Tuesday, October 19


after 4 days of cutting and ironing, my hands are too sore to knit

those four days were spent on my barefeet ( yeah i forgot to wear flip-flops) so my feet and legs hurt - i was up & down the step ladders so glutes hurt, my back hurts - so today -- i mostly slept
haven't knit since thur but my hands were too sore to knit earlier - it's after 10 pm, so i don't anticipate any knitting tonite

need to clean out the closet & laundry room AND my bedroom
want to make valances for the living, dining & sun rooms & curtains for the den

then i need to work on the sunroom - i STILL haven't assembled the bike ( had it ?? months)

i have plans on Mon - FUN with ROXANNE!!!!! so i need to accomplish something the next few days - sun will HAVE to be a day of rest

tue, i will have to hem pants, mend both vests, do laundry, pack, dye the socks all BLACK - some have faded to charcoal & some have faded to light blue

i am sure i have forgotten SOMETHING!!

calling it a nite

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