weekend ...

Sat, it was COLD in Indy when i left .. 42 degrees
got to Chicago with a 2 1/2 hour sit.
Ate breakfast hung out with the crew
didn't feel like knitting ..
had some extra time when we got to Norflok where it was
B-U-T-FUL .. stood out on the airstairs & enjoyed the weather ..
Ate dinner & Hung out with the crew when we got to Albany
GOOD hotel experince - went back to the room to read fell asleep

Sun ate breakfast @ the hotel,
when we got back to Chicago ( 3 hours) , knit & hung out while the pilots ate breakfast
saw the FA i taught to knit in Raleigh ..
on to De Moines ( 1 1/2 hour sit) where we hung out & ate lunch ..
Denver was nice .. Home by 8:45 ..
2 long days but i had a BLAST with the crew ...
we were tired by the time we headed for home ( 11 hour day so far )
but the passengers said they were happy we were both still smiling & laughing ...

STILL on the 3rd daffofil ...
wonder how much yarn i need for the vase .. located YARN & possibly the pattern

Friday, April 7


it's 75 outside
gas is $1.69 - $1.75

there is tornado & hail warnings ...
best to stay in & knit ...

started the 3rd daffodil ..

Thursday, April 6

ANOTHER daffodil done

ANOTHER daffodil done

Daily Accomplishment

Daily Accomplishment in Myrtle Beach

10 AM - 1 PM ..

gotta shower & fly

Daffodil is DONE!!!

going to bed, it's 1:40 AM

Wednesday, April 5

Tuesday, April 4


yarn is Sensations - a JoAnn's exclusive

it's Bellezza Collection Tesoro

100% wool - 87 yards - 1 3/4 oz


the yarn comes in baby colors - pink, purple, white

so, will use it for the tulips as well WHEN i find the tulip pattern

there is a blue that would be good for the Plymouth felted Vase

WHEN i get that pattern ..

so far, it's an easy pattern ..

will make several Daffodils out of this yarn ..

then want to make a few Tulips

going to bed, gotta get up in about 6 hours ..

should have several of the Daffodils ready to felt when i get home fri afternoon

will have about 6 hours of sitting in airports between flights ..
: )

Done felting ..

it took 18 minutes to felt

will provide dimensions later ...

thoughts ...

next time, IF using a novelty yarn, double strand the bottom

do the i-cord bind off looser

make the strap LONGER than 30" - at least 36 - 40 "

figure out what to put inside to mold it as it dries

the Paton's Merino DOES dreadlock