Tuesday, December 2

TWO ordeals

as a Flight Attendant
i have time to kill in airports
so i went to Sprint & got an aircard
SUPPOSED to give me internet access
well, it doesn't work often
in Sept i called & FINALLY got someone
to agree to cancel the account
then she said, you should try a new card
AT NO TIME did she tell me it would start a new contract
i have JUST gotten off the phone with someone else
it took THREE MONTHS to cancel the stupid thing
cost me $150 - but it's cheaper than running out the
oh by the way
as far as they are concerned
there is no such thing as customer service
in Nov
went to the DDS
yeah, it's been a year or 2
had to get 2 crowns
2 appt - 2 1/2 hour each
first crown became a FIVE HOUR ROOT CANAL
2nd crown has bothered me from the beginning
lost the temp on the left on fri
day after Thanksgiving
so, no crown for 4 days
today i go in to get the permanent
and it doesn't fit
so, 2 more weeks of eating
pudding, jello, scrambled eggs, tuna casserole
i am CRANKY!!

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