Monday, June 30

knitting & flying & sitting

so, this trip
i had a few sits
took the bagette to work on
7 or 8 people told me if
Nikki decided she didn't want the bagette
they would accept it
while i was waiting for MY plane to come in
i was sitting a a gate
a woman comes up & asks what i am knitting
i tell her a purse
she said, you are gonna felt it
more a statement than question
she knew i was using Addi Turbos & Brown Sheep Bulky
she asked what pattern
i said Noni Bagette
she KNOWS the pattern
she was using Nature Spun fingering to knit a scarf
we talked about knitting, needles & patterns

later on the flight
another woman was knitting
i asked her what she was making
she told me she flies on our planes alot
and that there is a FA that is a Sock Knitting Redhead
she was glad she finally got to meet me
of course, i was NOT knitting sox at the time,
i was knitting Nikki's bag
when we go to minnie
i saw a pilot have flown with before
his fa knows Gabbie
i fly with Gabbie on thur
we all needed food
so we went out
it got dark a10 PM
it was light again at 5 AM

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