Wednesday, May 31


loking out the jet brdge atlanta

songs ..

ever have a song, stuck in your head ...
for the last few days, i have had TWO
One Last Cigarette by Bon Jovi
Life'll Kill Ya by Warren Zevon ...
it's better than the muzac they play on the plane .. but ..
ALMOST done with "Broken Prey" by John Sandford
i wanted to finish reading it before i went to bed last nite,
but ...
i fell asleep ...
Lucas is closing in on the Killer ...
i will go to the room & start Tier 5 of the bag ..
got about an hour that i can knit ...
Duran Duran is currently going thru my head ...
the Reflex flex flex flex...
and Electric Barbarella ..
gotta go do something, even if it's wrong ...
wonder what the hair will look like after the
Atlanta Humidity gets to it ..
back here Sat & Sun nites ..

goin' home later .. :)

at 3:30 AM it was 77 in Atlanta ..
got to bed around 4:30
since i had to get up to go to the bathroom, i came down for breakfast
and saw a friend i haven't seen in a few months ..
so, i'll go back to my room & knit for a while before i gotta get ready to go home ..
i'll post a pic of the bag ..
i am done with tier 4 ..
tier 5 is all one color
don't feel like using the treadmill today
IF i do, i will be tooooo tired on the plane ..

Tuesday, May 30

no knitting today

after breakfast,
i went back & tried to take a nap

allergies kicking up :(

Monday, May 29

went for a walk

had time to kill

it was nice ( about 75) out

so we went for a walk

this is by the Sugarland Run in Herndon

3/4 of tier 4 is DONE! :)

went to the mall .. bought a hair dryer ..

gonna keep it in the travel bag ..

ate dinner, came back to the hotel

used the treadmill for an hour ..

burned 200 calories in the first 38 minutes


fell asleep about 8PM

woke up @ 2AM .. knit

gettin' ready to go to Dulles, eat breakfast, fly to Dallas

sit & knit, back to Dulles for the nite ..

IF things go as planned, will be there about 4 PM for 24 hours ..

MORE knitting

Sunday, May 28

on tier 4

1:20 PM sun ...

stop knitting to go to the mall ...

it's a way to escape ANOTHER hotel room ...


Saturday, May 27


making progress ..

hard to see when it's bunched up on the circ ..

WILL get to knit tomoro

Wednesday, May 24

the bricks

the pagoda

someone' s car ...

can ya tell i don't know alot about the race

the pace car .. outside the speedway

things to do

the toy for
has to be done on June 18

another list has a dishcloth exchange - gotta have them done July 15th

on we will be doing a STOCKING EXCHANGE
won't have to start it till July - but i gotta decide what the Kit i am doing for October will be & get it started

i am on the 5th tier of the Mitered Square bag ..
it's on hold till i finish the Felted Argyle bag ..
gotta see how much Karoake felts ...
do NOT want a bag that is toooo big ..

: (
so, today i run a few errands ..
gotta dye the roots .. need a "Summer" color
then i think i will be spending part of the day @ the race track ..
it's Community Day
not taking knitting, will be too busy wandering around ..

mite pick up a souveneir for the bottle swap partner

gotta remember to mail the postcards i bought for the muchkins last trip

gotta make Nikki & Paige "pink fuzzy purses"
got the yarn, needles & basic idea .. just gotta remember to take them with me

if i had a brain, i'd be dangerous ....

Tuesday, May 23

UFO's & WHAT to knit

OK, so i am knitting the Mitered Square purse ..
the math needs tweaking ..
NOT sure if i should proceed OR rip out part of it
it's the uncertainty of how much shrinkage will occur with the yarn ..
NO, felting a swatch isn't always gonna work
it's a EXTREME waste of $$ to felt 1 mitered square in the washer
if i felt it another way, it may not felt the same ..
so, i think i will go BACK to the Felted Argyle bag ..
the Hot Pink ( Fucshia) yarn arrived
thinkin' Entrelac will felt in a similar fashion to the mitered square ...
at least it will be a bettter approximation than felting the square on the stove
so, ITMT, i have 5 sox in my head i wanna do
4 for work and ONE out of some sock yarn i just saw
no details yet .. it stripes .. JUST want to use the yarn
NOT to mention i gotta deside what i am gonna do for the Sept Kit on Whenever
AND i wanna make a stocking or 2 for the stocking exchange
gotta decide WHICH toy pattern i will use for the TOY swap on Knit Exchange ..
then i gotta see IF i have the right yarn to use
have yarn, patterns AND needles for the dishcloths ..
doing a dishcloth exchange on another list

Sunday, May 21


nothing to do in Ottawa but knit ..


makin' progress ...

finished tier 3 & ½ of tier 4

Friday, May 19

it was a PERFECT day

sunshine, good breeze, fresh air,

some exercise - walking to the stands

cold beer

listening to the whine of the cars

smelling the tires & different liquids that keep the cars running

had a GREAT time ...

regained MOST of my hearing

didn't knit .. but didn't miss knitting either ....

doing laundry & packing to go

the pole

cars sitting by the track

racetrack pix

at the speedwaY


so i measured the entrelac bag i started
it's about 18" across ..
i WILL have to rip part of the mitered squares out
i SHOULD have used the same # of stitches ..
entrelac uses 10 - entrelac are about 2 1/2"
mitered uses 22 (11 ea side)- miters are about 3"
so, instead of 12 squares, i gotta take out about 5 of them
SHOULD have done the math, before i joined ..
oh well, i can use the stuff i rip for smaller squares ..
gotta take a shower ..
the tylenol allergy / sinus SEEMS to be working ...
gotta run errands so i can have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

hhhmmm a thought

since i can't figure out HOW to upload the maps,
thinkin' i could buy a map & a corkboard and pushpins
put the pins where i overnited & take pix & upload them ..

could STILL do each month ..
will work on it when i get home ..

ready to join in a circle

it measures 29" across ..

thinkin' it's to big


so i will probably unjoin them and rip out a few of the diamonds ..

can't remember how much the other one shrunk when i felted it

got a sinus infection OR my allergies are kickin' up

SHOULD have figured it out 2 days ago ..

gotta get dressed ..

thee plan for today is to go to the speedway & watch qualifiacations

taking knitting

NO!!!!! i am not packed to leave tomoro ..

Thursday, May 18

2nd tier

starting the SECOND Tier

the FIRST tier

Karaoke #278 - colors change

May '05

the red dot is where i lived ( Fort Wayne)
the yellow dots are where i spent the nite ...
now, to figure out HOW i did this

WHERE have i been

a few friends want me to try to list where i have been
found out that i have Microsoft Maps on my computer
so i am HOPING this works ...

....... well ... it did NOT work .....

here is a list of where i have been
will work on maps ..

May '05
Charlottesville Va
Dulles Va
Charlottesville Va
Allentown Pa

June '05
Allentown Pa
Roanoke Va
Charleston WV
State College Pa
Armonk NY
Charleston WV

July '05
Columbus Oh
Norfolk Va
Armonk NY
Norfolk Va
Norfolk Va

August '05
Houston Tx
Houston Tx
Armonk NY
Houston Tx
Houston Tx
Armonk NY
Houston Tx
Houston Tx
Armonk NY
Houston Tx
Houston Tx
Armonk NY
TDY in DETROIT (August 31)

September '05
Detroit ( Sept 1 - 3)
Salt Lake City
Detroit ( Sept 5 - 26)
Fort Wayne ( Sept 27 - 30)

October '05
Montreal Canada
Dallas Tx
Enfield Ct
Ottawa Canada
Ottawa Canada
Myrtle Beach SC
Dallas Tx
Dallas Tx
Herndon Va

November '05
Memphis Tn
Salt Lake City Ut
Cleveland Oh
Memphis Tn
Salt Lake CIty Ut
Cleveland Oh
Detroit Mi
Memphis Tn
Salt Lake City Ut
Enfield Ct
Houston Tx
Houston Tx

December '05
Herndon Va
Albequerque NM
Columbus Oh
Montreal Canada
Dallas Tx
Armonk NY
Norfolk Va
Dallas Va
Enfield Ct
Denver Co

January '06
Salt Lake City Ut
Detroit Mi
Salt Lake City
Norfolk Va
Albany NY
Albany NY
New Orleans La
Raleigh NC
Raliegh NC
Albany NY
Raleigh NC
Montreal Canada
Des Moines Ia

February '06
Houston Tx
New Orleans La
Albany NY
New Orleans LA
Armonk NY
Herndon Va
Houston Tx
Herndon Va
Raleigh NC

March '06
Herndon Va
Enfield Ct
Herndon Va
Enfield Ct
Denver Co
Enfield Ct
Myrtle Beach SC
Raleigh NC
Raleigh NC

April '06
Detroit Mi
Myrtle Beach SC
Armonk NY
Albany NY
Minneapolis Mn
Buffalo NY
Minneapolis MN
Buffalo NY
Dallas Tx
Buffalo NY
New Orleans

May '06
New Orleans La
Atlanta Ga
Atlanta Ga
New Orleans La
Atlanta Ga
Atlanta Ga

STILL to go this month
Ottawa Canada
Dallas Tx
Enfield Ct
Enfield Ct
Herndon Va
Atlanta Ga

Saturday, May 13

weekend, so far

got in late,
got food ( red beans & rice) and hung with the crew for a while
just ate breakfast
headin' to the treadmill
think the morning will be spent by the pool knittin' while the crew swims

will get to knit later ..
3 hours in O'Hare

got sock yarn yesterday
gotta find needles ...

Thursday, May 11

OH YEAH!!!!!

finally found the "SPEEDWAY"
only because i had to get license
it's across from the Speedway

done for the night

as always ..

it's the nite before i fl & i have NOT packed ..

so, gotta put down the knitting & get ready for wok

got yarn to knit some work socks

will have MORE when i return

took the pants in to be hemmed, the should be done tomoro

how i KILLED an hour @ the License branch

cast on when i sat down

thought i was gonna get out in under 15 mins ..


someone broke the computer

took 50 mins to get the photo on the Drivers License

OH well .. got some knitting done

yarn is Crystal Palace Merino Stripes ( leftover from shawl)

pattern is in Summer 2002 Knitters

it's the "On Pointe" Mitered purse

Wednesday, May 10

THIS is anothe future project

this is the bag i want to make


i figured out the varigated yarn won't work ..


ordered more solid yarn .. and varigated

will (TRY) make a mitered square version out of the varigated

gonna use

287 Loganberry / 288 Mermaid / 296 Fuschia Karaoke for the Felted Argyle

LOVE the way the colors came out ..

measures about 70 across the top


Finished @ 3:30 on May 10, 06

Started Sat April 29, 06

and i wanna make THIS

at work, i can get pop / juice can tabs
started collecting them so i can make

shawl progress

finished the side border
started the top border
watched Rumor Has It with
Jennifer Aniston, Shirley McLaine & Kevin Costner ...
LOVED the part where Jennifer & Mark Ruffalo
try to join the Mile High Club
cute ..
gonna knit a while ...
watch it again ..
yeah, i know
i JUST want to start something new
i can hear the yarn calling my name from the other room ..

In God we STILL Trust

In March, 2005, this song was performed at Diamond Rio concert.
They received an immediate standing ovation, and continue to do
so every time they perform it!
Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered
politically incorrect.
Consequently, the song was never released to the public.
If this song speaks to your heart and you feel to share it with
friends and loved ones, please do.
Then, regardless of our ethnic origin,
let us cease being the silent majority and join together.
Not as a particular political party, but as Americans!
Call your radio station and ask them to play it.

Tuesday, May 9


i NEED cotton socks for work
OR i could continue to wear Panty Hose ...

so, i ordered sock yarn ..
it arrived

i WANT to make Debbie Barisa's Felted Argyle Bag
the yarn came in today

i NEED to start the Kit for Whenever
i kinda know what i want to do
i have SOME yarn ... probably should order more ..
JUST in case

i NEED to finish the shawl
should be done in less than 3 hours ...
it's BORING knitting
well, finish this row, Bind off
THEN repeat for the top
i NEED to finish the felted flowers so i can felt them AND the vase
it's nice outside ..
IF i had a lawnchair,
i could go out on the back deck & knit
guess that means, i go to wally-world

rested ..

last nite i got home and i was BEAT!!!

noticed the price of gasoline had dropped to $2.72 / gal

picked up the Fortissima Cotton from PO Box

so, do i read the last 30 pages of Mary Higgins Clark "
Night time is My time"
do i finish the border of the shawl, then start the top
do i go to sleep ...

i read .. finished the BOOK ...
it was another of those you HATE to put down

ran errands earlier ..
gas was up to $2.89 /gal

went to the po box & the yarn for the Felted Argyle Bag was in
not sure if this is good, i WANT to start it NOW
but i will be disciplined & finish the shawl first..
it WILL be tuff ..
picked up my contacts
i can see

Sunday, May 7

12:18 5-7

DONE knitting the shawl ...

now i gotta knit the borders

10:44 am - 5-7

Saturday, May 6

from the side

close up of color changes

close up of color changes

the whole shawl

1:27 PM .. 5-6-06


knit for 15 minutes on the treadmill
put the knitting down, walked a mile
slowed down,
took the knitting to the recumbant bike for 15 minutes
total knitting time about 30 minutes
total exercise time about 1 hour
slightly tired, but it's a GOOD tired
going back to the hotel room
will pop in a video if there is nothing on TV ...
OTOH, it's 8:30
think i'll see what it's like outside ..
knit by the pool till the sun gets HOT
gotta go get water from the room so i don't dehydrate ...
will send a progress photo later

yarn .. :)

Fortisimma is on it's way ..

will be knitting cotton sox next week
gotta take the dress & 2 pair of pants to somewhere to get them hemmed
then, when they are done, take the 2nd dress in

gonna call to see IF she has the yarn i need to make Debbie Barisa's Felted Argyle Bag ..

i will make that BEFORE sox ..

got time to kill .. gonna go look for the treadmill
can knit while i am on it

gonna work on the shawl ..

'sposed to rain later ...
so much for checkin' out New Orleans ..

Friday, May 5


Elizabeth @ River Knits mite have the yarn i want to make the Felted Argyle Bag ...
that would be SOOOOO FAB!!!!!
OTOH, still can't find Navy & Black Regia Cotton
would settle for another brand
got Fortissima on it's way
NEED 4 or 5 pair of cotton socks for work ....
would be tooo kewl to have several brands of Cotton Sock Yarn
gotta get ready to fly ...
running LATE!!!!!!

ONCE again .. :(

i am NOT ready to go ...
gotta soak the resin off my nails
hem my dress
used the teeth whitener already today ..
i can SEE progress
got errands to run before i fly
HOPIN' the contacts are in ...
ill NEED them ...
think i have 2 hours in Chicago today ...
so will get to knit SOME today
later ..

Thursday, May 4

something ELSE i want to make .. :)

Debbie the "TEMPTRESS" showed me this link a while ago ..
sit down before you check out the COST
WOW, the price came down ..
i bought what i think i need
it's in a box somewhere ...
but i DO plan to make a set for me ... someday ..

Wednesday, May 3

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes
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kind pretty or handsome very good kissers.
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12 pm .. wed

getting ready to start the NEXT square

5/2/06 7:28 PM

hhmmm ... where is the CURRENT progress photo ??

this is blurry, but you can guess how far i am

Tuesday, May 2

can ya tell i LOVE enterlac??

black & fall colors is the first one i did .. Debbie Barisa's Felted Enterlac bag

she sent me the pattern to look at, to PROPERLY look at it required needles & yarn

i used LEFTOVER yarn ... i LOVE this bag ..

it's my FAV!!! i need another in SPRING colors ..

notice, the entrelac is SQUARE ...

the 2nd one i did was the Market Squares .. i planned the colors

they aren't as square .. but i like the overall colors

the last one i knit was the felted entrelac suki, using Koolaid dyed Fisherman's Wool

i didn't add the funky yarn @ the top & made it shorter

got the hair done ..

5-2-06 1:02 AM

Monday, May 1

NOW i remember ... :(

i NOW remember why i don't do the "girlie" stuff ....

TIME consuming ... it takes 1 hour to get the hair & face done

and as if TIME is not the only factor ...

there is ALL the stuff i gotta have
eyeshadow, liner, mascara, eyelash curler ...
lip liner, lipstick, gloss,
shampoo, conditioner, body wash ( left THREE sets in hotels this year = '06)
gel, mouse OR volumizing spray, the HOLDING spray
moisturizer for my face AND body ..
perfume and deoderant
toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash .. NOT to mention pre-brushing rinse

my roller board needs MORE importnat stuff ... like KNITTING

DAY 3 of the Jergens
the fat areas .. boobs, butt, belly & thighs aren't picking up color
other areas are showing some sign of tinting ..
teeth doen't look any different to me ..
gotta go ..

gonna spend a day or 3 with friends in the Fort ....

still working on the shawl .. it's FUN!!!

making progress .. on 2nd square