Wednesday, May 14

grumpy day

the weather in PTC is grumpy
good day to grab a book & cup of tea
and hunker down on the couch
went to dr
put me BACK on Advair
gonna send me for pulmonary testing
maybe half way down the foot of the sox
wish some new yarn would arrive
so i can start something new
maybe i'll take a nap

Sunday, May 11


so, on thur
i flew to jacksonville
fri - with my Brother
walked for 4 hours
during the mid day sun
it was 90+ degrees
ate at Japanese Steakhouse
Sat - Brother, SIL & Neice
walked MORE
in the HOT sun
went to the beach
ate at Bonos Rib Pit
i have sunburn on myshoulders
my hair is BLONDE!!!
i am gonna take a nap
much fun
maybe halfway down the foot of the sox

Monday, May 5


is this NOT one of the most
beautiful pictures you have ever seen
GOD in his full glory


spent the evening watching
"Never Ending Story"
1 & 2
on row 5 of the heel flap
headin' to bed

Sunday, May 4

HAIR - Sunday May 4, 2008

a little bit of styling mousse
in a month, the back will be fine
and the top will need to be trimmed
and it will all need to be re-dyed
i like the top & sides
the back it TTTTTOOOO short

so, this is PRE-cut
it's about the same length
all over


OK, so when i do a pattern stitch
i learned to add stitch markers
to keep the count correct
a Light Pink bead is the first pattern repeat
or Beginning of the Row
the Dar$ker Pink is for the rest
then, i pin the first row of
the pattern stitch
knit "X" patterns to get the legnth i want
so, then i have all these pins in the side
i count my pins till i have the correct number
there HAD to be a better way
bought Numeric Beads
put them on the pins
they won't go over the bend
so, it's a pain to pin the row & add the bead
i remember a menber of the Mon & Tue groups
that uses lever back ear rings to make
stitch markers for crochet
so, i made little row counters from them
1 - 9 = ONLY the number bead
10 - 19 Pink bead & number bead
i won't be knitting more than 20 pattern repeats
LATER, i can
pin my gusset & toe decrease
so i don't loose track

hair ... to cut .. to color

taken May 3, '08
after using root booster/mousse
went outside & it went flat
wearing make-up to
REALLY thinkin' i need to cut it off
then the quandry
do i color it or NO
if i color it, i need a tan
if i don't how much gray will there be

taken March 14, '08
at the pajama party
it's too long to do anything with
the color is lighter
taken Dec 18, '07
in the rocker in the sunroom
hair was dark(ish) red
this was taken when i still worked
at the PO in Fort Wayen
knitting a sock
it was before i learned to do
2 circs
taken winter 2002
see the GRAY??

Saturday, May 3

yarn & sox

i will be doing a sock kit for Whenever for June
decided on Panda Cotton
gonna probably be a shortie sock
so i can get it done quickly
ordered the yarn from Nancy
then i have to get yarn for the Oct Kit
the Stocking
know i need feltable worsted
kinda know what i want / need for colors
so, when Nancy isn't so busy
we will coordinate
KNOW what i want it to look like
tryin' to coordinate with her
can be a pain
she is TTTOOOOO busy

oh yeah

next payday
gonna buy a bike
think i need a helmet too
then i can get outside
and explore the 9,000
miles of cart paths

health update

sorry, brain is foggy
lost 4 pounds
left toe feels better
right toe is the same
left side of head WAS fine
now my nose runs
right lung is on fire
barking like a dog
it's overcast
but i need to pick up allergy
& cholesterol meds
take the phone to SPRINT
tell them to get me one that works
i am either having my own personal summer
or trying to break a fever

Flip Flo Test

What Your Flip Flops Say About You

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You don't complicate things for yourself. Life is too short!

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Your ideal warm weather place: San Diego

Friday, May 2


OH MY!!!!
look what came to visit me today

i know what i am doing with the Jitterbug
but i'm NOT telling

the grey, persimmon, yellow Pace
& green Pace Step -
i KINDA know what i am doin'

the San Fransisco


so, keep watching
as i get an idea
and start knitting

as soon as i cut the tape

the lid popped off

NANCY packed lots of stuff
in the jar


managed to BURN a grilled cheese sandwich
i guess the Kitchen is NOT my room of expertise
i thru it away
and didn't burn the 2nd one


since i broke 4 nails
i decide it was time to switch fron acrylic to gel
went to the salon close to home
they use Liquid Gel
Anthony talks to me
asked if i had kids
he has THREE Teenagers
did i want one
he kept referring to me by name
asked questions
another patron told me the periwinkle shirt i had on
was a good color for me
got to talking with other patrons AND nail techs
started talking about hiding grey
was told by 2 patrons that they wished their hair was
the color of mine
told them how to get it
they were surprised it came from a "MAGIC BOX"
guessed me to be 32 - 35
it was a good day
oh yeah
nails are "Monroe Red" by Orly

the work week

so, mon i flew to Guadalahara
got a sinus headache
tues, my eyes ears hurt till i got to Atlanta
flew to Chicago
felt fine
chicago to atlanta = fine
atlanta to monterey
allergy / sinus flare up
monterey to atlanta
trouble breathing
NOW it's a lung thing as well
as ears & nose
atlanta - chicago
hit turbulence
landed in an empty seat
on someones glasses
didn't break them
broke 4 nails
got a bruise on the back of my thigh
chicago to atlanta nothing
get home last nite
feel like crap
visit dr today
lost 5 pounds
STILL feel like crap
now i am on prednisone
and an inhaler
trying to drink LOTS of water

my NEXT project ????

i get home from the Dr & Wal*Mart
after picking up YET another srcipt
got sick in Mexico
what do i find on the front porch
in front of the RED door
painted red because Feng Shui says it's good luck

a Mayo jar
with yarn from my wish list
from the Pajama party in March
at Nancy's Store
she used the jar to block my headband
so, now i suppose
i will have to make a few more

thanks Nanc

i have a few ideas for the
yarn in the jar

Thursday, May 1


"True Evil"
next on the to read list
"Turning Angel" by Greg Iles
in Mexico
feel like crap
sinuses went bizurk
allergies flared
ears itch
glad i go home tonite
will have 3 days to recuperate