Sunday, May 4


OK, so when i do a pattern stitch
i learned to add stitch markers
to keep the count correct
a Light Pink bead is the first pattern repeat
or Beginning of the Row
the Dar$ker Pink is for the rest
then, i pin the first row of
the pattern stitch
knit "X" patterns to get the legnth i want
so, then i have all these pins in the side
i count my pins till i have the correct number
there HAD to be a better way
bought Numeric Beads
put them on the pins
they won't go over the bend
so, it's a pain to pin the row & add the bead
i remember a menber of the Mon & Tue groups
that uses lever back ear rings to make
stitch markers for crochet
so, i made little row counters from them
1 - 9 = ONLY the number bead
10 - 19 Pink bead & number bead
i won't be knitting more than 20 pattern repeats
LATER, i can
pin my gusset & toe decrease
so i don't loose track

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