Sunday, February 27

Wal*Mart Kit

FOUND in the craft section of WalMart - $10 per kit
ONE mold per kit - i could ONLY find the 3D mold

GREAT beginner kit

has drop cloth
( for mixing so you don't inhale mortar dust)
gloves {i bought better}
stir stick (use wooden spoon to mix & place mortar)

MOLD - has ONE mold - it's the 3D mold ( can be used again)
MORTAR for 4 stones
6 Paints to embellish & ONE brush (buy 5 more)
Stuff to embellish - tiles, gems & stickers

it says use mold to mix mortar - i cut a plastic gallon jug (BUY a bucket)
it says use 1/2 c water, a little at a time - i used 3/4 - 1 cup all at once (buy a measuring cup for the kit @ $ store so i don't accidentally use it for food)
it says it sets up in about 10 mins {REALLY FIVE}
says it ok for a child - {an adult SHOULD do the mixing & pouring}

i made 1 with the mold, painted it & then sprayed it with acrylic sealer since i will
be using the stepping stone outside so it HAS to be waterproof
i WILL buy more brushes if i do another painted one

you CAN get most of the stuff you need @ the $ STORE

when i have a craft i do repeatedly, i have a container that holds
ALL of the equipment i will need in one place
NOTHING worse than having to go look for
something as you need it


dropcloth can buy one OR a shower curtain {72" x 72" heavy vinyl in
different colors that can be folded up with the mess inside,
taken outside to be shaken off & then, hosed / sponged off
bucket easier than mixing in the mold
stir sticks buy 3 wooden spoons {easy to mix with & can use
the spoon to PLACE the mortar where you want it
when there is a design you are working with
scissors to cut mortar bags, paper & other stuff
markers / pens for drawing designs
writing / drawing paper for drawing designs on
2 c measuring cup so you don't have to use one that is meant for FOOD
plastic gloves (disposable work best)
surgical /cold weather mask ( to avoid inhaling mortar dust)
LARGE zipper bags ( 2 gal)
tooth / nail brushs
contact paper
wax / parchment paper

paint brushes & paints & acrylic sealer
gems / vase fillers
PRE-MADE mosaics
craft items

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