Friday, July 6


the last month or so has been CRAZY
found out end of may
that i was transferring to Atlanta
that meant,
pack up & move 600 miles
my Neice & her husband came
down to help
then she came with the kids
the kids discovered ALL kinds of toys
i had the Felted Flock
Gracie decided she liked the piggy
all four of them went back to Peru with the Kids
had swaps i was working on
bought a book for a book swap
the same day i bought groceries
lost the book
a few days later, found the book in the
fridge with the groceries
some swap packages were in the trunk
some in the car
some got moved from one place to another
the bag for Spring Felted Exchange & ITE 4
were 80% assembled
the goodies & the unfinished bags were put
with the mailing envelope
the plan was to take them to Atlanta to finish
then to mail
since other envelopes were sealed to be mailed
they got sealed & mailed as well
Tiff came down from Chicago
and was an MAJOR help
received some stuff in the mail
from swaps
they got packed up as well
i still have bruises up & down my legs
i can finally (after a week) knit sox again
picked up a pair i started in 2003
ready for the gusset decrease
at the same time i was throwing away, sorting & packing
i was trying to get the Sept Kit for whenever accomplished
THANK YOU Nancy for getting me the yarn
thanks for the pattern & graph help
Got the yarn to Elaine for the Sox
got the yarn to Deb for the Stock
talked to Elaine last nite
sox mite be done in a week
she is coming to Atlanta for a wedding
i will be flying to DCA, LGA or MDW while she is here
Deb is making progress on the Stock
can't show you pix
it's forbidden
so, you will have to wait until I get to knit them
then i can show a pic Sept 1
gotta do laundry, pack
pack the lunchbox
i fly in 7 hours

1 comment:

bestflightattendant said...

I was happy to help you move. Even if I ended up with just about as many bruises as you did.

Thank you for the yarn, by the way. I can hardly wait to turn it into a pair of socks (or something else nifty).

Hope that the flying is good out there, and looking forward to seeing you the next time you are in town.