Sunday, January 31

MUCH better

Big apple red


Mon: DH ATL-ORD sit 1:34 ORD-BOS sit 1:27 BOS-ORD sit 1:27 DH ORD-PIT .. @ PIT 1929 ..
Tue: 2:05 sit in DEN
WILL need to knit .. So I started the bag


Haven't done anything with the nails this month .. They NEED to be shortened & filled & polished .. Hhhmmm what color???


I-cord cast on & S-cord (double I-cord) strap

S-cord strap

FAV store bought purse

Gonna TRY for my version in a felted bag
First color choice = BRITE YELLOW

Takin better notes this time so I CAN tweak it

8" of hood

1:32 .. Time for bed

Saturday, January 30

Thursday, January 28

Done for tonite

Tired .. 11:00 & ready for bed
About 2" to neck shaping

3:30 am

2" to armhole

Wednesday, January 27


I REALLY am likin the colors in this .. 1 skein of ea is about 4 1/2" .. Rite now its at 6 1/2" .. Need to call it a nite

Got it figured

Use earth throughout .. When I run out of a skein of russet use some plum then go back to russet


Started with 2 new skeins ... Interesting how much leftover is different .. Also interesting how some of the same colors are in the skeins

Tuesday, January 26


5 colors .. Will look FAB!!! when dbl stranded @ random
Yeah I KNOW .. Can't wait to see it
Pattern is


Monday, January 25

Sunday, January 24

Finally decreasing

15 more ( ever decreasing ) rounds .. Need a no brainer

Wednesday, January 20

Plan "B"

Buy sm plates .. Make hats to cover .. Hang on wall .. This will allieviate separation anxiety

I REALLY like these colors

Yarn is yummy to knit together

Don't like it

Next set


To maintain the spiral .. The scarf has to be knit as a tube

A PAIR of mittens

pattern from Ann Budds book of patterns
here is what I did for these mittens

size 4-6 yr / 6"
#4 needles / 2 strands fingering weight yarn
gauge is 6st/in
*= Marker

cast on 36, join, careful not to twist
k1p1 - 20 rounds
knit across, inc in last st = 37 st
k18, *M1L, K1, M1R*k18
k18, *M1L, k3,M1R*k18
k18, *M1L, K11, M1R*k18

join thumb round - (putting stitches betweeen markers on yarn) -
do backwards e to join at the gap - 37 stitches
k 31 rounds
k18, ssk, k17 - 36 st

decrease for top
k2tog, k14, ssk, * , k2tog, k14, ssk (32)
k2tog, k12, ssk, *,k2tog, k12, ssk (28)
k2tog, k10, ssk, *, k2tog, k10, ssk (24)
k2tog, k8, ssk, *, k2tog, k8, ssk (20)
k2tog, k6, ssk *, k2tog, k6, ssk (16)
k2tog, k 4, ssk,*, k2tog, k4, ssk (12)
k2tog, k2, ssk, *, k2tog, k2, ssk (8)

Tuesday, January 19

11/2 hours later

I was only gonna knit a round or 2 .. Headache is gone .. Thirsty (muciinex) & slighty tired

Headin to bed

DONE !!!

Too bad I knit them child sized .. I would SSSOOO waer them 1mitten down .. 3:50 am tue

Monday, January 18

Thumb can wait

11:34 pm mon - time to crash

Hat works

OK, so i used the pattern from Ann Budd's book
Subtle Seam Wheel Tam - age 4yr - sm adult (17")

#4 needles - 2 strands fingering weight yarn
Cast on 100 - join, careful not to twist
K1, P1 8 rounds
K2, M1 = 150 st
work for 24 rounds
M K2tog, K 21 SSK, M (6 times)
M K2Tog, K, SSK, M till 6 st remain - run yarn thru

As of 8:15 am mon

Almost done with the hand

8:50 pm sun


First mitten ->gusset

Ready to put thumb st on yarn & finish hand .. Done for the nite .. Gotta get up in 6.5 hours

Sunday, January 17


6 more decreases


Ok jacquard + BRITE yellow = KEWL hat .. You can see the blue/grey, green or tan flecks occasionally in the yellow

Decreasing again

Gonna run errands .. But back on track