Tuesday, June 12

PRESSIES in the mail

today, i went to the Post Office to
see what bills were waiting for me
to my surprise there were TWO boxes
i made the wine dishcloth for her a while back
and my ISE 4 Scarf from Kristin
i opened the boxes in the car
i was too impatient to wait till i got home
so, i hope i didn't get the wrong stuff in the
wrong pic
there was a guy walking by my car as i opened
the box from Bette
he wished me a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"
guess he figured i wouldn't be gettting pressies
unless it was my birthday
THANK YOU BETTE for the bag
it was one i considered for my partner for
Spring Bag or ITE 4
even considered taking it with me to
knit last thur
THANK YOU Kristin for the Scarf

the Purse

Green, yellow & blue

felted with Fun Fur

the Button reminds me of Abolone

pattern is Pursenalities

what was in with the Purse do you ask??


Apple Cinnamon Chex Mix - my FAV!!!

a paper fan, some Ginger Drink

never seen this before

green tea mix for drinking water - can use it on a plane

either a bar of soap or chunk of White Chocolate

will have to lick it to see

a magnet that says

"Too Much of a Good Thing

is Wonderful"

2 little travel candles

a little bag ( will travel with me) that has

beaded stitch markers that look like little Tea Cups

a windchime

Mary Kay Satin Hands (LOVE this stuff)

and a nail file - can ALWAYS use them

to prevent runs in the pantyhose

and the Scarf
Bobby Blue Malabrigo
LOVE the way it feels
i even considered the pattern when i was
trying to decide for MY partner
also in the box
a hand written note from Kristin
SOAP - smells GREAT
with Shea Butter ... hhhhmmmmm
take it with me when i fly
leave it at home
the remainder of the Malabrigo from the scarf
2 skeins - Nashua handknits
75% wool
25% alpaca
color is mint & will go with the yarn i bought in KC Mo
THANK YOU Bette & Kristin
your knitting was superb, the color & pattern you
chose was something i would have picked to knit
for myself

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