Tuesday, July 29

change of plans

the temp has spiked
it's 77 outside
too hot to knit a wool baby blankie
will stay indoors
watch the dvd on the tv
(i am guessing) the blankie is 9" on the downside
gotta find the measuring tape
too hot to fish


my older brother
Maddy's grandfather
is coming thru ATL Sun nite
i am off - i doubdt i go
to the airport @ 9PM
my neice - Maddy's aunt will
be coming thru on mon
i may stick around to see her
HOPIN' the blankie will be in KC Mo
when she gets here
will have to take something to knit
could finish Nancy's Sox

gonna knit

it's 72 degrees out
gonna take the blankie outside
and try to finish off the 4th skein
then i HAVE to get some domestic stuff done
i NEED clean clothes
i should measure the down side
so i know how much i accmplish
i can take the laptop outside
and watch a dvd
what to watch
the Prestige
the Illusionist
3:10 to Yuma
i HATE having to make desicions
i wanna go fishing
i NEED to get my room & bath
organized & straightened up

wanna make some of thesre


knit today

yeah, yeah ..
SHOULD be doing the domestic goddess routine
"the ONE" w/ Jet Li
Over her Dead Body - Eva Langoria
and 2 OLD movies
well ... they were 20+ years old
Bukkaroo Bonzai across the 8th dimension
Flash Gordon
making progress on the blanket
tomoro i HAVE to get things done

Monday, July 28

Tic Tac Toe


Wednesday, July 23

got a fishin' license

so, i bought a fishin' license

spent part of the afternoon

at Lake Holton

caught weeds & sun

had a good time

NOW i gotta get a rod & reel

and lures ... and lines .. and a tackle box

and the stuff that goes IN the tackel box


fish with a friend

they provide the rod & reel


my casting is getting better

gotta get ready to fly

goin' to Leon Mexico

w/ Steve, Jay & Andria

Monday, July 21


took the blankie with me to church
i didn't knit
just sat it on the pew
so it would get blessed with prayers
and good thoughts
this mornin' i went to the sunroom
sat in the rocker
and knit for a while
it's about 40"
5 rows later
i noticed a HUGE mistake
so, it's 5 rows to take out
i was JUST getting ready to add the 4th skein
now i gotta find white unwaxed dental floss
or thin crochet cotton
i un-knit all the stitches
either way
the mistake is comin' out
i DID sit down & graph the blankie
AFTER i noticed the mistake
need a nap

MOSTLY fun weekend

Pam, Bob, another friend & I went
played Glo-in-the-Dark Miniature Golf
18 holes - i WON!!
then we went & played one game of
Cosmic Bowling
arm is sore today

followed by
Mama Mia
great movie
lousy date
first time i considered getting
up & leaving during the date

took the knitting with me for the car ride
went to church, Pam, Bob, Pam's mom (NANA) & son
took it inside & sat it on the pew next to me
NO, i didn't knit
i wanted the blanket to be "BLESSED" with good
thoughts & prayers
then we went to lunch
went back to NANA's
had dessert
Pam's sister came over & we played
GIANT SPOONS - didn't loose
i don't multitask well
has a BLAST!!

Friday, July 18

2 bathing suit pix

4th of July
working on the Blanket for Maddy
@ Lake Oconee
June in Chicago @ the indoor pool in the hotel

was working w/Ashante

he is a BLAST!!

Sunday, July 13


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Rutger Hauer

so, YEARS ago
i saw a movie called "Soldier of Orange" - it had the bad guy from " The Fugitive"
it had a young Rutger Hauer in it
i FELL IN LOVE with Rutger while watching it
over the years i have watched Rutger in many movies
(not necessarily in this order)
Chanel Solitaire (w Timothy Dalton)
Night Hawk ( with Stallone - i rooted for Rutger = also had Lindsey Wagner, Billie Dee Williams & Persis Kumbata )
LadyHawk ( w/ Michelle Pfeifer & Matthew Broderick)
Osterman Weekend (LOTS of people)
HITCHER - (scared the life out of me - LOVED it)
Escape from Sorbibor (have the DVD - Alan Arkin)
Blind Fury - (ONE of my FAVS )
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Surviving the Game (gary Busey, Ice-T, guy from Amedeus)
Bone Daddy ( rented it to watch with Brian & Pam)
MERLIN - (have the DVD & Sequel)
10th Kingdom - (Fairy Tail characters come to NYC -have it on VHS & the book)
Wanted Dead or Alive (with Gene Simmons)
Sin City
Batman Begins

something with Rebecca DeMorney - can't remember the title
and who can forget
my all time favorite movie

it also stars Harrison Ford
but i rooted for Roy Batty
i also read the Blade Runner books later
well ... one day i was at the book store
and i see Roy Batty on the cover of a book
it's called "All Those Moments"
it's an autobiography of Rutger Hauer
it was a pleasant & quick read
it was fun to read a behind the look
there were several movies i didn't get to watch
as well as some he didn't mention
to find out about his entire list of accomplishments
go to

now i have a list of movies to watch

been havin' fun at work

so, in July
i am doing DAY trips
i sleep in my bed every nite

i have had (MOSTLY) a blast with the crew
FA =
Steve (every wed ) Caryn ( i think i get to fly with her 3 more times),
Gabbie ( i get to fly with her again the 25th)
Antione & Kim

it's FUN to go to work
the days pass
Cpt Jay is a blast to work with
worked with him 3 day last week
he has a (similar to me) warped sense of humor
Happy Birthday Jay
he is on vacation next week, so i won't be laughing as much
but i will get to fly with him on MY birthday
get to fly w/Cpt Darien & AnnElizabeth & Joe
all fun to fly with
FO = Antonio, Juan & Adria
July has been & will continue to be a FUN month


so, i have been having problems with my phone
since about Jan
i HAVE complained
i call customer service
they tell me to take it to a sprint store
to get it replaced
the people at the sprint store
tell me i have to duplicate the problem
well ..
since the problem is sporadic
i can NOT duplicate it
they tell me to come back later

so i call customer service & tech support back
the phone hangs up
that is PART of the problem
in March, Sue gives me some advice
it works marginally better
i STILL complain to the sprint people
it is NOW June
i go to a DIFFERENT sprint store in Newnan
she orders a REPLACEMENT phone
however, there is a mix-up
the phone gets sent to Fayettville
but i get the replacement phone
i go home
i sync the phone
bluetooth doesn't work / GPS does
hotmail works / sprintpcs doesn't
KEYBOARD is whack
wait 3 days to go BACK to Fayetteville
another replacement is ordered
so, HOPEFULLY on tue
i will have a phone that works 100%


so, i got to see Joey & Jon on fri nite
my phone died
so i couldn't take pix
Jon did
now to get the pix from him
making SLOW progress on the blankie
gotta finish the bag for Nikki
runnin' low on yarn

Tuesday, July 1

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