Wednesday, August 30

burned dinner again ... TWICE!!

so i went to cook the Brown Batsami rice & 3 chicken breasts
i BURNED it .. well ..
not TTOOOO bad ..
i salvaged MOST of the rice
so, since i still have 3 chicken breasts,
i used WHITE Batsami the 2nd time
burned it worse
the pan HAS to soak
a Domestic Goddess i am NOT
oh well ..
i will eat my own cooking
no one else will
not worried about it
the bag is drying
laundry is ALMOST dry
when it is, i thro it at the bag
& go sleep
gotta get up in 5 hours

DDONE !!!!!

It's felted!

I LOVE iit

It has about 63 hours to dry
IF I leave it in the car while I am in Montreal
It SHOULD be dry when I get back

a trip

picked up a trip for tomor to Montreal
better finish laundry & re-packing
GOTTA cok the chicken
the eggs can wait
messed up what little knitting i did do
frogged it all
so, i guess i didn't REALLY knit today

online help for the eating / exercise

signed up @

it will help me keep track of what i eat & whe i exercise

: )
YOU can keep track of how i am doing by going to

and so ..

looking for bag patterns for my partner on

hhmm .. considering something like this

Friday, June 09, 2006 - "Felted Knitting Bag"

OTOH, on

we are gonna do a CHARTED COLOR knit bag


so, i will have to consider an appropriate pattern to make

yeah ... like that will be a problem

the time factor is the issue

yeah, yeah ..

i am SUPPOSED to be knitting
but while i am helpong an online friend with HER blog
i was reading other knitters blogs
came upon THESE
like i NEED more sock blockers
they are EXQUISIT!!
can ya tell ..
i am thinkin' of Christmas ..
in case ya didn't KNOW
there are 110 days, 10 hours, 55 minutes AND 2 seconds till Christmas
better get busy on STOCKINGS
yarn for first SHOULD arrive FRI
down to 53 minutes 4 seconds
time is a wastin'

LOST my brain :(

my hair is growing

yeah, i KNOW i gotta adjust the roots before i go to work on Sat

anyways ...

i bought hair combs so that it would stay OUT of my facel

last nite, i took them out & have NO clue where i put them


anyways, while i was @ the store buying food,

i bought

HOW could i forget i HATE cooked spinach

i LOVE raw spinach

anyways ... i ate a bite

THEN, i remembered i HATE cooked spinach

altho, i LOVE spinach lasagna & it's cooked

so, i bought

chicken breasts - with chicken broth NOT salt water

brown & white Batsami rice

found the white @ the first store, brown @ the 2nd

eggs & fat-free mayo for tuna salad

crackers & Brownberry Health Nut bread to eat it on


STOP LIGHT peppers ( Red, Yellow & Green)

Orange Peppers

Limes (4/$1)&Lemons ($0.20 ea)&maple syrup

so, i won't be drinkin' pop

forgot sweet potatoes & yogurt

i can get them tomoro OR fri

IF i could get off the computer,

i could exercise OR knit

gotta unpack, do laundry, RE-pack

cook food for NOW & to take with

weighed in @ 180

the walking with the FA & Cpt worked

Tuesday, August 29

This is how it will be assembled

SHOULD have enuff yarn

this PAST weekend

had fun flying with Rose
she was the one who ORIGIANLLY trained me way back a year ago
hope i didn't pick on her toooo much
anyways, once we got to Salt Lake CIty
we slept .. i knit a little
VERY little
the 2nd nite, Rose i went for a walk
when we were about back to the hotel,
we saw the FO out for a run
then a few minutes later, the Cpt was out for a walk
Rose went back to hook up with a friend
i went for MORE walking
i got winded due to the elevation
4500 ft above sea level
it was a nice nite
i was tired when i got back to my room
ttoooo tired to knit
lost 5 ounds this weekend
guess i will walk MORE
did get to knit some yesterday
and today
making slow progress on the mitered bag
gotta felt the other bag
gotta cook the chicken i bought a few hours ago

need MORE yarn

Patons Classic Wool
also, they now have 30% soy / 70% wool
so many yarns ..
so little time
thinkin' of using classic wool for the munchkin stockings
WISH i knew what to put on them OTHER than their name
ITMT, the yarn for MY stock is supposed to be here fri
hope so, i have 12 - 15 hours i can knit this weekend
i SHOULD exercise ..
IF i get off this computer, i can knit
then i could finish the mitered bag BEFORE the stock yarn arrives
oh yeah .. gotta felt
the cookie cutters didn't arrive yet ..

possible assembly

Sunday, August 27

My plane



with the zoom on


Mite sew them this way ? ? ?


OR make 4 the reverse

7:37 am

I REALLY gotta get ready for work
NEED breakfast

Sun 710 am

Have to knit each square separately
Rhen I will sew them together

722 am -TIME to get ready for work

Using a cable cast on for stability

Colors changes are more muted than I hoped for

Saturday, August 26

Mitered square & yarn

2:29 pm this isn't workin


Will try a different way


When we were in Salt lake city for 1 1/2 hours yesterday, I bought a pair of glasses similar to the pair I left in Raleigh
I LOVE my new glasses
When we got to Nashville, the FO went to see a movie & the Cpt & I went to Opry Mall
I bought postcards for the Munchkins
Got back to the hotel & finished the bag

Start the mitered bag
Will take notes in case I want to make another

Back to knitting

SHOULD have used the treadmill ...

finished kniiting

Friday, August 25

another exchange

saw this on deborah's blog
so i joined
i LOVE to make scarves
i will have Airport Appreciation in Sept to work on it

Thursday, August 24

changing science as we "KNOW" it

just heard "THEY" discovered 2 new planets
and if THAT isn't bad enuff
Pluto is NO LONGER big enuff to be considered a planet
it is now a DWARF
come on ...
i was GOOD at science
it was EASY for me
mess with something unnecessary ..
well ...
i AM packed
knitting is ready
sewed the button on the dress
it's oly 11:45
gotta get up in 5 1/2 hours
so i am gonna crash
makes me wonder
WHAT will the negate that i worked so hard to learn
and you wonder WHY i don't read the paper
listen to the TV or radio
before i left last weekend
gas fluctuated between $2.79 & $3.19
yesterday it was $2.65
today was $2.69
i filled up .. JUST in case the price decides to go BACK up

plane purse update

so, i am knitting along & i am almost done with the strap
all i have left is the flap & bumper
i realize, i MITE run out of yarn
since i forgot to get a magnetic snap, it's a good time to go get more yarn
ITMT, i googled for airplane cookie cutters
came up with these 2 that will work
already bought the copper one
the tin one, is on E-bay
i hafta wait a few days to see IF i got it
so, now i gotta find roving OR yarn to make the planes out of ..

Reminder to self

NEXT time I do a spit splice,
Take the gum out of my mouth & rinse
my mouth out

Don't want fibers in the gum & the slice doesn't seem to hold as well

1 skein done

I am out of worn denim
I hav FOURTEEN yards of the marl left
I HOPE the next skeins are not this different


I'm goin' to bed

Can you see the colors

I LIKE the look

Gauge is 3 stitches & 4 rows per inch
Got about 4 hours of knitting in
On row 20 of 51
I'm headin' to get some "internal eyelid contemplation"

Wednesday, August 23

Bought this duck in Chicago

Even says Chicago

3 hours of knitting

i have 2 skeins of Patons Classic Wool in Worn Denim &

i have 2 skeins of Patons Classic Wool in Denim Marl

i used #13 needles & an old purse pattern

knit for 3 hours

almost halfway

when i am done knitting
i will felt it & then Needle Felt airplanes on it

while i am knitting it,

i realize THIS yarn will be PERFECT for stocking

i can cast on 88 -90 stitches t0 accomodate the names

& when it felts it will shrink sufficiantly

that the stocking will NOT be a ridiculous size


i have NOW have 2 Great-Nephews & 1 Great -niece
i have 1 Great Nephew who will make his appearance in 2 months
a VERY GREAT Friend has a daughter who will be 2 in October
so, the plan is to make FIVE Munchkin stockings
i STILL have to make one for me using the OCT pattern for
i am waiting PATIENTLY on the yarn to be made
so that can KNIT the Stock
so i am NOT patiently waiting
i WANT to knit the Stock
CAN'T show you 'cause it's a Secret till Sept 1
ITMT, i found this pattern which is TOOOOO KUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
i LIKE it
i can use Brown Sheep OR Bartlett Yarns
i probably have Frou-Frou yarn that i could use
if not
i am sure Michael's OR Meijers OR Wally-World OR JoAnne does
now i am in a quandary
i COULD knit all the Muchkin Stockings like this
it's ONLY 40 stitches
approximate size is 6" after felting
i COULD make it larger
altho, i WANT to put their names on the Stockings
AND i want to put 2006 on the Heel so they know when i made them
so, in order to make the stocking large enuff to put the name on
i would have to cast on 88 stitches
i gotta google for Santa graphs
i REALLY want to make the Boys (old time)Santas
and the Girls Angels
i do have a few weeks to look for what i REALLY want to do
OR i could create the graph
yeah, i KNOW
that would be an undertaking
but, i HAVE done it before with the Fireplace in 2002
for Chris Coghill
and then i used it for the Kit in 2003
and the reindeer in 2003 for a Stocking Swap
and the reindeer kit in 2005
and for a Stocking for a swap in 2005 and
this years Kit
so, doing a graph for the Santas & Angels shouldn't be too hard
sometimes easy is GOOD
oh yeah, on
the current discussion is about Needle Felting
anyway, i think it was Alice that said
use a cookie cutter to get the basic shape you want to needlefelt
i COULD knit a plane jane stocking THEN
NeedleFelt the design AND name on later
'course, i would be free handing the NeedleFelting
OTOH, when i was in Atlanta
i saw plane cookie cutters
i could knit a sky blue purse
then NeedleFelt the planes on
i would THEN carry the purse WHEREVER i went
i could probably knit the bag in a weekend
goin' to Nashville on Fri (24 hours)
Salt Lake City on Sat ( 20 hours) & Sun ( 16 hours)
home Mon about 1 AM
back out on Sat
i COULD force myself to knit IF i had to
oh yeah ....
i found a day i didn't know i had lost
i thought today was THURSDAY and that i had to go to work tomoro
it's only Wednesday
i have NEVER found a day
i always loose them
i live in the State of Confusion
unfortunatly, it has NO Zip Code,
so you can't send me mail
anyways .. i got stuff to do
maybe i can find sky blue yarn that will felt
then i will hafta figure a pattern to use
i KNOW JoAnne has a Sky Blue yarn that felts
i have some when i knit the vase that was to be felted
there are 87 yds on the skein
don't know HOW it felts
i COULD see while i am at home
but, IF i remember rightly,
it's kinda expensive
IF i can find Patons in sky blue
it would be about half the cost
OR if Lions Wool comes in sky blue
OH YEAH, i need to loose
actually, i need to eat better & exercise
so i joined
other knitters in the same boat as me
we want to knit
we NEED to take better care of ourselves
it's an online group of friends that knit who will
offer advice & encouragement
JEANIE TOWNSEND is the sweetest lady
she inspires ME to be better
well ..
i NEED to put in my 15 minutes on the treadmill
and I need to get other things done today
i am SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO pschyed that i have TWO days off
i am ALMOST packed
gonna finish that too ..
spellcheck doesn't ike me ..
gotta go do something
even if it's wrong

betcha didn't know

Tuesday, August 22


my nephew & his wife are proud to annouce the arrival of their first born
Joey made his grand entrance about a week ago
on August 18th
can't wait till i get to meet Joey & his mom
maybe in Oct OR Nov

Joey - the Newest Munchkin my GREAT - Nephew

sept sked

in sept, my sked is a bit more structured
i work Sat - Tue
home Wed - Fri
i can work on eating rite & exercising
the hotels ALL have friges & micros in the room
i can pack food
they have exercise rooms
get 1 nite in Gulfport on Sat Sept 2
the rest of the time i am in Austin OR Atlanta
this is good because it will help me to get
into a eating / exercise routine
the temp should be more reasonable
so i can go outside & walk if it's NOT raining
in Austin, that means the river walk
i get to fly with the same Flight Attendant all month
the last 2 weekends, i fly with the FO that
was with me in New Orleans when i was
assembling DRACO
she is the one wearing the mag eyes
i will get my stockings for the Munchkins done
STILL no clue what i am gonna do
maybe Santas for all
would be neat IF i could find different Santas
i could do Santas for the boys & angels for the girls
WHO knows
gotta figure out what i am taking with me this weekend
i have worked with the FA before -
she trained me on the SAAB 340
the FO & i worked together LAST weekend
had lunch with him in Chicago on Sat
laundry is done
i am ALMOST packed - need knitting
also, gotta sew a button on my dress
it popped off when i was dragging my bag out of the
overhead when i got back to Indy on mon
what knitting to pack
i have slippers i want to work on
i have a few things that are almost done
gotta RE-sew parts of DRACO
gonna use the yarn i knit him with
the filament thread .. pops ..
it's 9PM
i feel like i need a nap
dishwasher needs to be emptied
got another load of laundry to do
wanna knit
need a nap
picked up my contacts today
so i did accomplish something

think i got it

OK, so i think i figured out HOW to email a post in
this will help me remember ALL i do on an overnite
IF there is a 'puter handy

i think i can STILL upload pix from the cell

i can make it "PRETTY" when i get home
@ the airport,
i bought something for my Bottle Swap Partner
AND Stocking Swap Partner ..
also, bought some postcards for the munchkins ..

well, i was SUPPOSED to hook up with a friend that lives in
Chicago on Sat,
but she was busy
the Cpt went to the field museum
the FO was hookin up with friends
the other FA, Yolanda asked me where WE were going,
i told her anywhere ... so ..

we took the shuttle from the hotel to Midway
Orange from Midway to Rooselvelt
Red to Chicago & State
then we walked the Magnificant Mile
went to Marshal Fields ( she bought some MAC),
Lord & Taylors (she bought some Clarks shoes - i SHOULD have),
Loius Vioutan (she picked the purse she thinks she wants),
Chanel ( IF i put $100 away each paycheck, by the time i am 50,
i could buy the purse i want )
i MADE her eat Cheesecake @ the Cheesecake Factory ..
Yolanda got a manicure ..
it was too cloudy/foggy (low ceilings) to go up into the
observatory @the Hancock Building ($10)
found Rush Street ( Richard Marx has an album named Rush Street)
walked a little along Lake Shore Drive
back to the hotel

SUN, got up - flew to Atlanta & back
had lunch @ TGIFridays
then, BACK the same way into town
BACK to Marshall Fields (went to MAC to get make-up put on -
she put eye make-up, lip liner & lip gloss on me - i bought lip gloss,)
to Neiman Marcus, BACK to Louis,
Walgreens (where I bought eyeliner & lipliner &
Postcards for the Munchkins)
to Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany's, Gucci,
there was an air show over the lake,
so we could NOT get to the water ..
my feet were feeling the walk by the time we got back to the hotel ..
i was tooo tired to knit ..
for the 2nd day in a row
SUCH is life ..

Yolanda earned her Black Belt in SHOPPING this past weekend

got home by 1:30 mon afternoon & took a nap till 8
the phone rang a few times, but i went back to sleep ..
did laundry - most is re-packed for Fri ..
ran the dishwasher .. SHOULD put them away

i did remember to bring the Felted Argyle bag to carry
also brought DRACO along so he got to see SOME of Chicago ..
took some pix, will upload them onto the blog when i can
i have 3 days off .. today is errand day
BUT .... i should be able to knit some on Wed / Thur
Fri nite, i got to Nashville
Sat & Sun, i go to Salt Lake City
NEXT month
i have one nite in Gulfport ..
other than that, i go to Atlanta & Austin for overnites
work with the SAME Flight Attendant all month
she called while i was napping to tell me she is looking forward tothe month
the hotels have friges & microwaves, so i can carry food
and they have work-out rooms ..
hopin' it's cooler in Austin, so i can see part of the city .


Does this work .. YET



Thursday, August 17


heard about this on Felted Bag KAL
it's like an excuse to knit a bag even tho i do NOT need one
i DO need an excuse to knit MORE

i NEED input

OK, so i finished KNITTING the bag
i gotta felt it
it's Fiber Trends Flowers On The Go bag by Bev Galeskas

so the quandry, how do i embellish it

i could NeedleFelt - but what would i needlefelt ?

ORIGINALLY, i was gonna make the flowers that circle the top of the Noni ..
i have Yellow, Hot Pink & a Grass Green Malibrigio
wanted to get ORANGE as well

OTOH, i could make the Daffodils & Tulips (maybe Iris - i would have to BUY Purple / white Malibrigio ) from
Pick Up Sticks .. they NOW have Tiger Lilies .. ( would have to BUY yarn IF i can find the pattern .. RATZ!!!! i HATE that ... RAKAS!!! )

HHMMMM ... i could knit & felt the flowers, then i would have to knit & felt a Flower Vase ... i COULD needlefelt something on the vase ....

SO ..... now i am REALLY confused ... WHAT do i DO to this bag

better consult the ladies @ Bagaholics

Monday, August 14

Sunday, August 13

Resumption of a UFO - 11:50 AM

so, DRACO is done :)

finished assembling DRACO
i'm headin' to bed

contacts NEED to come out
i need sleep
i will pack the knitting in the morning
i NEED nails on

if you wanna see DRACO's progress
you can go

Thursday, August 10

Assembling DRACO in New Orleans Airport

since he is so small and my eyes don't work

i gotta have MAGNIFIERS to see

Eye Choices


ready to assemble

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

Working with Grace
it was raining when we got here
went to eat & then, back to the room to knit

where i discovered ....

the purse front & back are NOT the same size ..

hhmmmmm ... WHAT to do

work on the other purse i brought OR assemble DRACO ..

will decide when i go back to my room ...

Tuesday, August 8

FUN trip

had fun working this week
on a scale of 1 - 10
crew was a 15

goin' back to Midway / Chicago 3 more times this month

tired now ..
go to New Orleans tomoro







Monday, August 7

Sunday, August 6

revisiting a UFO

OK, i need a NO-Brainer to knit

my brain is on overload ..
i need something to knit that doesn't tax the brain
OTOH, i don't want BORING
so, i found a UFO
it's from Crystal Palace Yarns
it's 90% Merino / 10% Acrylic
color # 62 ( i think it's called Clover)
it's the Merino Stripes i used to make the Mitered Square Shawl
pic of shawl is Wed MAY 10
i started the purse on Thur May 11
after i got done that nite, i put it aside

using a pattern in Knitter's Summer 2002
making a Mitered Purse
it's called On Pointe Mitered Handbag
it SHOULD felt ok

since i ran out of yarn for the front of the bag,
and i want the integretity of the color changes to maintain,
i cast on the back on Fri
i will match up the yarn later
this will be a no brainer ..
using a # 10 CIRC
i am MOSTLY packed to go
just gotta put the knitting in
leave in 2 hours

Saturday, August 5

i NEED t-shirts

gotta get one of THESE

there are 1740 patterns to choose from with knitting logos for stuff
NOT all of them are available on a t-shirt


there are several Jo-Ann in the area
none really close to me
BUT, there a re hancock
michaels , hobby lobby
so, i will see IF i can get more ribbon
i called one of the Jo-Ann & she was like
"NO WAY, do i have time to go look for the ribbon rite now"
so, will see IF hobby lobby or hancock has it ...
taking it with me to see .. in case it's different
gotta get furnace filters while i am out too ..
then when i get home, DRACO should be dry enuff to assemble ...
thanx Chris & Nancy for your suggestions

JUST for Giggles & Grins

keep looking @ the Carnival ...
it's narrower ..
i would have to PLAY with it a little more to get the ribbon to lay flat
it's CHEAPER .. 110 yds / $5.99
it's flimsier -makes it easier to work with .. but will it WEAR and how will it stand up to the MULTIPLE layers of tabs
i HAVE enuff yarn to make it NOW
no running to JoAnnes' to see if i can get more ...
i could make a smaller PARTY purse ..
DRACO is done felting

different dye lots

all the same company

same item number

the one on the left is from wally-world

different color AND size of dots

the 2 on the right are both from the same JoAnne's

figure i need 7 spools .. so whatEVER i can find enuff of,

will be the ribbon i use

note to anyone thinkin' of makin' one of these

3/8" ribbon would work FINE!!!

who KNOWS ... i mite be inclined to make another IF/ when i get this one done

i like Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon yarn

bought some Carnival

Friday, August 4


figure i need 6 OR 7 spoos of ribbon
the problem

i got 3 from wally-world
used 1 ..
it's small dots

i got 5 @ JoAnne's
3 are one dye lot
2 are another
so, i hafta go to a JoAnne's get more ...

NEED them all to be the same for the front
SO, i can get 2 off the 1 & 1 of the other ...
the back & front of the purse will vary a little ...

gonna use BLACK for the strap

gonna see IF i can find HOT PINK as long as i am looking
can make a coin purse / cell phone holder / make up bag

anyways, it will be relatively easy to rip the 1st & 3rd rows
& replace the ribbon ...

just not the way i want to spend my day off
runnin' errands ...
i wanna finish felting DRACO ...
then i can assemble hime
he can FLY on Sun ..

anyways ..
i'm gonna go to bed
it's almost tomoro


ea row is 39 tabs
ea row of ribbon is a row of tabs
so used a spool of ribbon = 9ft ribbon & 117 tabs ( 3 rows)
make 2" section of purse
SO, I have 5 more spools MINIMUM to go ..
got 5 hours in ..

i think i got it

getting into a rhythm

it's almost like doing KITCHNER

i think the chain mail would have been easier


so, i THINK i used 40" of ribbon for the 2nd set of tabs

at this rate ...
i will need LOTS of ribbon ..

so, this is what i have to show for about FOUR HOURS ...

this could take a while ..


runnin out of ribbon
last length of ribbon on the spool is 45"
there is 3" of ribbon i am working with ..
so, knot it & keep going ..
can glue the knot later ...

ready for the next part

well ...

the FIRST row was easy
the 2nd one takes more work ..

i will NOT be making a 2nd purse using this technique

try this .. AGAIN

OK, 24" of ribbon
39 tabs

10" strip


i think i got it

well ... the FIRST row anyways

i can use the shorter strip in a change purse or something ..

hhmm .. BAD math

17 tabs & 14" of ribbon, yields a 5" strip ..
perplexing ..


K, ready to start

POP TABS are washed
they are currently in the colander draining

found 5/8" Hot Pink Grossgrain ribbon with BLACK Polka Dots
found Black w/ Hot Pink & Hot Pink w/ Black Polka Dot fabric

found Black 5/8" gorssgrain ribbon ( strap)

i KNOW i want the purse to be about 6 x 10 x 3
so, NOW i will play with the ribbon to see how much i need to use
to get the desired effect



ok, for each tab you see, there are actually TWO tabs
in am using 5/8" grossgrain ribbon
when you add it to the first tab, put it in backwards ...
figure 1" of ribbon for each width of the intended purse

so, a 10 " purse will require 2" (side) + 10" (purse) + 2" (side) =
14" per strip ...

this HAD better be right, i am cutting the ribbon this time

oh yeah, put a pin 2" from the end ..
this is the stp for the tab ..


ok, so i measured the tab
it's 5/8 " wide
i want the panel to be 10"
start with 14 tabs
guessing the ribbon needs to be
2 x the width + 4"( 2 x 2") for the sides
so, starting with a length of ribbon that is 24"
put a pin @ 22" on the spool ..
start threading the tabs like the tutorial

stopping @ the pin
continue as the tutorial says
the tabs want to turn sideways ....
BUT, you use 2 x the width .. so this row will PROBABLY
use 28 tabs ..
now that i have the hang of it, it's easy peasy
altho, there IS the constant flipping ..

pop tab purse

well it started with "DEBBIE the TEMPTRESS"
showing me

i thought it looked KEWL!!!!
decided i wanted one for me ..
the Chain Mail one ...
so, i strarted collecting the tabs ..
in NO time, i got a bowlfull
but i KEPT on collecting 'cause i didn't know how
many i needed for the purse
my fellow Flight Attendants, helped me to harvest some of the tops .. i have been collecting them prior to Memorial Day .. i run into someone i have worked with & they want to see the purse .. also, a few people i have NOT worked with want to see it .. word gets around
there are 2 types of tabs .. i have been collecting them BOTH
- the square ones are less plentiful

in JULY, i did some research to determine HOW to assemble them ..
i wanna make one of these
this is crocheted
BUT, this is the one i will do FIRST
first, i gotta wash the tabs
gonna boil them
sort thru for the same shape,
THEN, you line them up
NOW, i gotta buy ribbon to assemble
headin to the fabric store
not sure how WIDE or how much i need
hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. i COULD use a Fru-Fru yarn
gonna start with ribbon
i can ALWAYS make another purse
will boil them when i get home
i can take them with me when i fly on SUN
hhhmmmm ... NO matter what color i choose,
it WON'T be compliant to carry at work .. i COULD buy fabric to line it AND strip the fabric to weave the tabs with

Thursday, August 3


the LAST of the knitting .. now to felt



had fun flying with NANCY

we went to Gueros on Congress for fish tacos ..
they were GREAT!!!!!

due to the HEAT
the walk from the hotel about killed me,
but it was WELL WORTH
the 45 minute walk
the walk wasn't bad, not even the UPhill climb

later, we stopped at the BAT BRIDGE to watch the bats go out @ dusk
it was KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will upload pix in a while
gotta run errands ..