Sunday, April 19

diet & exercise

so, when i am on a plane, i snack & drink pop
after the kidney stone, i was told to drink water w/lemon juice in it
it curbs the appetite & keeps me from drinkin' pop
told some online friends - that i need to drop 50 pounds thru diet & exercise
blood pressure gets a bit high
blood sugar is a bit high
cholesterol is WAY high

so, i NEED to take care of myself
they are joining the quest to feel better

i know that IF i write down
what i consume / exercise i will cheat less

Fri - drank 2 quarts of lemon juice & water, 2 quarts of water .. in Chicago i ALMOST got a Chicago hotdog - haven't had one in 2 years .. waited till we got to Denver - snow delay meant we were gonna be LATE getting in - so, i got a burrito - used to eat the entire thing - only ate 1/3 of it .. on the plane i wanted something to drink, so i had a glass of OJ = got in too late to exercise

Sat - breakfast was eggs, w ham & cheese, 2 scones (yeah, i should have only had 1)
1 banana, some pineapple,1 cup of Tazo Zen, 2 glasses of OJ, 2 glasses of water - drank 1 quart of lemon juice and water, 1 glass of OJ, 1 quart of water = didn't execise in Edmunton or at home -> FORGOT .. i ate 4 graham crackers when i got hom

Sun - drank some water & some water with lemon juice = haven't exercised yet since i just got up about 20 mins ago -> ate 4 grahm crackers

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