Sunday, July 29

Limeade Sox

pattern MINE
will be available Aug 1
Crystal Palace Panda Wool
color is Limeade
# 2 addi turbos
started a while ago
finished about 8 pm tonite

Saturday, July 28


it's 10:30 sat nite
i am 20 rounds from the toe
will i finish them in JULY???
lost the pattern
thought i had it on the 'puter
not on the phone either
and can't find the little red book
that has the pattern in it
i kinda know how to do a toe

Friday, July 27

Elaine knit some KEWL sox

stocking (Sox for the Mantle) pattern
can be coverted to sox for the feet

Thursday, July 26


after several fits & starts
i got the tag for the car
i am "LEGAL" to drive
in GA
i like the Ga plate
only down here
it's called a tag
off to bed
gotta get up in 7 (or so) hours
home tomoro nite 'bout 11 PM
fly LATE Mon nite
home LATER Fri nite
Nancy's package could arrive Mon morn
i COULD take it with me
but i GOTTA finish the Limeade sox first


i am SLOWLY working on sox
the SeaWool are down to the gusset decrease
i picked up the Limeade Panda Wool
they are about the same place
gonna try to finish the Limeade first
Nancy is sending me something WONDERFUL
to test knit
the Stock is felted
the test knitter has dubbed it
will post a pic in a day or 3
i gotta finish sox before i start
or whatever Nancy has
sent for me to play with
who knows
i mite get to the gloves before fall hits

Wednesday, July 25

and in the mail TODAY

in the mail today

i received a 1/2 gal of OJ

well the Bottle was an OJ bottle

the Bottle made it's journey

starting in the Netherlands

and what was in the bottle you ask

CHECK it out

COTTON sock yarn - gonna go buy needles so i can start

1 skein of trekking

some tea bags

a candle

a NEAT orange pen

a pencil

a magnet

some Wilhelmina Pepemunt

and a KUTE charm from here


stitch markers

it was so sweet

now to hide the stitch markers from Deb


I love EVERYTHING these are the INCREDIBLE stitch Markers
made by Sally's Daughter Yilin
Deb wonders where to get the rings

and here is a better pic
of ALLLLL the goodies i was gifted
2 kinds of candy
Little Nestles Crunch & Loakers
a wafer cookie
a box of English Tea No. 1from Ahmad Tea of London
6 little Sheep clips ( for hair ??)
6 wooden clips - paper clips w/animal heads
can use them as a bookmark
a little note from Sally
4 kinds of tea bags
MEANT to take some with me
going in the bag in a minute
TenRen Chrysanthemum Tea
BOH Seri Songket (lemon with mandarin)
Jasmine Green - LOVE them separatly
curious about them togethere
BOH Cameronian Gold Blend

so, this is the box before i took anything out

Monday, July 23


if you have an EXPIRED License Plate
don't thro it away
i want one of these for me
they would also make great gifts
email me & i will tell you where to
send YOUR expired plates
i will pay for the postage
i figure i NEED something
wild to celebrate

Sunday, July 22


The frisby turns "50"

It's 1 day older than me

2 years ago today

I stepped on a jet
Went O'Hare to Columbus
I went Atlanta to Columbus

Wednesday, July 18

NEW group

Nancy opened a yarn store
that means NEW YARNS
what do you do with new yarn
knit things
since Nancy & I like to design stuff
with new yarns
we started a new group
Nancy gets the yarns in the store
we make up patterns
the SeaWool sox will be MY first offering
the STOCK will be my 2nd

current SIP

the yarn is SeaWool
think the color is Marine
# 2 needles
pattern will be available Oct 1
2 sox - 2 circs - 1 ball of yarn
working from both ends of the ball
if you notice
the sox are different colors

i LIKE that

Tuesday, July 17

just a peek

here is a pic of the heel that Deb turned
she is test-knitting my STOCK

here are the sox that Elaine test knit

the other side will be availble for view shortly

test knitter

Thursday, July 12


NOW what do i pack to knit this weekend ???
another pair of sox ??
i COULD start the SeaWool sox
now where did i put the stitch pattern
i intended to use
they WILL be for MOI!!!!!
am i packed?
are you kidding
i can do it when i get up in the morning
gotta get some sleep


Deb can do a HAPPY DANCE in her "NEW" sox
hopin' the umbrellas
scare away the rain we have had
the last few days
they are finished in time for her to wear
them to work on Casual Friday
Yarn - rain colored - who knows
rainbow colored yarn is probably Regia
Needles 2 - # 2 Addi turbos
pattern - MINE
will i be writing up the pattern
probably not
traditonal heel
rounder heel turn
top down - started with the colored peaks
thinkin' they were done the summer that
Jill in Defiance was on Whenever
60 stitches
gauge is 8 st & 10 rounds / inch
Deb LOVES her sox

thought i thanked

This is from Sue in Australia
it's my Sprin Dishcloth Swap
got it 6-29 in Ga
3 candles
2 candy bars
2 dishcloths


all i have to do is
duplicate stitch the umbrella handles
gotta find some white

Monday, July 9

sox ... :)

not alot of knitting this weekend
too busy havin' fun
i mite get these finished by the time i
turn "50"

this is the back side of the socks
done with the gusset decreases

this is the front side of the sox
i missed a few umbrellas

Saturday, July 7


so, i decided to finish some UFO's before i start
something new
these were started in 2002 or 2003
it's when i first started beading my sox
and doing intarsia on sox
no clue what the yarn is
the umbrella handles are duplicate stitched on

Friday, July 6

yahoo down ... again

when i am home
yahoo is up in fits & starts
was trying to read email last nite
it went out again
so far, it's out again this morning
probably won't get to read much email this weekend
limited access in the hotels

gotta get ready for work
mite get time about mon to read email


the last month or so has been CRAZY
found out end of may
that i was transferring to Atlanta
that meant,
pack up & move 600 miles
my Neice & her husband came
down to help
then she came with the kids
the kids discovered ALL kinds of toys
i had the Felted Flock
Gracie decided she liked the piggy
all four of them went back to Peru with the Kids
had swaps i was working on
bought a book for a book swap
the same day i bought groceries
lost the book
a few days later, found the book in the
fridge with the groceries
some swap packages were in the trunk
some in the car
some got moved from one place to another
the bag for Spring Felted Exchange & ITE 4
were 80% assembled
the goodies & the unfinished bags were put
with the mailing envelope
the plan was to take them to Atlanta to finish
then to mail
since other envelopes were sealed to be mailed
they got sealed & mailed as well
Tiff came down from Chicago
and was an MAJOR help
received some stuff in the mail
from swaps
they got packed up as well
i still have bruises up & down my legs
i can finally (after a week) knit sox again
picked up a pair i started in 2003
ready for the gusset decrease
at the same time i was throwing away, sorting & packing
i was trying to get the Sept Kit for whenever accomplished
THANK YOU Nancy for getting me the yarn
thanks for the pattern & graph help
Got the yarn to Elaine for the Sox
got the yarn to Deb for the Stock
talked to Elaine last nite
sox mite be done in a week
she is coming to Atlanta for a wedding
i will be flying to DCA, LGA or MDW while she is here
Deb is making progress on the Stock
can't show you pix
it's forbidden
so, you will have to wait until I get to knit them
then i can show a pic Sept 1
gotta do laundry, pack
pack the lunchbox
i fly in 7 hours

Thursday, July 5

Stitch Markers

I received 2 of the 3 sets of stitch markers
will try to upload pix
one set was received by K Anne
2 more out there somewhere
in postal limbo
signups for the FALL STITCH MARKER EXCHANGE is on