Saturday, February 27

st pat sox

in 2005, i made a pair of st past sox
i lost one - now i gotta reknit them
got 2 weeks (more or less)
got yarn, needles & basic idea

Sunday, February 21


around 2001, Bethany Lankin created & posted this pattern
for a pair of St Patrick's Day Sock
she even tells what the patterns represent
however, the pattern is NO longer available
So, I bought the pattern from her when i was in Indy
3 years ago - can't find it NOW

today i found the copy i printed off the web a while ago
it's missing the chain pattern above the toes and the snake pattern - so today i played with the wayback machine & i FINDED the pattern :)
glad i found it on the web so I can NOW make the
sock as she designed it
yeah, i will probably knit it in oatmeal, but i don't think
i want worsted / sport weight sox

Sharon knit a pair for her friend Kath
her pattern is slightly different

Saturday, February 20


According to MY scale, I weigh 183 pounds ..
Dr scales add 10 .. Gotta start hitting the treadmill .. Wanna fit into my Spring Jeans

Tuesday, February 16

pop tab purses

a few years ago, when i was still in Indy (or maybe Fort Wayne) i planned on making one of these. I am sure Debbie Barisa had a hand in getting me to try to make one. After i became a Flight Attendant, i kept saying i would try. Moved to Atlanta where clutches are sold @ the Coca Cola Museum. tried to make one - think i would be better to do it in crochet OR wire - to simulate chain mail ..
there are some websites up now that were NOT up when i first got the idea
IF i make another - it will be more along the line of chain mail than knit

Muffins 4 work

Monday, February 15


it's 5 am - i think i should be sleeping

Sunday, February 14


has a clip to hang keys from so they don't get lost
PERFECT size - everything i need fits inside

Tuesday, February 9

Still in the penalty box

Snow is accumulating on the window