Thursday, July 21


So, I LOVE to knit sox
I have a favorite toe & heel turn & heel flap
I have some EXPENSIVE yarns, so I want to make the most of them, so knitting them
toe up would be to my advantage, that's where this toe up pattern would be great.
It's Judy's You're Putting Me On.

SO, I wrote out a cuff down pattern, line by line, using ALL the components I love & I wrote out Judy's pattern, line by line, and I made sure the patterns were the same.

I WAS gonna use Liat Gat's pattern too, but the structure is not totally the same as MY pattern or Judy's.

on May 8th, I cast on using Red Heart - Heart & Sole without Aloe in Jelly Beans & Sorbeto
again, originally I was going to compare both Toe Up patterns with a Cuff Down.

I completed the 2 cuff down socks on Sat July 9th
Jelly Bean Cuff Down & Sorbeto Cuff Down

then I started the Jelly Bean & Watercolor Stripes (it HAS Aloe) July 10th
finished the First of Judy's & the Jelly Bean on July 19th

next I started the toe up for the Sorbeto & the Watercolor on
the decision was made that ALL the Toe Ups would be Judy's pattern, tweaking as I go

for the Jelly Bean I used Cat Bordhi for the bind off

for the Sorbeto I use Very Pinks for the Bind Off

for the First Watercolor Stripes I used Knitting Blooms

today is 7-21
I finished the Sorbeto Toe Up & Cast on the 2nd of the Watercolor
in a few days, when the 6th sock is done, I will post pictures & my findings

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