Wednesday, April 30

slo progress

so, i knit for a while
got online
knit some more
i LIKE the pattern
but it will get boring before the sox
are long enuff
ALMOST time to get ready for work

the cleanse

so, on Monday
i started the Master Cleanse
you start the day drinking 1 qt warm water
& 2 teaspoons sea salt
i am in the bathroom for 2 hours
i can't consume ANYTHING
not even water
it makes me sick
when i fly,
i am too busy to drink the juice
so i am dehydrating
getting a monster headache
so, day 3
no sea water
drink the juice instead
didn't use the pepper on the plane
i don't drink the juice fast enuff
& it got H O T !!!!!
the work dress is getting looser
so it's a good thing
ears & allergies & sinuses
WERE getting better
till i went to Mexico
been up less than 1 1/2 hours
already halfway thru the
first quart of juice

knit OR read

so, here i sit in Chicago
have 4 hours to kill
should i knit
do i want to
wanna read current book

passenger gave me the book
said it was good
i also have another book by the author
if it's as good as this
i won't get any knitting done this pairing

READ in Guadalahara
gonna read in Monterey

on page 363 of 637
i DON'T want to put it down

I NEED the sox for work

the quandry

Sunday, April 27


Bob made Buttermilk Pancakes for breakfast
last nite
Pam & i went out with friends
to kareoke
i had grilled tilapia for dinner
i made french toast & sausage for breakfast
TOMORO i start the Master Cleanse

why am i amused by this

sent this to a friend that is a flight instructor
he wasn't as amused as i was


unusual pix grab my attention

Friday, April 25

so, how much will it cost

maple syrup - $32.99
sea salt - $1.50
smooth move tea - $5.99
lemons - 40 @ $0.58 - $23.20
less than $65 to feel better

recent read

didn't want to put it down
gonna see if i can find some MORE of her books

199 pounds

so, when i went to see the Nurse Practioner
i weighed in at 199
i NEED to loose weight
yesterday, i started a lemon detox

My Allergist had me on the 10 Day Detox
in 1991
after the 10 days,
I was switched to the Cave Man Diet for 13 days
(eat WHATEVER i want on day 14)

10 Day DETOX
1 TBS Maple Syrup
2 TBS Lemon &/or Lime Juice
1/16 tsp cayenne pepper
8 oz water
drink 1 quart lemonade .. followed by 1 quart water
1 quart lemonade - followed by 1 quart water
recomended to drink Smooth Moves at night
take Cascara Sagrada & Acidophilus in the morning

fish & chicken
eggs - NOT fried
1 quart NON-fat unsweetened yogurt DAILY
Nothing processed
Unsweetened fruit juice
Herbal Tea
all the veggies i want EXCEPT corn & legumes
8 - 8 oz glasses of water
NO Condiments

i was also told to WALK 30 minutes a day
preferrably outside in the sun
yoga 20 - 30 minutes daily
30 minutes QUIET time for me
my friend Gabby is on the Master Cleanse
drink Smooth Move (Senna leaf) laxative tea
60 oz water per day (or 10 oz per glass)
12 tablespoons Organic Grade B Maple Syrup (or 2 tbsp. per glass)
12 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (or 2 tbsp. per glass)
a little over half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or 1/10 tsp. per glass)
Saline Wash -- drink 32 oz of warm spring water with 2 tsp. of sea salt
now as UNappetizing as this sounds
the reason for the Saline Wash is to
cleanse your intestines
the Master Cleanse equates to
10 oz water
2 TBS syrup
2 TBS lemon juice
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
drinking about 2 Quarts of Lemonade
so, Master Cleanse / 10 Day Detox
about the same
i know that i will loose weight
i also know i will gain about 1/2 of it
back when i resume food
i will try to get Pam
to take before & after pix
my scale says i weigh 148
dr scale says 199
i think mine is broken
wonder if i can find a cheap scale when
i am out gathering supplies for the detox
IF i detox for 10 days
there is ONLY 1 day that i work
i can take pre-mixed lemonade with me
and drink it AND water
i have perfect push ups to use
an ab slide to use
a thigh master & butt master
i have the treadmill IF it's not
a good time to walk outside (too early/late)
i have a rain suit i can wear IF it's raining
the clothes in the dresser
will start to fit again
the ones i have bought since i moved to ATLANTA
will be given away when i will shrink out of them
the ULTIMATE goal is that the uniforms fit again
and i feel better
so far, i need a LONG nap daily
after a few days on the lemonade
i am supposed to have energy
and hopefully, i won't need the nap
at least my allergies seem to have calmed down

More Cotton Sox for WORK

so, i started another pair of cotton sox for work

they have to be navy OR black

this pair is Meilenweit Cotton

i think # 14

2.25 mm

MY pattern
Started April 19 detail of pattern stitch

i got a "RAINBOW"

so, prior to going to the pajama party
i got a pedicure
YEAH, i SHOULD have known better
my big toes hurt when i put on shoes for work
and the are red & swollen
so, on thur, i went to see the Nurse Practioner
she gave me an ointment for the toes
told me to soak in epsom salt bath 2 x a day
when i got home
the fire hydrant was being flushed
they flush it 2 times a year
gets the stale water out
ensure the pressure is correct
anyways ... i got a rainbow
i was more surprised that the cell picked it up
thought i would share it with others

Thursday, April 24

Bad Hair Day ... FIXED!!!!!

i keep having BAD HAIR DAYS
had 3 in a row
i picked up the scissors
the pic was taken AFTER we landed
in Kingston
we went inside,
so the wind got to it
and the heat & HUMIDITY
and the wind again
coming back to the plane
i HAVE to use stuff to get the style to hold
i didn't use enuff
the wind & humidity got to it
guess i need to make it "BULLETPROOF"
which means MORE hair stuff
or another go round with the scissors

Monday, April 21


I'm only human by the Human League has been converted to MUZAK!!!!!!

The "HORROR" of ruining GREAT music continues

Saturday, April 19


started Mar 25
finished April 19
Regia plus Cotton
navy & black tweed = # 50
my pattern
2.25 mm circs for cuff
2.5 for foot
getting ready to cast on
another pair
out of Meilenweit cotton

Tuesday, April 15


oh yeah
Cpt Steven keeps asking about my sox
he thinks it's neat i make them
i told him, they would be done
i was wrong
i HAVE started on the toes

i haven't had time to work on them
Sue is coming over tonite
we will get some knitting done

then when i fly on fri
i can wear the sox
IF i choose to wear pants
they look funny with the dress
gotta run some errands
NEED gas first
then food

gettin' organized

so, on ravelry
i can add my books to my library
problem is
not ALL my books can be added
so i can go to librarything
there i can load ALL my books
to make it FAST to add them
i bought
a cuecat
They're only $15.
They plug into your USB port and read bar codes.
wonder IF there is a library for CD's & DVD's
and VHS videos
now to get the time i need to do it all
then i can put a widget on the blog
and i can add it to my phone
so i don't buy the same book twice

Saturday, April 12

fun flyin'

so, i am flyinf with tina this weekend
havin' fun
in chicago sat nite
there is a threat of snow
i forgot my coat
nyc tomoro nite
not much knitting
been hangin' with FAs
no pollen in Chicago

Friday, April 11

thought i was ready for the toes

looks like a have about 5 more rows
then i can start the toes

Wednesday, April 9

15 rounds to the toe

gauge is 8 st & 10 rows / inch
hopin' to be done tomoro
then i can wear them
this weekend
dropped a stitch 20 rows ago
WHAT to do?

Tuesday, April 8


so, Pam bought a grill
she cooked broccolli & potatoes
grilled pork chops
i made bisquits
and we had the cake
we had fun tonite
watched Idol on TV
the cake had better disappear
or i will look like the side of a barn
it was GREAT!!!!!!!
was gonna knit
but think i will get some


baked a Coca Cola Fudge cake for dessert
when dinner is almost ready
will thro some bisquits in the oven
didn't set off the smoke detector

on gusset decreases

11:11 AM
gotta bake a cake for
dessert fo dinner tonite
ready to turn the heel

1:16 PM
cake is done
sheets & towels are done
roots are adjusted
been a busy day
5 gusset decreases done

Monday, April 7

decided on dessert

who knew it has mini marshmallows in it
bought enuff ingredients to make several
make one tonite
eat it
make another for dinner tomoro
forgot the vanilla ice cream

oh yeah

i DID start the heel flap
will post a pic later

dinner tues

so, Pam bought a grill
when we are both off together
it's fun to cook dinner & have friends over
so, tue we will be having dinner
not sure what the menu will be
i am in charge of dessert
choices are
German Chocolate Cake

problem is
they ALL sound good

gotta decide so i can buy supplies
IF we don't have what we need on hand

last few dayz

it's been raining in ATL
makes for bumpy rides
it washed the pollen out of the air
it's kinda kewl
you walk outside & the ground is COVERED
with this yellow stuff that looks like chalk dust

on Sat,
i flew with Carletha to Leon Mexico
she is FUN!!
the FO speaks Spanish so after he gives
his announcements in English
he repeats them in Spanish
he & I fly together a dew more times
in April

on Sun i worked with Gabby
had a BLAST!!!!!
she loved her coffee sleeve

off for a few days
go to MDW on Fri & Sat
LGA on Sun
home mon afternoon

not much knitting done the past few days
altho i have been reading

Thursday, April 3


so, last nite
Pam & I cooked dinner
using this recipe we made
pineapple upside-down cake in a cast iron skillet
we omitted the cherries
and used crushed pineapple

Pam made cornbread & apple salad
i made White Chicken Chili
used this recipe as a guideline
i used 3 breasts & 3 thighs
boiled the chicken
chopped up an onion
chopped up the cooked chicken
added the onion & chicken back into the pot
forgot garlic, so i used 2 TBL Garlic Pawder
1 - 7 oz can of chopped chilis
1/2 bottle of pickeled jalepenos - chopped
i used 5 cans of beans
purle hull
& pnito & great northern
used the spices reconmended in the recipe
simmered for an hour or so
the chili wasn't too spicy
however, it's not for breakfast


realized i was using #1 circs instead of 1 1/2
it fits
about half way thru the cuff
LOVE the pattern

Wednesday, April 2


car got sick
plugs & wires & ...
i got sick
wax in the ear
stronger meds

i did manage to cook dinner
without setting off the smoke alarm
chicken chili
pineapple-upside down cake
no knitting last day or so
need to clean my room
feel better now
will feel better tomoro