Friday, June 30


can you tell YET what it will be??????

resuming da toy

resuming da toy

Wednesday, June 28

BIG FUN!!!!!!

it was a 2 day, but i had fun with Val
we get to fly together in 18 days again

asked the cpt for his employee # when i was filling out info @ the hotel

he said 8675309 - KNEW something was wrong,
our numbers don't go that hi OR have that many digits

DUH!!!! Tommy Two Tone ..
i love a pilot with a sence of humor

got in about 10PM
go back out tomoro @ 6 AM
laundry is in the dryer
packing can wait till i get up @ 3 am

finished the stocking
it's felting
hope i can stay awake till it's done
taking the toy to work on
maybe the baby blanket

Monday, June 26

short day

due to Mother Nature, i got extra airport appreciation time yesterday,
so i knit on the stocking
can't show you, 'cause then the partner will know it's hers ..
anyways, i am ready for the toe ..
JUST ordered 4 of these ..
will make GREAT Bottle Swap gifts
gotta run errands & knit ..
MOSTLY packed ..
should be home by 10 PM on wed IF Mother Nature is quiet
takin' all 6 of the Start Wars DVD;s
the cpt LOVES Star Wars ...
the Cpt & FO are fun to hang with ..
hopin' for a FUN trip

Wednesday, June 21


i can't show you WHAT i have been knitting ...
it's a SECRET ...

heard you can get buttons for some of the Yahoo Groups ..
wonder where i get them, how do i install them ...

sounds like the washer has quit,
gotta go thro the softener in ..
but the dryer is STILL running

maybe, i can get packed BEFORE it's 11PM tomoro ..
it COULD happen..

anyways ... i am gonna go work on the SURPRISE ..
wanna knit ...

ordered the pattern for this

It's the Beverly Hills Carpet Bag
by Suzanne
ordered it from
Heritage Spinning and Weaving
Price of the Pattern? $12.50 +,$1.50 S&H

it takes 12 skeins Lamb's Pride + 4 skeins Lamb's Pride for the straps
the flowers take MORE yarn .. i have yarn
will do mine in some other color than black
STILL want to do the Mary Poppins bag

yeah, yeah, yeah ..

i HAVE plenty to do ...


Saturday, June 17

well ... it happened AGAIN

i KNOW what i want to do for the Oct kit
the toy will hafta wait ..

so, i am looking for notes
and i FIND some notes that will work for the basic concept
AND i find the graph i need ...
so, life is good
go into the yarn room
pick a yarn .. wind it
lights go out .. but they come back on
go find MORE notes ... LOSE the graph
spend 25 minutes looking for it
lites going on & off ...
it's a GREAT storm ..
anyways ..
better finish packing BEFORE the lights go out again
all i need is KNITTING STUFF
don't want to be stuck,
sitting on the floor waiting for the lights to come back on
so, i go in search of needles
and then i find paper on the floor by the yarn bins
do NOT know how the graph ended up there
need sleep
gotta get up in 4 hours ..
tomoro is a LONG ( 12 hour) day -
5:15 AM - 5:53PM
hopin the storms pass .. it COULD go longer ...
would mean NO knitting

i KEEP loosing stuff ...
think i lost my mind ...
haven't really missed it yet ...

well ...

da toy exchange will PROBABLY be extended
good for me
i can work on the Oct kit

gotta find the yarn i was gonna use

grab the composition & graph paper books
needles / colored pens
HOPING the yarn is wound

i SHOULD be in bed ... asleep ...
for ONCE i am packed

i have flowers

the lilies along the property line are bloomin

i NEED to move them

don't know where to move them

sun light OR shade

don't know WHEN to move them

at least the kid that mows the lawn,

knows NOT to moe them ..

i LOVE this book

Nicky Epstein's Fabulous Felted Bags

you can open a link to see what's inside

Chris wants to make the Bjork bag
it reminds us of the dress that the singer Bjork wore at
some award show ages ago
Nicky calls the bag S'wanderful ..
so we are considering a KAL on

there are a BUNCH of the bags i wanna make ....
1) Fuschias - i WILL be making this bag eventually
it takes 13 skeins of yarn that runs about $5 / skein
2) Parrot Carpet Bag - 15 colors of DK plus the 12 skeins of black
means about $135 for the yarn (knit intarsia)
3) Flapper ( in a different color scheme)
4) Cat and Mouse
5) Wisteria ..
6) Purple Roses - i would do a different color scheme
7) Abbondanza - 8 skeins for embellishments, 11 skeins for purse
purse knit in solid color then the embellsihments are knit and attached ..
and on
someone wants to make Beverly Hills Carpet Bag
no pic yet, but sounds like a bag i will HAFTA make ..
need to run errands & pay bills ...

Friday, June 16


had a GREAT 2 days ..
was told by a passenger,
that i should drink 1 oz of water for every pound i weigh
that would be about 1 1/2 GALLONS ( 180 oz) - when i am on the ground
when i am in the air, i am supposed to drink 8 oz / hour i fly
that would have been an additional 7 - 8 glasses of water today
i would be spending MOST of my time in the lav ..

get to go BACK to Herndon with the same Cpt on Sun
then, near the end of the month,
i do the same trip with 2 pilots who are LOADS fun

HOPIN' that in July,
i get NEW overnites ...
tired of Herndon ..
want to see MORE of the country ..

gonna crash ..
i am BEAT

Can ya tell what it is?

Can ya tell what it is?

Thursday, June 15

da TOY

da TOY

Baby Blanket - started 2PM Sat

knit in church before the wedding ceremony

DURING the ceremony & at the reception

then, sun while the family was around .

Wednesday, June 14

DONE with the bag

gotta get ready to fly tomoro

gotta pack - laundry IS done

gotta go to the bank & post office

gotta re-polish finger & toe nails

gonna pack the toy for the exchange on

and the baby blanket

gotta buy some food, the frige is empty



pattern = Plymouth Yarn Co P556 Felted Argyle Bag

Designed by Debbie Barisa

pattern used # 1White Galway i used 287 Loganberry Karaoke

i used more than 3 & less than 4 skeins

pattern used # 31 Blue Galway i used 288 Mermaid Karaoke

i used more than 1 & less than 2 skeins

pattern used # 102 Red i used 296 Fuschia Karaoke

i used more than 1 & ess than 2 skeins

pattern used Gold Rush i used Ananas # 109

used less than 1 skein

started around Wed May 24 - finished Tue June 13

after felting 20 minutes it's

17" across and about 12" deep

the pattern has the straps being white

i did the inside straps in Mermaid & Fuschia

the outer straps in Loganberry

the pattern got REALLY beat-up as i knit

colors look better in REAL LIFE

this pic makes it look orange ..

now to decide IF i keep OR gift it ..

can't think of anyone that is WORTHY!!!!

da stitchin'

my fingers are SORE ..

but i LOVE the bag ..

putting the straps on ..

first set of stitches in

i GOT it ..

once my brain wasn't filled with TTTTOOOOOO much stuff to deal with

i was THINKING it to much

now i feel like a dunce for NOT grasping the concept the first time ....

putting the stitchesd in

Debbie said to put the stitches in while the bag is damp..

here goes ..

: )

WOW!!!!!!!! I LOVE this bag

it's from Interweave Knits magazine Fall 2005 issue.
a kit can be ordered from
there is a KAL @
ALTHO, if i am gonna make it,
i would put the flowers on the back as well as the front

DEBBIE BARISA did it again

thank you Debbie Barisa for another EXCELLENT pattern

will invert the bag to dry
later, i will attach the straps

hopin' i can carry it Sat = my day off

felted straps

the i-cord felted REALLY well

i evened them up a bit with scissors

NOW to assemble

and HOPE it dries overnite so i can carry it later today

DONE felting

DONE felting

it didn't shrink that much

but i LOVE the way Karaoke felts

it is NOW tomoro .. i NEED to go to bed

Tuesday, June 13

almost done felting

most of the stitches have lost definition

joined straps

long straps

took all day

i couldn't just sit & knit 45" of icord ...


bt they are FINALLY done ..


time to felt

stupid yahoo

ONCE again, yahoo is being a PAIN
can't read my list mail
AND you guessed it ..
my e-mail is down
all i can do
is pop a DVD that i borrowed from my brother in
and KNIT
MOST of the laundry is done
still gotta pack
COULD go to the bank & post office ..
but NOT in the mood to put on shorts
( need to shave my legs)
and flip-flops
( NEED to polish my toenails)
not in the mood to i-cord .. but once it's done
i can FELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW comes the difficult task of picking a DVD to watch

Monday, June 12

the bottom of the bag

started the straps

hopin' to felt tomoro


it's 19" across

it's 17" deep

can't get the stitching to look right

will wait till after it's felted

Done Knitting Now i Gotta Sew it Together

Done Knitting Now i Gotta Sew it Together

GOTTA polish my toenails ..







STILL working

JUST finished tier 11 ..

BTW, using Ananas - color 109

for the stitching ..

NEW Sock Blockers

got these from chappy

want a set for yourself??

e-mail chappy

she can put ANYthing you want at the top

this is my 2nd & 3rd pair ..

first pair was DUCKS

she made the stitch markers too

checkin' in ... catchin' up

my oldest nephew got married this weekend, so i headed north on fri
SHOULD have taken the shawl i knit a while back
it was cool for June
took the bag i am knitting .. would have finished it if i hadn't made a minor mistake ..
th lighting in the church made reading difficult ...
guess maybe, i was a bit tired as well ..
but JUST in case, i brought a baby afghan to work on ..

Lorna's Laces Happy Valley( i think)
could NOT figure out what i had done and so .. due to the low lighting
instead of ripping what i had done, i started a diagonal dishcloth ..
i am on the 3rd skein of the afghan now
( well minus what i used on the FIRST afghan)
my neice ( the groom's sister) pointed out i owe
her TWO blankets for her kids ..
yup, i KNOW
the groom's cousin is ALSO pregnant, she is expecting a girl
so, i ended up staying till this morning instead of the planned

return home yesterday afternoon
it was GREAT to see my brother & his kids & GrandKids
so, i go to the post office today and i have a package to pick up

while i am waiting in line, i filled out the notice for Jury Duty in Fort Wayne ..
should NOT have to go since i live in Indy .. but you NEVER know ..
got home, put laundry in ..

gotta get the bag packed to go again on Thur ..
know who i will be working with .. she is FUN!!
hopin' we can figure something to do in Herndon .. i COULD knit ..
so, now i open the box from chappy which contain

the sock blockers i ordered AND some more stitch markers ...
washer stopped ..
time for softener ..

getting off to work on the bag ...
bought the yarn for the top stitching today ..
it's kinda textured & it's varigated ..
NOT what i went in the LYS for
but WILL look fabulous none the less ...

THREE more loads of laundry and i can PLAY
or nap ..
my brother has the CUTEST puppy
she is a Chesapeake Retreiver
but she whines @ nite ..
didn't sleep as good as i would have liked last nite ..
KEWL!! washer is done ..
can thr the clothes in the dryer & hang up the shirts ..

Friday, June 9

So, I found the baby afghan

So, I found the baby afghan

i'm NOT sure when i started this ...

thinkin' it was to be for my Great Nephew who will turn 4 in a month ..

but ANYWAYS!!!

it's mitered squares ...

guess i have wanted to do mitered squares for a while


i THOUGHT it was gonna be a diagonal dishcloth ..

i DO know the yarn ..

it's Lorna's Lace Superwash Worsted

BUMMER, didn't see the color on the website

HOPIN' i can figure out WHAT i was doin'

doubt i wrote it down

wouldn't know where it was IF i wrote it down

gonna start writing things down ..

may have to write it HERE!!!!

TIer 10

BASICALLY, i have been working on this since about Thur May 25

so about 2 WEEKS of knitting in ..

it's taking awhile ..

don't knit much when i am home ..


i am 1/3 of the way around the bag

on tier 10

there are 4 more tiers to go

tier 11 is a tier that i start binding off ..

goin' to my brother's house, so i will HOPEFULLY

get to knit alot

which mean ....

i SHOULD finish the bag part ..

maybe even the straps

takin' a baby blanket to work on

i NEED to polish my toenails ..

Thursday, June 8

Still knitting

finished MY refresher - 99% on the written test

passed the hands on the FIRST time

waiting on others to finish ..

it's been a LONG day ....

i just want to go home to bed ...

my brain is drained


i was told,

in THIS pic,

i look like a refugee, waiting to be rescued

tier 9

so, i am slowly making progress ...
several pilots & FA saw it today ...
1 of the Chicago based FA wants to try entrelac
has NEVER made a felted bag ..
i'm about 1/2 done with Tier 9 (out of 14)
gotta get up in about 6 hours,
so i am gonna head to bed ..
will probably get to knit more tomoro
and i will try to take a progress pic ..
tomoro, i gotta find the baby blanket to work on
will need something for when i complete the bag
gotta stop Fri @ the LYS in Carmel & Westfield to see if
i can find the yarn for the stitching thru the diamonds ..
it will make the bag a TRUE Argyle
i started the bag on around Wed May 24th ..
so i have been working on it for about 2 weeks ...

Tuesday, June 6


lemons float

limes sink

On Tier 8 - Gotta Find Food

finished tier 7 ( decrease left leaning)

started tier 8 (right leaning)

my stomach is HUNGRY

time to go to the grocery ...

and run errands ...

what i have discovered ..

the pink yarn is thick & thin and seems to be a

bigger skein than the teal & magenta

but i LOVE this yarn .

hope it felts as well as the last one did ..

hope to know on FRIDAY ..

gotta get ribbon for the felting ..

MORE i wanna do ..

on someone wanted a miser bag
Judith Prindle created a crocheted one here
thinkin' it shouldn't be ttooo hard to figure a knit one
use it INSTEAD of a coin purse
LIKE i need something else to do ..
hopin' i finish the Argyle Bag soon ..
then i can start the toy for
gotta look for the baby blanket ..
takin' it with me to the wedding to work on ..
i got an idea floating in my brain for the OCT KIT for
now i gotta figure what yarn to use
and find a vendor that will be able to supply the yarn WHEN i need it
it's about quarter till noon ..
gonna finish the tier BEFORE i go do something ...
gotta go to the grocery .. OR i hafta cook ...
tired of burning dinner / lunch ...

MY mon = tues for the rest of you

there was a little girl on the plane coming home that
will be TWO the same day i turn 49
this weekend was fun ..
didn't go out of the hotel, except @ Atlanta to eat ..
got a long stretch off ..
nephew is getting married this weekend,
so i have about 10 days off
LOTS of knitting time ..
gotta organize my knitting room, which will clear out the bedroom
gotta pick up lemons & limes and yogurt from the grocery ..
frige is EMPTY ...
speaking of lemons & limes
limes are smaller
lemons float
limes don't
gotta do something .. even if it's wrong

Monday, June 5

Sunday, June 4

rainbow in Atlanta

it was raining when we arrived last nite ..

going back to my room to knit for a few hours before headin' home

Starting The Decrease Tier

19" across &10 1/2 deep

more knitting later tonite in Atlanta

YUP!!!! more clouds

MORE clouds


Saturday, June 3

Friday, June 2

progress as of 6:11PM

got to knit on the plane between flights

NOW i gotta go back to work