Monday, June 30

knitting & flying & sitting

so, this trip
i had a few sits
took the bagette to work on
7 or 8 people told me if
Nikki decided she didn't want the bagette
they would accept it
while i was waiting for MY plane to come in
i was sitting a a gate
a woman comes up & asks what i am knitting
i tell her a purse
she said, you are gonna felt it
more a statement than question
she knew i was using Addi Turbos & Brown Sheep Bulky
she asked what pattern
i said Noni Bagette
she KNOWS the pattern
she was using Nature Spun fingering to knit a scarf
we talked about knitting, needles & patterns

later on the flight
another woman was knitting
i asked her what she was making
she told me she flies on our planes alot
and that there is a FA that is a Sock Knitting Redhead
she was glad she finally got to meet me
of course, i was NOT knitting sox at the time,
i was knitting Nikki's bag
when we go to minnie
i saw a pilot have flown with before
his fa knows Gabbie
i fly with Gabbie on thur
we all needed food
so we went out
it got dark a10 PM
it was light again at 5 AM


i am done knitting the body of the bagette
all i need to do is figure out the bind off
then the pick up for the ends
then the flowers
so,i am basically 75% done
will take a pic when i get a moment

the yarn for Madelyn's baby blankie showed up today
will finish Nikki's bagette before i start the blankie
spent the day with Pam
she has errands to run
so she drove & i knit till i finished the body
then we went shopping
i bought a top

Friday, June 27

a Bag for Nikki

so, while we were in Sarah Janes
Nikki saw this Noni
will be doin' it in slightly different colors have everything i need to make it
will buy zip & handle after it is felted

will start it tonite

Monday, June 23


flying with Corey
he is FUN
yesterday i started
Janet Evanovich Fearless 14
finished it today instead of knitting

gotta get ready for work

Saturday, June 21


the handle on my rollerboard
has been broken for 6 months
maybe longer
i finally remembered to order a new handle mechanism
it came while i was in Fort Wayne
i took out the old-broken one
put in the new handle
NOW i have to pack
not sure what to pack
don't know if i will leave the hotel

silly thing to do

about 20 years ago
i got my left ear peirced 2 more times
while at work
i can ONLY wear one earring in each ear
so, 2 of the holes in my left ear closed
so,Tues i got the top hole re-pierced
it hurts
was thinkin' on getting the middle done when
this one heals
we will see
left the solution in Fort Wayne
so had to buy more when i got to PTC
i did NOT have time to get a tatoo
Nikki thinks i need one
i was thinkin' TinkerBell on my left shoulder
it has to be where it is hidden when i wear
a uniform


3 FUN days
1 CRAZY nite

Tues - fountain @ Jefferson point

me & the BAMBOO

at the zoo WED

Turtle Days in Churubusco
i get to carry all the prizes the kids won
Wed nite

at Sarah Janes talking
to Linda - thur afternoon
done runnin around
Time to get ready to go out

yeah, yeah ..
the pic is dark
drinkin' establishments are
notorious for being dark

Fri - gettin' ready to go home
i had a BLAST!!!!!

Thursday, June 19

Vacation - oh yeah

brought my swim suit
won't need it
brought 2 skorts & 1 pair of shorts
too cool, won't need them
didn't pack pant
DID need them
had to borrow a pair of jeans from Nikki
she is 5" taller than me
last nite we went to Turtle Days
had a BLAST
Chris, Kaylee & Dan met us
the munchkins -
Paige & Kaylee went on rides
the adults ate Junk Food
had a BLAST!!!
i got worn out
forgot how much energy munchkins have


needed to decompress
took a MUCH needed vacation
in Fort Wayne visiting Nikki & Paige
took them to the zoo yesterday
had a BLAST!!!!
the zoo has changed since i was last there

goin' to yarn stores today

Monday, June 16


been busy
meds are MOSTLY helping the asthma
it's HOT, HOT, HOT in Atlanta
got an allergic reaction to something
my legs are still broken out
headin' north tomoro
gonna go where it's cooler
hang with a friend & her munchkin
will try to take pix to share while i am there
not much knittin'
been reading
read a coupla Mary Higgins Clark
Little Girls in Blue
I've heard that song before
readin' no place like home
bought the newest Janet Evanovich
will take it with me
mite read on the flights
they are 1 hour 20 mins
flight crew make LOUSY passengers

Wednesday, June 11


picked up an out & back from Yolanda
ended up working with Laura
she was born AND raised in Fort Wayne
we reminiscied
i need to go for a visit


worked with Ashante last week
it's why i didn't read or knit
he took the pic of me in the pool

current read

started June 9th

Nancy's Sox

so, this is the yarn
Panda Cotton
2.5 circs started Wed June 4th
making slo progress

i am on the heel flap
the pattern will be for JUNE

Saturday, June 7

2 brothers

older brother John in red
younger brother Brian in forground
they are @ BJ's softball game
BJ is Brian's oldest son
taken in Peru In
wed ir thur

Tuesday, June 3

Nancy's Sox

Nancy needs some Shorty Sox
Panda Cotton - Nasturiums
pattern will be given to Crystal Palace
will also be a kit for Whenever AGAIN

me - mon June 2

in Chicago
decided to hit the pool
do some laps
the hair IS that short
slept good after
the swim
gotta start Nancy's Sox