Sunday, May 17


i ordered pizza from Dominos
they couldn't deliver for OVER an hour
they STILL charged my card for the pizza
will they reimburse me - give them 10 days

fixin' mistakes

just a matter of thinkin' BEFORE i try
looks like Janet's cat got ahold of it
but thinkin' it will look better as i get a few more rounds
SUCCESS - took longer to take pix & write about it than to FIX
CRAP - still made a mistake -> did 2 K2tog YO, instead of YO, SSK ARGH!!!!!

now to FIX it - drop back 2 st & convert to K2Tog, YO .
slip the next one - drop next 2 stitches & convert to YO, SSK

tink it back so i can fix it

POOP!! forgot the pattern row

Saturday, May 16

So I like to play

I wasn't ganna start another project
But the yarn kept callin me
Queensland cotsoy

Thursday, May 14

CAMI is done

4 skeins Queensland Bamboo Cotton
# 6 needles
Pattern is MINE
took 10 days to knit it - because i was working & tired
wore it today - was told it was distracting


So. For the FIRST time, I knit the stitch marker into the knitting ... Guess it' punishment from the KNITTING GODS for goofing off instead of hitting the shower ... Good thing I have plenty of stitch markers ... Will have to use wire cutters to remove the marker

Monday, May 11


ǝʌǝʇs xɐɥʇ
ǝldoǝd ɥʇıʍ ssǝɯ oʇ ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇouɐ
unɟ s,ʇı
sıɥʇ op oʇ ʍoɥ ǝɯ ʇɥƃnɐʇ
dnoɹƃ ʎɹlǝʌɐɹ ʎɯ uo ǝʌǝʇs


last row of ribbing - third time is a charm


let me preface by saying i do NOT watch TV often
i have seen American Idol a total of TWO times
once in Fort Wayne, w/ Lisa - Clay & Rueben were on
the other time i watched Idol was with Daniel
Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis were on

when people complain about having to sit in the back row
i tell them THEY have to entertain ME
it's a joke

anyways - we were going DCA - LGA
Mr Jackson was escorted onto the plane
the only OPEN row was row 20
he sat down & i told him he had to entertain me
he said he could sing & dance
i told him he could ONLY dance if the seat belt sign was OFF
and there was NO dancing in the aisles allowed
he laughed
i went up front & Juana told me it was Randy Jackson
from American Idol

did i feel like a dunce

Sunday, May 10

Tinking the cami so I can do the decrease

Saturday, May 2

Starting rib
May 1
Weight by my bathroom scale is 185
Waist is 39"

Test JUST text




wish i could remember how i did the mobile with pic

if i remember how to do mobile
i can update on the diet & exercise


4 more rounds - that decrease
then add the rib
kitchner the underarms
weave in the ends