Wednesday, August 24

Tier 4 ~ time to make strips


also, the couch sits too low - so i bought legs for it & raised it up 2"

now i like it MUCH better

i also put those slider things under the legs so i can move it if i want

this is what i want the couch to look like, in a FALL color of course

i had a couch, loveseat & chair w/ottoman - they are U G L Y !!!

this is the love seat - i gave it to a friend

the couch matches it

like i NEED another crafting experience :o

it started on TUE AUG 16

Dubble Bubble Mini = $18

4 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 1"

bought this in Newark Airport

SHOULD have bought a bigger one that i could

put the cell in & some cash / coins / cards

so, since it's a little on the small side, being me,

i thought i would try to make one

this lead to my searching the net for info/tutorials

on how to make them

which gives me possibilities - candy, gum, chip wrappers

wrapping paper, gift bags, magazines, comics, newspapers

junk mail, stuff i print, cigarette wrappers/boxes

then, while i was surfing, i found DUCT TAPE projects

Woven Duct Tape Purse - she also knits

: )

there are also a bunch of YOUTUBE videos as well

so, after watching & reading, i got to this point

on 8-19

which became

so, now i need to tweak it some more
so, i got the brilliant {at the time} idea to use both the wrapper paper technique
with Duct Tape to make a bag for me
i need the links to be divisible by a multiple of 4
the sticky back makes joining a challenge


hhhhmmmm, 2 pair of pliers & a flat headed screwdriver
to help with the joining progress
2 rows completed - now to join


use Gorilla tape to keep them together
too difficult to sew 'cause of the stickyness

8 -23


3rd row attached w/Gorilla tape

i am getting the hang of this

: O

lookie what i found :o

Tue Aug 16
so, i was in Newark Airport - saw purses made from candy/gum wrappers
i deserved a Birthday Present
bought a change purse for $18.00
SHOULD have bought the next size up