Monday, May 11


let me preface by saying i do NOT watch TV often
i have seen American Idol a total of TWO times
once in Fort Wayne, w/ Lisa - Clay & Rueben were on
the other time i watched Idol was with Daniel
Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis were on

when people complain about having to sit in the back row
i tell them THEY have to entertain ME
it's a joke

anyways - we were going DCA - LGA
Mr Jackson was escorted onto the plane
the only OPEN row was row 20
he sat down & i told him he had to entertain me
he said he could sing & dance
i told him he could ONLY dance if the seat belt sign was OFF
and there was NO dancing in the aisles allowed
he laughed
i went up front & Juana told me it was Randy Jackson
from American Idol

did i feel like a dunce

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