Friday, September 9

the ALMOST perfect purse

OK, when i assembled the purse & pulled the tacking stitches - the links buckled -  then when i tried to reinforce the bag - it buckled more

i will sew a tacking stitch to each link but it will NOT show thru the top layer - basically - start over - when i get the bottom round done, i will sew the bottom inside AND out - i will also add 4 more links to get the size i want - i mite buy 2 more tape measures & make it one more row - i WANT this to be the purse i carry & it is ALMOST the size i want

so, i mite as well start reconstruction - then i WILL be happier with it - everything happens for a reason - it fell apart because i wasn't totally happy with it - i now have the option of RE-making it the way i want - IF i don't get it done today while i sit in the hotel in Edmonton - WILL work on it tomoro while i am at home

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