Saturday, December 29

Room mate found the toenail

i warned Pam i lost the toenail
she found it by the kitchen last nite
i threw it away
don't want to keep it
my right foot looks funny with a partial toenail
this is the first nail i ever lost
bought some stuff to put on the nail
to help it recover & grow back healthy
since i won't be wearing sandals / flip-flops
i am not concerned that the big toe has no polish
on the partial nail
in the future
i will do my own pedicures
at least the toe doesn't hurt
and i don't have to put a bandaid on the toe
to keep the nail from catching on sox
and blankets


so, i have been doing this for a while
a Dr told me about it when i was
about 20 years old
back then, the health food store
was down the block from the grocery store
the health food store is STILL in the same location
the grocery store has closed
the Dr drank Distilled water
the "BOTTLED WATER" craze
hadn't started yet
if you are fasting
on about day 3 - 5 you will
feel like you have the flu
it's part of the detox proccess
drink MORE water to flush the toxins out
thought i bought 2 bottles of maple syrup
nope, only 1
so i am off to Kroger to get more syrup & 4 more lemons
and LAUNDRY detergent so i can
do laundry & pack to go tomoro
i COULD walk to Kroger
it's NOT that far
but, today i think i will drive
too lazy at 9:30 to walk that far

MY recipe for lemonade - given to me by a Dr around 1977

take lemons & / or limes
JUICE them
a Black & Decker electric makes it easier
buy grade "B" pure maple syrup if you can find it
"A" will work if you can't find "B"
it usually comes in 12 oz jars
i add 24 oz of lemon/lime juice & the 12 oz of Maple Syrup
together in a resealable container
shake the container
measure 3 TBL of mixture into a glass
add 1 cup (8 oz) water
evian is the best bottled, distilled is ok, spring is ok
add a pinch of cayenne pepper
drink within 15 minutes
follow with a glass of water
drink 2 - 4 glasses a day
with equal OR greater amount of water
i bought 1 liter pop bottles
PEPSI brand has wide mouths
drank it & kept the bottles
put the mixture in one to carry in my lunchbox
use a 2nd one to drink from MINUS the cayenne pepper
i put 9 TBL of the mixture in the bottle
used a Sharpie to mark where the mixture is
add 3 cups of water mark the top
now i fill the mixture to the line,
add water to the 2nd line shake it before you drink it
i drink 1 - 2 bottles of lemonade a day
and an equal (OR greater) amount of water
to FLUSH the system
i ONLY use the cayenne if i am drinking the
mixture in 15 - 20 minutes
the pepper gets HOT if you let it sit too long
HOPE this helps

since people KEEP asking

20+ years ago
a dr told me to to do the lemonade detox
since then
books have been written
i am NOT advicating this site
i didn't read the book
the book came out AFTER i had been on the detox a while
there are several variations
i drink 3 glasses a day / 1 quart
and follow it with 1 - 2 quarts of water
i don't fast
i simply drink the lemonade
it keeps me from drinkin' pop
or as they say in the south, soda
for variety
i mix Lemon, Limes or Key Limes
varies the flavor
keeps it more interesting
i just juice a BUNCH of lemons &/or limes
i use an electric citrus juicer (faster)
i use grade "A" pure Maple Syrup
because that is what Wal*Mart & Target sell
gotta go to the flea market to get grade "B" or "C"
it's on the list of things to do
so i have juice from lemons &/or limes
i add 1/2 as much maple syrup to the mix
2 TBL juice + 1 TBL maple syrup
i add it to 8 oz = 1 cup of water
i have 1 liter bottles that had
Mountain Dew / pop in them
add 9 Tbl of the mixture
add 3 cups of water
makes about 1 quart of lemonade
i drink 1 - 2 quarts daily
i also drink 1 - 2 quarts of water
for each quart of lemonade
it cuts the sugar, snack, pop cravings
i STILL eat
however, i don't eat anything FRIED or processed
i eat YOGURT & Veggies
if i am gonna be home
i add the cayenne pepper & drink a glass
do NOT add the cayenne pepper to the quart
of lemonade unless you plan to drink the whole
quart in under 20 mins
this is what I do
it's why the pants got too big
gotta start exercising again
it helps

Friday, December 28

lost my toenail

don't know when
even worse
don't know where
when i got up today it was gone
don't remember IF i had it when i went to bed
so, IF you are thinkin' of getting a pedicure
and your toenail looks funky
SEEK medical help
if it doesn't improve
i warned the room mate that
the nail was around here ...
: (

had to buy "NEW" jeans today

well ...
i could have worn the ones i have
a while longer
they are too big
gonna drop all 3 pairs at the clothing
donation place in the next day or so
now that i can SEE progress
i have more of an
incentive to eat better
and get outside every day
66 degrees
GREAT day today
went for a drive
partly to acclimate myself
partly to enjoy the day
even the rain wasn't a deterrant
gonna make spaghetti
then knit

new sock for CPY

3rd time is a charm
kept getting the math wrong
guess i can't watch Lethal Weapon & knit
it's Panda Cotton
Dotty Pastels
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn

4 genereations

my older brother is holding his grandson
our father is in the back
4 birth certificates have the same first & last name

PROOF i go outside

this is what i see when i look out the window
without me standing there
the jeans are getting TTTTTTTTOOOOOOO BIG
i gotta go buy a few more pairs
the hair is getting longer too
it's at the gotta fuss with it stage
this is the point i USUALLY get it all cut off
oh yeah
pix were taken Thur Dec 27
it was about 50 degrees
MY kind of winter weather
people ask WHY did i move south
so i can walk outside looking like this

Thursday, December 27


finished the sock out of
Panda Wool
knit for CPY out of Neptune
it's on it's way to California

now to come up with the sock idea

for the Panda Cotton

Life is Good philosophy

Do what you like
Like what you do

Advice from Maxine

'Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter... don't mind...
And those that mind... don't matter.'

Tuesday, December 25

BESTEST Christmas

got to meet 2 family members today
Melissa has been in the family for a little over 2 years
Joey for about 16 months
JOEY tastes good
got to kiss & hug him alot!!
you can kind of tell that the
guys are wearing
matching shirts & sweaters
they look soo great together
it was GREAT to finally get to meet
Melissa & Joey
hopin' i will get to see them again soon
even if i have to go to KC Mo

Merry Christmas

not a "White" Christmas
but i can live with that
Just got homefrom New York
and my brother calls me to wish me a
and to tell me that my nephew & his family
are gonna be in ATL from 3:00 - 5:40

they are on their way to Orlando to spend
my brother & SIL
so, will be put clothes back on
and go to the airport to meet Joey & Melissa

yarn from Nancy showed up
now after i put the toe on the sock
out of Panda Wool
i can tink the Harvest Sox
and put NEW COLORED heel & finish the sox
then i can mail them to Partner
they are about a month late
y'all have fun today
home in Georgia where it's 42

Monday, December 24

no "WHITE" Christmas

so it's Christmas Eve
i am in Stamford Ct
they don't have snow
so, it won't be a white Christmas for me
i DID have to clear the frost from the car
since i don't have a scraper (left it in Indy)
i had to wait for the heat to melt it
it took a few minutes
gonna watch Pirates of the Caribean 3
& knit
maybe i can finish the sock

Sunday, December 23

Fun 2 day

the cpt lives near me
he gave me some
tips for places to hang with
an OVER "30" crowd
we fly together in about a month
Drina (FA) was fun to fly with
Chris (FO) & i fly together
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
when we got to Houston
it was about 75 degrees
last nite
when we got up to fly this morning
it was KOLD!!!!
had to wear a sweater
there was an AWESOME sunrise
even tho it was a Rainy Day in Georgia
the skies were BEAUTIFUL
but, when we got to Chicago
it was FRIGID & snowing
glad we were only there for about 45 minutes
fly tomoro early
laundry is in
gotta work on the singlet
why is it more fun to knit a PAIR of sox ??
think i will watch Pirates of the Caribean

Fri nite

went out with friends
went to a "HONKY TONK"
ate dinner & listened to Karoke
there was a 16 yr old kid that
was AMAZING!!!!
had fun
no i didn't sing
there isn't enuff alcohol to get me
up on the stage

Saturday, December 22

small world

a woman was knitting
i started to talk to her
she said a friend of hers
owned a yarn store
found out she lives in
Definance Ohio
her friend is Ellen Upp

Monday, December 17

interesting article

Wall Street Journal
covered Sock Wars
i didn't participate
however, i enjoyed the article

THANK YOU ANDREA !!!!!!!!!!!

so today,
since i was sitting in my room
i heard the mailman up by the door
he came by around 3:30 with the mail
he returned about 4:15 ( i think)
went to see what he left
it was MY SCARF!!!!!
well .. judging from the return addy
Andrea in Switzerland has
been inquiring about IF i had
received it
i forgot to tell her the new snail mail addy
i THOUGHT i had
anyways ..
after i tore the paper off the box
i opened the box to find
and a post card from Switzerland
it's on the shelf with family photos
under the postcard are a few mini packages
wrapped in colored tissue paper
so, i took the packages out of the box
then unwrapped them

inside the tissue paper i found

2 skeins Froehlich sock ysrn
color 7469
a mini calendar of Switzerland
SEPT is my FAV month ( the picture)
a bar of Lindt chocolate
a Swiss Army Knife chocolate bar
Rosti - something to cook for breakfast tomoro
Weissella = cookies
a little bell from Zurich on a decorative key chain
a YUMMY scarf
it's light, airy, warm & fuzzy
it's 47 degrees out now
i have it wrapped around my throat
here is a pic of part of it
it's EXQUISITE!!!!!

How Sad

Dan Fogelburg
lost his battle with cancer
this weekend
he was only 56
i had 6 of his albums
think i have 4 CD's

Sunday, December 16

sat nite at home

so, last nite
my room mate & i went to babysit her grandson
it was FUN!!
didn't get any knitting done
today is s'posed to be only about 40 degrees
perfect to stay inside
hot cocoa or tea
and knit
listen to Christmas Music
or watch DVDs
should do laundry

Friday, December 14


so, the yarn is iffie
not sure there will be enuff
so i am having Nancy dye more
will frog to the heel on all 3
1 for swap partner
2 for me
when the new yarn arrives
use it for heels & toes
should be enuff yarn to finish the sox

not sure if i have too many stitches or what
oh well
gonna cast on the Panda Wool
in Teal Lake
knit the right Lime-Ade sock
then, figure out a name for the sock
and send it off to Crystal Palace
2 socks on the way
she has the patterns

soon, the patterns will available
on their website
in my head
already got a purse to felt
gonna use Iceland
and then i see Hat, Gloves & Scarf
probably out of Panda Wool
since there are LOTS of color choices

pic of the HAT I knit

if you are on Ravelry
you can see the hat i knit out of
Bernat Alpaca
it's HERE

Wednesday, December 12

MY Harvest Sox

so, when i had nancy dye yarn for
Carly's sox
i had her dye a skein for me as well
knit one sock for Carly
now i will knit myself a pair
then send the left over yarn to Carly
along with the pattern
it SHOULD have been in her mailbox
by now


so, i finished

the Maizy sock for Crystal Palace
it's also the Dec Pattern on

on to MY Harvest Sox

Tuesday, December 11

Fun, Fun, FUN!!!

So. Chris & I got on a bus near
The hotel
Rode to Miami Beach
Got off to walk around
Had lunch @ Aura's
Went to the beach
Got my feet wet
Walked some more
Laid in the garss
Saw the palm trees wrapped in lights

Then, onto another bus back to the hotel

Worn out


I m biddin' to come back

Oh yeah
Dec & I had too many clothes on
T-shirt, shorts, sox & shoes
SHOULD Have worn flip-flops


Weather is GREAT!!!!

Not gonna hang @ the pool, 'cause i'd probably catch a sunburn

Gonna take a nap
Went to bed @11
Up @ 2:30

Goin' to the beach around 1

Started the toe of the sock
Nap time


watched White Christmas
and knit
finished the gusset decreases
started to watch Mary Poppins
but i had to get SOME sleep
gotta fly in 3 hours
mite could finish the sock
sitting by the pool in Miami
this afternoon
then i will work on MY Harvest sox

Sunday, December 9

relaxing Sunday

so instead of knitting all day
i hung out with the room mate
and her family
had lunch with mom & sibs
went to visit daughter & grand son later
babies smell & taste good after a bath
gonna help her babysit next sat
i can take knitting for when he goes to sleep
it was FUN & RELAXING!!!!

Saturday, December 8

got some knittin' done

so i watched 2 DVDs
Ladies in Lavendar
Judi Dench & Maggie Smith
Love Comes Softly
Katherine Heigel & Theresa Russell
both movies had knitting in them
got this far on the sox for
it's the Dec Pattern
the pattern will also be available on
Crystal Palace's site soon

tea coaster

so winter is tea drinking time
it's Dec so theoretically
it's winter in Atlanta
anyways ..
i drink lots of tea
bought a mug & lid @ Michaels
and another @ Barnes & Nobles
the problem is where to put the cup
needed a coaster
well ..
i was in wal*mart the other day
perusing the candle aisles
they have little glass plates
that go below candles
the smaller one works on the kitchen counter
to put the tea bag till i use it a 2nd time
the larger one goes below the mug
as a coaster to protect the desk or end table
they even had fancy ones
i am using a plain glass
it works
it cost less than a buck
works for me
surface is protected from heat & liquid
on to knitting
gonna finish the toe
take a walk outside where it's 74 degrees on Dec 8

Nancy is a BRAT!!!!!!

in my head
i see a felted purse
i tell Nancy to be on the lookout
for yarn
she suggested
Bonnie by Louet
or Kaya by Crystal Palace
or Iceland by Crystal Palace
i only need ONE purse
she gave me too many options
i am leaning toward the Iceland
use a multi colored for the main color
and a solid color to add KICK!!!
the sock won't finish itself
getting off to finish the toe
then i can cast on the Maizy Sock
know the pattern i will use
now all i gotta do,
it figure a pattern for the Panda Cotton
have the pattern for the Panda Wool typed up
oh yeah ..
i gotta name the sox too

FUN at work

so the captain i started the trip with
is from Snellville
i think he is one of the few based in ATL
that lives in the area
we talked about things to do around there
he worked too much
so they switched captains
the replacement & i were talking
we went to the same high school in
Fort Wayne In - he was there 23 years after i was
had a BLAST working with Kathy
it was cold in White Plains / Stamford
it was KOLDER in Minneapolis
not much knitting this trip
hotel had a defective light by the bed
oh well
off for 3 days
gonna finish the Strawberry Creme Panda Silk sock
then, finish the Scarf
then knit a sock out of Maizey
gotta do laundry & repack
yeah . gonna enjoy the time off
it's 70 degrees outside
i will put on shoes & shorts & go for a walk

Wednesday, December 5

Snow in Dulles

looking out the window
of the plane
the 2 planes you see
are the same as the one i fly around in so, the caterers came to cater us up
this is what it looked like when i looked
out the door
you can see it falling

yup, that's snow on the deck of the truck

from the jetbridge

i got to see SNOW!!!!!!!

so, when we left Miami this morning
it was cool - 66 degrees
we flew to Dulles Va
where it was snowing
then home to Atlanta where is was 62 degrees

Monday, December 3

SP!1 - Lani is the GREATEST!!!!

she stalked me GOOD!!
she knows i want to go to Ireland
check out the heritage
she knows i like pumpkin candles
well ...
so what was i gifted with
when i opened the box
the postcard from the Aran Islands
it said hope you enjoy the Irish Themed Package
and i DO!!!
in side were severl wrapped parcels
some in green
some in white
i received 2 skeins of SHI BUI
never heard of it before
can't wait to knit sox
the color reminds her Irish Parks in the summertime
she spun some yarn for me in green
i LOVE it
it came from the etcy store @
will have to check it out

there is a bar of Sea Salt Spa Bar
scented n Springtime in Ireland
a lucky charm
there is a silky green bag
and LAST
a Penannular
it's like a shawl pin
can be used to hold kilts shut
if i ever get a kilt
her blog is
yes, i checked it out
i LOVE them all

the generosity of friends

so i sit in atlanta
the temps are mid - hi 60
my friends that live in the midwest
the ones that are experiencing BLIZZARDS
have been kind enuff to offer
to send me some of their snow
they figure i mite be missing the
is that NOT totally KEWL!!!!
it was 66 degrees at 1 am on mon dec 3
it is now 41 degrees at 10:12 am
as i prepare to run errands
fill up the gas tank
i will enjoy the remaining leaves on the trees
i mite even get to see mistletoe
i will probably have to drag my jacket along with me
in case i get cold
thinkin' on wearing the clear jellies
instead of shoes
i know where the sunglasses are
y'all have a wonderful day


took the scarf with me when i passengered
on a plane
woman started coughing
complained about a "cat" on the plane
didn't want to tell her it was probably the
Alpaca in my yarn
yeah .. it sheds

so watched Tin Man on SciFi tonite
scarf is about 1/2 knit
tomoro i gotta get the nails & hair done
sew a button on my uniform
pay bills
run errands
of course .. pack
then at 9 pm
watch the 2nd episode of Tin Man
should finish the scarf in Miami on tues nite
mail it on wed afternoon
got my SP11 package from my pal
wasn't home when it arrived
it was here when i got home
waiting for me
like a GOOD package
haven't opened it yet
headin' to bed
will try to open it before i head out
on tue mornin'

Sunday, December 2

unusual pens

i like weird
writing pens
when i was at the Post Office
it got to be a joke with the carriers
and patrons
i had an "Operation" one
a etch-a-sketh
several that lit up
some played music
funky shaped one
some tha had feathers on them
a friend gave me this KEWL pen the the day
it looks like a boring fan when it's turned off
but when you turn it on
the fan rotates
and the lights change patterns
it even has a stand
so you can turn it on
and watch the pretty light designs
go round & round
will have fun with this
while i am counting at work
and YES
it writes

ta dah ... DONE!!!

the mittens are done
finished them Dec 1
about 30 % done with the scarf
maybe a bt farther
but i gotta finish it & get it into the mail
the plan is to watch "the tin man" on sci-fi tonite
so i should be able to make progress