Wednesday, February 28


so i have a few projects goin' on
the Bjork is waiting on more yarn
i could technically finish the head
JUST got the yarn for the English Garden Bag
now i need the time to finish it
JUST got the yarn for the Onyx Brown Sheep Shawl
have 3 or 4 pair of sox on hold
a shawl that i don't like the looks of
but NOT the yarn i am using
when does a WorkInProgress become an UnFinishedObject
or worse
become designate to go back to YarnInWaiting
this usually involves
frogging & rewinding the yarn
like the shawl - it will make
a GREAT bag/tote/purse
it is now balls of YIW
so i was at Meijer's for something
and i saw these 5 drawer towers
i NEED one to corral the hat, scarves, mittens & gloves
i am hoping the lost pair of mittens & the lost glove
so i bought 2
will use one for WIP & UFO
all 5 drawers all full
altho, for some reason
the dishcloth yarn is in one of the drawers
it SHOULD go back into the room with all the
other YIW since i am not currently working on a dishcloth
dont' want too much of the yarn on the loose
i will probably have to get a 3rd tower
since there are other WIP/UFO in the
living room, bedroom & by the 'puter
there are 2 or 3 bags i am working on
NOT counting the ITE3 bag
i gotta finish it so i can work
on the gloves
then there are hats & gloves to be knit
not even 7 PM & i am ready for a nap
didn't make it to Strange Brew
gotta call & wish a friend Happy Birthday
then i gotta work on the bag
i SHOULD be able to finish it tonite
then i can get the rest of the "BOTTLE" together
and get that mailed before i fly on Fri

and i thought i knit WILD stuff

this is NOT for the faint of heart or prudish
i mite have to knit one
JUST to say i did

Tuesday, February 27

it WAS a fluke

i made chili
it was easy
i didn't have an accident of ANY magnitude
it was not only edible,
it was downright tasty
on the tail of yesterday's cooking experience
i went to wally*world
had to get a bigger "BOTTLE" for the partner
bought more chili stuff
this time i bought 2 different
(than yesterday) kinds of beans
the first batch
i overcooked
the black bean chili is REALLY dry
then i overcooked the hamboiger for the red beans
i ended up
taking out a serving of the red
adding the too dry black into the red
cooking for a few minutes
dividing it up
in the future
i will buy a variety of beans
to keep in the cupboard
when i make chili
i will make a bigger batch so i
don't have to cook AS often
and there is a lesser chance of overcooking
bought raspberry newtons
while i was there
haven't seen them in a while
wanted the cranberry trail
mix w/chocolate
but they were out
so i wandered the cookie aisle
chocolate cookies didn't look good
i am off to finish assembling the "BOTTLE"
so that tomoro i can mail it
tomoro is knitting @ Strange Brew
i will be able to make it
i hope i can find something to knit
yeah right ... JUST kidding
will probably take the English Garden bag
it's almost mindless knitting at this stage
OR i mite take a dishcloth to knit
then i can put it in the "BOTTLE"
will decide in the morning
crap ..
it's almost 10 o'clock
no wonder i am tired
maybe i will go to bed

St Patrick's Day Sox

this is the ORIGINAL sock that Bethany Lankin designed
around 2001
it's no longer available FREE on the web
you can buy it from Bethany

in 2001 Sharon McCarter changed them for a friend
Kath's St. Pats Socks

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH new addi's for lace knitting

i can get custom sized circs

mar sked

so i got my sked for march
i should be able to make the first Indy Knitters @ Panera Bread
on Emerson Southport
should be able to make 3 of 4 meetings @ Strange Brew
should be able to make ALL 5 meetings
at Panera on 82nd
get 6 days off is a row
on tue the 13th or fri 16th i should be able
to go visit a friend in Rockville
home on St Pat's Day
wonder if anyone ELSE is
looks like a FUN sked for the most part
get to stay in
Atl on Fri nite - maybe i'll get to meet Deb from WhoDuKnits
Hou on sat - i can get chili spices
dca sun afternoon - think it's too early for cherry blossoms
could find out where we stay in relation to
arlington cemetery
visit mom's grave
haven't been there since i am guessing 1969
get to stay @ Dulles & DCA later in the month
mite get to see Matt or Carol
LaGuardia a few times
Midway a few times
could get together with Tiff
24 hours in Denver .. with TODD ..
Cedar Rapids end of the month with a
late show the next day
wonder IF i can visit with Ang
goin' to bed
on the agenda
finish ITE3
finish the "BOTTLE"
start the gloves
finsih English Garden
Finish Bjork as much as possible
work on sox
only home 3 more days

Monday, February 26


i DIDN'T blow up the kitchen
the chili was sorta easy
i cheated
1 pound hamburger (note to self, next time get the better grade)
1 15 oz {HUNTS} can seasoned diced tomato sauce for chili
1 15.5 oz can kidney beans

made 3 bowls
dinner tonite
breakfast tomoro
plus one left over till i get to grocery
& get more stuff
yogurt cheese is in the making
diswasher is running
when i don't eat @ home
i don't manage to dirty many dishes
i use cups / mugs & glasses
gonna go work on the ITE3 bag
it's almost 10 PM
no wonder i am tired

white chili

printer is working again

chili recipes .. who knew

there are some interesting chili recipes
IF you want to feed a small army
or third world nation
forgot cumin
and i KNOW who Barry Goldwater is
i don't remeber chili being such an ordeal
facts about how it originated
oh well
i will just try to fake it
if i don't get off the 'puter
the beef won't get cooked

ok, so i CAN'T cook

i rarley cook
it's a effort for me with being the only
one in the house
i like to cook
i LIKE to eat
so Cathy has been talking about chili
i went to the grocery
and could NOT remember how to make chili
i prefer the white chili so i bought canned chicken
& 2 kinds of white beans
then i went & bought 1 pound of hamburger
and 2 kinds of red beans
and some tomato sauce
and chili spices
ya think i could figure out how to
thro it ALL together
gotta google
if ya don't hear from me in a coupla days
send someone to make sure
i didn't blow up the kitchen

Cat Bordhi has a new book comin' out

available April 07

it's on my wish list

more things to help knitters

created by Marsh Glick Graphics
she had a Knitting Needle Organizer
My Yarn Stash
can't find the links to them
things to do
can't play on the internet
i found the scarf pattern i wrote up
that i wanted to use for the
cuff for the gloves for Penny
hope Penny doesn't think i am a DOLT!!
it was on the almost dead 'puter
where i found the above stuff
gotta go get a bigger "BOTTLE" for the swap partner
finish the bag after i get more yarn
get needles for the gloves
have the pattern i want printed
have the scarf pattern printed
have the yarn
not sure it will work for fingers on
all is good in my world today


this is a bag ..
well it will be once i weave in the ends
finish knitting the strap
knit the pocket
knit the flap to cover the snap
felt the whole shebangs
the pattern is one i made up as i knit
the yarn is Plymouth BOKU
used 3 skeins so far
95% wool
5% silk
color 1
the flap is on the left, the diamonds
on the right are actually attached to the back
and will be sewn (attached) to the front

this is the back

this is the strap
i ran out of yarn
once i get more yarn, i will finish the bag
the hope is that it will be starting it's
journey south on Sat Mar 3

oh yeah
the bag is being made for a SECRET PAL on

Sunday, February 25

possible patterns for St Pat's Sox

on Pink Lemon Twist Mar 14, 06
i saw green sox that would be great for St Pat's Day
they utilized the Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib
by Barbara Walker
pattern found in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns
good thing i read the rest of the epic about sox
this MITE be a future sock pattern for me
it will be a math experiment to get the pattern
she added a few extra purls
but ended up with uneven # for instep & heel
i will be doing these (AS ALWAYS) on 2 circs
so i will have to make a few adjustments on the numbers
she also posted a tip about the stair step
decreases on gussets
she got the info from Dave
Slip one knitwise, slip one purlwise,
slip both stitches back to the left needle
and knit through the back.
THEN - on the next round (the "work even" round)
you knit this stitch through the back so its twisted.
will try this tip when i get to a gusset decrease on
a pair of socks
in the mean time
today is gone
it's 8 PM
gotta take another antibiotic
gonna go work on the stuff for the "BOTTLE"
maybe finish the bag for ITE3
think i know what i am doing
the pattern for the gloves should be available soon
gotta get yarn & needles
i have some Merino i bought @ Mass Ave
Lucy Neatby makes a Merino
got some @ Stitches & Scones
i COULD finish the English Garden Bag
IF i could decide what i am gonna
embellish it with
tomoro i go buy needles for the gloves
for Penny
then i hafta figure out what i did for the scarf
& hat so it kinda matches
getting off to make toast
the tea is cold
gonna make MORE tea too

been looking for these sox ALL day

Kath's St. Pats Socks

there is NO pattern

the original pattern was created
by Bethany Lankin
it had 4 leaf clovers on them
Sharon converted the 4 leaf clovers
to shamrocks

i contacted Bethany to get the pattern

i should be able to whip up a pair
out of woolese in time to wear them
in 2007

next, i will convert the pattern to fingering weight for 2008

OK, looking at the pictures i can PROBABLY figure out the pattern
i think i will wait a week
i have other things to do at this time
they look easy enuff to make
it's been a GREAT day!!

gotta figure out how to join

St Patrick's Day

been online looking for a pattern to make St Pat's sox
came across this article here's_Day_Crafts

The History of St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland and the man who brought Christianity to Ireland. Born in England, he was stolen from his well-to-do family and sold into slavery in Ireland.
He was a shepherd for six years in Ireland before he escaped. Since his work kept him away from people, he spent a lot of time praying. On return to England, he was guided by a vision to go back to Ireland and spread the word of God.

He incorporated traditional Irish symbols such as fire and the sun into Christian religious symbols to make conversion easier for Irish people who until that time were pagan. He established many churches in Ireland, was made a bishop in his lifetime, and later, a saint.
His saint day is celebrated March 17, believed to be the anniversary of Patrick’s death in the fifth century. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in the New York City in 1762. Since that time, St. Patrick’s Day has been a day of celebrating Irish culture, and remembering the myths surrounding Patrick. He did not, for instance, actually get rid of the snakes.
Wearing o’ the green
Some of the simplest St. Patrick’s Day crafts involve that tradition of wearing something green on St. Patrick’s Day.
This can be as simple as making a top hat out of construction paper for the kids or making green, white and orange jewelry items (in the colors of the Irish flag). You could make beaded wreaths out of these three colors of pony beads (or just green, or just green and white) that you could then make into pins.
Or use seed beads to make a green, white and orange necklace with matching earrings. You can also find Irish and Celtic charms to incorporate into jewelry. A great idea is to get some St. Patrick’s inspired ribbon, make a bow, attach a charm with wire or ribbon, and attach a pin to the back. Wear this on your shirt, coat or purse, or attach to a ponytail holder and wear it in your hair!
St. Patrick’s Day drinks
The traditional (or at least most famous) festive drink for St. Patrick’s Day is green beer, there are many other options for festive drinks.
For instance, you could use the same recipe as given above for green beer (16 ounces of beer and three to six drops of green food coloring) to make green apple juice, green ginger ale, or green any kind of clearish liquid.
Another fun drink for a St. Patrick’s Day party would involve a container of lime sherbet and ginger ale or lemon-lime soda. Make up a batch by allowing the sherbet to melt slightly and filling a pitcher with it and the soda, or make individual cups by putting a scoop of sherbet in the bottom and filling the rest with soda. This makes a sweet, festive drink for all ages.
Clover everywhere
Another traditional symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is the shamrock or four-leaf clover. Both are thought to bring luck and prosperity.
You can decorate your house with shamrocks and four-leaf clovers easily by cutting the shape out of construction paper and making a wreath, making shapes out of felt and using them as coasters, or cutting shamrocks out of fabric and appliquéing them to a placemat, table cloth, table runner or napkin.
Another great way to add shamrocks, and the color green, to your home is to plant some shamrocks. You can find shamrock plants at grocery and garden supply stores before the holiday, and they are very easy to take care of.
All a shamrock asks is occasional water, some sunlight and a regular pruning. the life cycle of a shamrock is such that the stems turn brown regularly, so you have to get rid of those. The plant will act like it’s trying to push itself out of the soil, but that’s OK. And if the whole thing dies back, don’t give up on it. Just keep giving it more water and it will probably eventually come back to life.
I won’t say shamrocks are impossible to kill, but it is really, really hard. No wonder they are a symbol of the Irish!

and of course THESE are a must get

think i have the one on the left

can't find out anything about the one on the right

tried googlin

everything is outdated

i WANT this book

ya can't get it on amazon

every year about this time
i get nostalgic for

ARAN sweaters & sox and hat .. etc
Argyle sweaters, sox, hats .. etc
Kilt Hose

must be because we are aproaching St Pat's Day
my ancestors came from Ireland
the knitter in me wants to connect to the past
i would LOVE to make a family crest sweater
however i went to
they don't list the last name of my supposed "Irish" ancestors
what is UP with that
of course
then i would have to investigate the tartan
that would lead to socks
i could make my own


i get assigned a partner
i go buy a mailing container = "BOTTLE"
i start to accumulate stuff to fill the "BOTTLE" with
i scour the overnites for stuff to put in it
didn't find anything in NYC
as i find stuff, i put it in the "BOTTLE"
and sometimes, in the kitchen or living room

last nite
i was assembling the "BOTTLE"
and the stuff won't ALL fit
WHAT to do ???
well i guess there are 2 soultions
1 some stuff doesn't go - it was bought FOR this individual

so, this morning, i am kitchen
drinking tea - it's ok, i only have 4 more bags
and eating toast
hafta eat more with the antibiotics

i see something on the counter
WHAT is it & why is it on the counter
ya guessed it .. something that HAS to go into the "BOTTLE"

so, the "BOTTLE" will not go out tomoro as planned
i will have to go look for a bigger "BOTTLE"
then i will probably have to use some packing material IF
there is room in the "BOTTLE"
there IS that possiblilty

as i walk into the bedroom on the way to the bath
i see a box with stuff that needs assembly
the end product
you guess it
to go into the "BOTTLE"
so, today i will work on finishing up assembly of the "BOTTLE"
so that when i get a Bigger "BOTTLE" i can pack it & send it Tues

and then i will work on the bag for ITE3
all i gotta do is the strap - it's got me stumped
the bag i saw in my mind & my hands created it with circ & yarn
just don't have a vision of what the strap is supposed to look like

have tried 2 options
NONE have worked so far
i think i know what to try next
do the strap & attach after it's made
i want to finish the bag so i can felt it
and the flowers & vase
i have the yarn & i think the strap idea
to finish the English Garden bag i started
in like OCT
want to finish the Bjork as much as possible
so that when the yarn comes in
i can finish that
will turn it into a basket (Abby's idea)

they will wait for now
i gotta Bust on the mittens
got the yarn & basic pattern
if i can't find the needles, i will buy more
can't find the notes on what i did for the hat or scarf
so i will hafta wing it
they won't take very long to knit
then there are 4 pairs of sox on needles
i NEED a pair for St Pat's Day
here are 2 aran type
both use worsted = woolese
however i don't wear worsted
if i made them i would NOT be doing cream / oatmeal
they would be green
i am hoping Bethany Lankin sends me her pattern in time
it's made with oatmeal & green woolese
i can ALWAYS convert it to sport OR fingering at a later date

can't show ya what i've been up to today

JUST in case,
my partner Carol reads my blog
i can't show ya what i did today
after she received her "From the Heart" swap
i can reveal what i made her

Saturday, February 24

Goodies in the box

so i open the box
in no particular order
it WAS at the top of my list to acquire
i have it now ... 70 patterns ..
which one did i want to make
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas Stockings on page 3
not 1 but 2 pair of socks with entrelac
page 31 = harlequin & entrelac socks on page 37
there are so many more pairs in there
i LOVE the book
oh yeah, i got yarn
Lang Jawoll Jacquard - # 820153
and CHAI
in a brand i have never seen before but will look for
it's fabuloso .. drinkin' a cup as i type
there is also some green tea that i used to have in the
cupboard before i drank it all
HOW did you know ???
another blue chibi
ya can't have too many chibis
a tape measure that resembles a clown
a Snag Nab-it ( never seen one of these)
it repairs snags
how did i live without one
mite have to get one for the bottle swap
and inside the heart shaped box
that is NOT filled with chocolate
it doesn't rattle
wonder WHAT is in the box
OH MY!!!!
Regia Bamboo
i haven't tried this yarn yet
color # 1067
not sure WHAT will become of this yarn
it's destined to be something special
for everything
gonna go take a nap
i'll dream of sox
hope my box to you is as good

a MOST excellant card

the card is yarn drying
i think
it's hanks of yarn
there is no real chocolate in the
heart chaped box
i am struggling to keep the
weight off that i lost
don't you agree
it's a MOST excellant card

Carol sent me "AIR"

i thought she was kidding
she wasn't
i SHOULD send it back

candy wouldn't fit in the box :(

there is supposed to be sock yarn & a sock pattern inside
it's a REALLY big box

candy in the mail

got the candy a few days ago
strawberry cremesavers

got this in the mail today

sock knitting patterns
from lots of friends

From the Heart Swap on Sockamaniacs

so i am on Sockamaniacs
yeah another sock knitting group
anyways .. we are just finishing up a swap
Carol sent me some candy .. yup .. candy
she forgot to put it in with the rest of the stuff
she mailed it the same day as the rest of the stuff
the candy arrived FIRST ..
2 whole days ahead of the rest of the stuff
anyways .. went to PO today to mail the dishcloths for the
swap on InKnits (forgot to take Carol's swap)
and there was a box
we are exchanging sock yarn & a sock pattern
it's a REALLY big box
Carol just told me it is full of air <VBG>
doesn't FEEL like just air

anyways .. gonna open it in a few
gotta get hers ready to go out Monday
can't show you what i am gonna whip up
'cause i don't want to spoil the 'sprise AND
i gotta get the Bottle Swap ready to go out as well
on Monday for the Sock of the Whenever Group
there is STILL the bag for ITE3 to finish & send out
and the mittens for Penny i thought i had the pattern
now i can't find it again
will just hafta print another one off knitty
anyways ...
pressies await .. i feel like a kid at Christmas
back later to report

heels & toes ... OH MY!!

things a knitter needs - THANK YOU sockamaniac

oh yeah
the blog is

Friday, February 23

sinus infection

so i got a MAJOR sinus infection this time
my skin was so dry, when i smiled
my lips cracked & bled
i looked like i was frothing at the nose & mouth
guess i was severly dehydrated
after sleeping 13 hours & pushing water
and taking the antibiotics
i feel almost human again
not dizzy
hopin' tomoro i feel good enuff to
accomplish something
laundry .. repack ..
finish the bag for ITE3
will write up the pattern before i forget what
i did ... JUST in case i decide i want
to make a 2nd one
had a few FA's ask if i could make THEM one
yeah ..
i will tell them double the yardage of the yarn
anyways ..
i feel tired again
i haven't had to use the benedryl to sleep
contacts are starting to bother me
i SHOULD crash
oh yeah
in Nov i bought a box of hair color
before i decided to go to the PRO
who screwed it up
anyways .. it's sitting there
under the bathroom sink
my roots REALLY need adjusting
so i used it
it's a bit darker than i wanted
then i saw the scissors
maybe i can get a pic later




ya gotta read them in case the ending changes

i kinda catnapped last nite

when i woke up & couldn't sleep

i read

it was hard to put the book down as always

got the circle trilogy Nora Roberts

some Knitting who dun its

some knitting novels


still on the strap of the ITE3

couldn't concentrate to knit

not goin' anywhere tonite

well .. headin for a nap

need food so i can tak the 2nd antibiotic of the day


so i headed for the grocery for yogurt
i am NOT allowed dairy till i get off the antibotic
2 hours before or 4 hours after taking it
that means TTTOOOOOOOOOO much planning on my part
i am lucky IF i remember to eat
looks like tuna fish sandwiches for a few days
can't eat Provolone on them
i HATE being sick
i did sleep about 13 hours
i am feeling better
don't feel like i got himt in the face with a baseball bat
did manage to get some of the printed stuff off
the desk & into binders
  1. Mitered Square
  2. Entrelac
  3. Dishcloths & towels
  4. SOX
  5. Bags

need more bunders

  1. Shawls
  2. Hats, Scarves & Mittens
  3. outer garments
  4. bowls, vases & flowers
  5. tips & hints
  6. misc

thinkin' of knitting up a few bookmarks for the

exchange partners since i am NOT gonna go anywhere today

got yarn & needles

googled for patterns

music meme

1. Total amount of music files on your computer? 3600+ (half my cd's)
2. CD you last bought? Rod Stewart's latest
3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? BonJovi live while i'm alive i'll sleep when i'm dead
4. 5 songs you often listen to, or which mean a lot to you?
  1. If your'e goin' thru Hell - Rodney Atkins

5. 3 you’ll pass this on to & why:

Thursday, February 22

yup .. sinus infection

the good news
it's ALL in my head
as in NOT in the lungs

tonsils are irritated
BP = 130/90 or was it 70
weigh 183 pounds @ dr office
forget what in the bathroom

got my meds
while waiting for the pharmacist to fill the scripts
"Innocent in Death" ( i think)
bought it
will read it before i finish Haunted Ground

am slowly cruising thru the strap of the bag for ITE3
maybe i'll feel up to knitting later
right now, i need a nap

no dairy for the next week while i am
on the antibiotic
s'posed to push liquids
if i need sleep
told to take benedryl

what day is today?

so i have another sinus infection
i am starting to feel better
the bloody nose seems to have stopped
i don't feel like i got hit in the face with a baseball bat anymore
i still want to SLEEP
don't want to knit
don't want to read
feel dehydrated

go to the dr in 2 hours
leaving early so i can knit for a while
the ITE3 bag is almost done
there is a pic of me knitting it the other day
in ATL
intentionally can't see much detail
JUST in case the intended victim ...
err recipient looks at the blog
ya never know

need a nap
no time before dr
it is up to 37 degrees last i saw
snow is melting
if i felt better, i would shovel the 1/2 of the drive with snow on it
it is supposed to get to 50 when i am on my way to dallas on sun

Wednesday, February 21

Friday, February 16

Erma Bombeck on knitting

Erma Bombeck circa 1970
All Knotted Up?
Just Try Knitting
I knit as if I am pitted against a Russian and the prize for finishing first is unclear control. I don't communicate. I don't take time out for frivolous things like eating and sleeping. I don't cook and I don't clean house. I just knit.The other week I saw instructions for a knitted dress that I couldn't wear and couldn't resist. I said to my daughter, "Would you like Mother to knit this dress for you?"'No," she said, "it looks like a pencil wearing a turtle neck sweater.""You'll change your mind when its finished," I insisted, and began to roll the yarn into a ball.I knitted in the mornings while the kids ate dry cereal and sang a cappella, "There's Nothing to Wear." I knitted afternoons right through the TV soap cycle. Marriages, divorces, miscarriages, rape, murder and other game shows could not deter me from my commitment. I knitted at nights. "Aren't you coming to bed?" my husband yelled down the stairs."Did Betsy Ross go to bed on the flag?" I yelled back. "Did Sophia Loren try to build Rome in a day? Did Nixon quit politics to sell Tupperware? I am fulfilling a woman's need to be creative," I shouted. My eyes rolled back until the whites showed, perspiration dripped down my cheeks, and my hands shook unsteadily."Everyone needs an outlet of some kind away from the dreary routine of housework. This is my way of relaxing, do you hear me? RELAXING! I sobbed hysterically into a sleeve.This week, the dress was finished. My daughter tried it on. "I was wrong," she said. "It doesn't look like a pencil wearing a turtle neck sweater. It looks like a turtle neck sweater wearing a pencil."Silently, I put the dress on a hanger and exiled it to an end of my closet that I call Napoleon's Elba. It hangs next to a baby sweater I knitted (size 38), an afghan with set-in short sleeves and a sweater with two neck openings."Why do you waste money and effort on something that physically wrecks you?" nagged my husband. "Why do you make things that no one wears when you're finished?" persisted my daughter. "Why do you do things that make you crabby?" piped in my sons.None of them understand. Knitting is like a love affair. It's not fun if you have to explain what you're doing.